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Are You Sick of the “COVID”?

I was really hoping to be able to write more frequently here, but in recent months there have been my own personal issues, and also this whole COVID-19 situation, which has caused me a lot more stress.

A lot more stress not because I am afraid of actually getting sick with a virus (because we now know it really isn’t that serious for most people who have it!), but because of the damage that government bureaucrats have done to our whole economic system, our whole social fabric, and to my own sense of safety and security because of those authoritarian, power-tripping fascist bureaucrats, those criminals.

There have been so many aspects of the virus situation, these “lockdowns” and mandates and restrictions, and the corruption involved in those things, I just wouldn’t know where to begin, if I did want to write more about it. It’s overwhelming, frankly.

And then there are the readers here, who may themselves be so overwhelmed by the whole situation, they may not be interested in reading more about COVID. Aren’t we all sick of it by now? I know I am.

So, that situation is overwhelming. And my own personal situation. I’ve been wanting to move out of this torture chamber, a.k.a. apartment for a long time. But that may continue to be on hold now. The panicked sell-off on Wall Street starting in February made the Dow crash over 10,000 points in just a few weeks, combined with extremely incompetent and power-mad governors and mayors ordering businesses (and everything else) closed indefinitely, and for no good reason, all caused the economy to crash and gave way to skyrocketing unemployment and business closures and bankruptcies. All that crap has been not helpful.

So I just wanted to give a little update, and in the next couple of posts I am writing I will try go over what’s wrong with the ongoing “COVID” narrative. And then I hope to not address the COVID situation ever again!

The Swamp Impeachment Farce and Kooky 2020 Candidates

Every once in a while I want to write my thoughts on various matters here, but for some reason I “self-censor,” because I’m afraid of “offending” someone. Oh, well.

Anyway, there are a lot of issues and kooky characters in the news these days, including an impeachment “trial,” remarks by presidential candidates, and so on. A lot needs to be discussed. So, I will discuss.

Regarding the impeachment “trial,” I first want to reiterate that I am not a supporter of Donald Trump. He’s bad on immigration, trade, foreign policy, the “war on drugs,” and many other issues. But I do like his “Drain the Swamp” message, even though he has been feeding the swamp with all the military generals, neocon hacks and bureaucrats he has had in his administration.

And unfortunately, the establishment in Washington has two political parties known as the “major” parties, Republicrat and Demopublican. They are two sides of the same coin, the statist swamp coin, that is.

First the Democrats and the news media (redundant?) had acted in cahoots with the “dirty cops” of the FBI and DOJ to falsely accuse Trump of “collusions” with Russians to “hack” or steal the 2016 election. The Mueller report exonerated Trump after a 2+ year investigation.

See that ultra-conservative Trump-supporter Glenn Greenwald on that exoneration.

Now, obviously I’m being facetious, as Greenwald is a progressive-left commentator and policy analyst. But because he believes in exposing the actual truth of something, and because he rakes the “news” media propagandists over the coals regarding their cover-ups and hypocrisy and their revolving door with bureaucracies, they have been calling him a “Putin puppet,” “Russian asset,” etc.

Much of the “news” media have been acting like programmed robots in their propaganda crusade against all things Trump.

And the “news” (sic) media get a bad grade (from me) for their coverage of the whole congressional, FBI and Mueller investigations of the collusion allegations, because the media basically acted as stenographers for everything the D.C. swamp creatures tell them, without any investigative research whatsoever.

We might as well close down the Columbia School of Journalism, Emerson College, et al. They are now useless (except for training up-and-coming propagandists for the establishment, the swamp), so it seems.

After the Mueller Report didn’t work for the Democrat-Swamp-FBI-DOJ complex, when the Report was released in March and April of 2019, members of Congress immediately demanded Trump’s tax returns to see if a new fishing expedition would help them. They had no probable cause, reasonable suspicion, no specific tax-related allegation of any kind, but no matter. That was April 3rd of 2019, according to the New York Times and the Washington Times. I don’t want to link to them.

And then a CIA-experienced White House employee calling himself a “whistleblower” leaked second-hand info regarding a Trump phone call, to begin a new impeachment inquiry. The dishonest Rep. Adam Schiff had been in cahoots with “whistleblower” starting the day after the Trump-Ukraine phone call. Actually, the “whistleblower” began in his crusade to get Trump removed from office just days after Trump was inaugurated!

On the first day of the House Impeachment Inquiry, the dishonest Schiff read a fake transcript of the phone call, that read like a mafia boss, to fool listeners (and many in the media) into believing what he was reading was the actual phone call transcript. Just a day or two before that, the White House had released the actual phone call transcript. (Joe Biden, former vice president, corrupt?)

Now, the so-called “whistleblower” was NOT a whistleblower. If you want to know who is a whistleblower, see info on Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, William Binney and Thomas Drake, who were all imprisoned by the feds to punish them for releasing info on corruption and criminal behavior by government bureaucrats and military. Exposing wrongdoing is a no-no in Washington!

No, the White House CIA “whistleblower” is not a whistleblower in the true sense of the word, he is just a leaker, not only a leaker but really a propagandist, who leaked hearsay information to the media and Congress.

ANY phone call between ANY president and ANY foreign leader can be manipulated and used to falsely accuse someone of anything! Which is exactly what this situation is.

So what we will have from now on is Republicrat or Demopublican politicians going on fishing expeditions against a president of the opposing party, starting impeachment inquiries and “trials” in the Senate. This is just the beginning, folks.

This is yet another reason why I haven’t voted for a Demopublican or Republicrat since the ’90s! I have been supporting Libertarian Party candidates or “None of the Above,” quite frankly.

And what else has been in the news lately? Well, the 2020 presidential campaign, of course. Besides the senile-sounding 77-year-old Joe Biden, there is the grouchy, cranky 78-year-old Bernie Sanders, who is so much “against the rich” that he has become rich himself. They are both Republicrats, I say.

And Tulsi Gabbard, who is supposedly anti-war, as I am. But as Jacob Hornberger has pointed out, Gabbard is anti-war only in opposition to “regime-change wars,” but not other foreign wars in which American troops are sent off to get killed or crippled for no reason except to enrich the so-called “defense” (sic) contractors. So, she’s kind of hypocritical when it comes to “anti-war,” or she’s just ignorant and confused.

Now Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton for “defamation,” because Hillary referred to a Democrat running for president as a “Russian asset,” even though Clinton didn’t even mention Gabbard’s name. The suit is completely frivolous, and would be so even if Gabbard’s name was mentioned, and Gabbard will not win the suit.

And one of my favorite libertarian blogs, Target Liberty, has a comprehensive post on the “matronly” Amy Klobuchar, who apparently is a “perfect puppet for the behind the scenes puppetmasters of the Empire.”

Actually, like Trump, any one of these phony-baloneys would be a “perfect puppet for the empire.”

So anyway, impeach away The Donald, I really don’t care. But President Mike Pence? He’s an even worse warmonger than Trump and those other Demopublicans and Republicrats.

Will Continue to Write Here

I’m trying to get back to writing on this blog. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult. One issue is lack of time, and another issue is that occasional personal matters can take up my “mental energy,” if you know what I mean.

In the meantime, I have been following Jacob Hornberger’s blog. He is from the Future of Freedom Foundation, and he is running for President as a Libertarian Party candidate. Nothing like Gary Johnson, don’t worry about it. Unlike Gary, Jacob Hornberger is big on the principles of liberty, non-interventionism in foreign policy and domestic policy as well. Here is his latest blog on Donald Trump’s continuing the war on drugs and the war on terrorism, that I thought might interest you.

How Much Do 5G and Wireless Technologies Affect Our Health?

I am only just recently becoming aware of issues regarding wifi radiation and 5G technology. It hasn’t been something that I am particularly interested in, because I don’t have an iPhone, my only Internet-accessible device being my desktop home computer. I do have an old cell phone but I don’t really use it, so it stays in a drawer most of the time.

But I have seen some articles now on the 5G technology and wifi supposedly making people sick, like with “flu-like” illnesses. This article refers to people having “microwave sickness” because of wireless technology, and now, 5G.

In my area I don’t know if 5G is around here, but I did recently have something like a flu that involved my digestive area. Not good. I already have digestive issues. I do have an iMac that’s 8 years old, and I haven’t been using wireless except for my wireless keyboard. Based on what I’ve read online, I have learned that if we sit farther back away from the computer we’re better off, because even if I’m not using wireless (except for the keyboard), supposedly the computer itself gives off radiation in levels enough to cause some possible issues.

I really don’t get colds that often, but earlier this year I had a cold in February and one in late April. But I definitely had something a week or two ago, probably a flu. (I don’t know if I’ve ever had the flu before, just colds. In my adult life I have only had a flu shot maybe two or three times, from 2002 to 2007, and I stopped getting flu shots after the one in 2007 had some sort of negative effect on me.)

Supposedly those wifi or 5G  technologies can affect one’s immune system. Anyone know about this kind of thing?

And a related article, apparently too much screen time can affect the brain development of little kids. A study concluded that “more screen time was harmful to the brain’s white matter, particularly in tracts supporting language and literacy skills,” according to GreenMedInfo. I think that such excessive screen viewing can affect people at any age, as such has been my experience.

My Latest Pet Peeves

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, and I want to do more. But I guess it’s a combination of very busy and hectic, and when I have wanted to write something I just haven’t been feeling creative enough. My mother and brother and I had a visit recently for the first time since our visit in May, which was our first visit since my father died in March. They live in a different state. So I think it’s time to sit here and write what comes to mind, especially regarding my latest pet peeves.

I have been enjoying writing about my experiences with my dietary and medical situations, as well as comments I have on the various issues of the day and especially in the medical and nutritional area. Lately some of the issues have involved the vaccines controversy. I don’t think I’ve seen so much social conflict regarding vaccines in all my years of paying attention to the news. That’s roughly 40 years now.

WHY is the vaccine issue so controversial? Because of ignorance? Propaganda? People seem to be more influenced by propaganda these days than any time that I can remember. Does Big Pharma have that much of an influence on people? That is why, instead of listening to the hysterical propagandists, people need to read more, such as this article and this article on the vaccines.

And it isn’t just the vaccine issue, but politics, such as the move to get rid of Trump at all cost. Such as, “Russia collusions” in which Trump was exonerated by the final Mueller report, yet for 2 years “we know he’s guilty,” as the war monger GWB would say. (And I’m not a Trump supporter. The guy loves government planning and control, the police state and the drug war. So, I’m for freedom and he is not!) And now it’s some damn phone call with the Ukrainian president. I guess the CIA really wants him out.

So one of my current pet peeves is the ongoing propaganda propelled by the news media in coordination with the hacks in Washington who don’t believe in democracy and free and fair elections. Anti-democracy is also alive and well in England (that’s what “the U.K.” used to be called, in case you didn’t know), with the rulers in England continuing to delay their separation from the European Union for over 3 years now even though the majority of the voters in England voted to leave the EU!

Besides the propaganda influences on people with the vaccine issue and politics, I have other pet peeves, including tech issues and shopping. I have had the same DSL modem for 10 years now, and in late August it had been having a big problem. So in my trying to find a replacement modem it seems difficult to find something appropriate. Is it true that most people now have cable? No more DSL? Am I the only one? Several aspects of this include the fact that I don’t drive and I’m not going to take 3 different buses to get to a Staples or Best Buy, although I did get to a Best Buy in the downtown area and the 2 salespeople there were either just dishonest and trying to sell me a cable modem (which doesn’t work with DSL service) even though I was asking for DSL modems, or they were genuinely ignorant of the fact that cable modems don’t work with DSL. Everything they had there was cable only, no DSL! And I don’t want to order something online and have it delivered either. But I did eventually find a modem. And my 10-year-old modem has been working again ever since that day in August so I’ll switch to the new one when the current one has another big problem. So, that’s another one of my pet peeves.

And in my building the apartment above mine has the thermostat that controls the heat for the whole building. Over the years (and I’ve been here for a long time), there have been tenants in that unit above who obviously were not informed that having a window open when it was very cold out during the heating season would affect the thermostat and make the heat stay on too long. And also there have been tenants in that unit who have tried to adjust the radiators with the shut-off valve at the floor which you’re not supposed to do. That not only caused their room to not heat up at the same rate as everyone else’s, and thus causing the thermostat to “think” that the heat should stay on longer (and longer and longer, etc., etc.), but in the past had caused their radiators to leak down on me! Also in the past the thermostat had problems despite any of those external factors and was just malfunctioning, so heat stayed on forever and it got very hot, or heat wouldn’t come on at all when it was very cold. So now there’s a relatively new tenant in that unit who I think has had their air conditioner on. And now when the heat starts to come on the usual clang noises are louder like more “thunk” and “clunk” with the clang. I think it involves the pumping mechanism for the steam/forced hot water. I hope it doesn’t cause a disaster.

Regarding My Post on My Medical Ordeal

I’ve been wanting to blog here more regularly but either I just don’t have enough time to do this or I have what is sometimes known as “writer’s block.”

One essay that I did spend a lot of time on was my detailed post on my years-long ordeal with my ulcerative colitis, the doctors’ bad advice and bad prescription drugs, and/or the corrupt and dishonest doctors I had to deal with. I had emailed that post to several people including some non-Establishment medical doctors and people who run alternative medicine websites.

Maybe I didn’t do as good a job as I thought on the post, I don’t know. But I did spend a lot of time on it, over a period of months, and didn’t post it until I was sure it was good enough. So I haven’t gotten any feedback on it, so far. Maybe readers can check it out if you hadn’t seen it. Perhaps it could use a re-write? I hope not. At some subsequent point, I did add a summary of the ordeal at the top of the post.

Many Important Issues to Cover

I’ve been wanting to keep up with this blog, but there are times when I just don’t have enough time to write. My only Internet device is this desktop home computer, and I don’t have any of those little phones and gadgets that many people have now (and I don’t want to have any of those!). So whatever.

So far this Summer hasn’t been too bad, only a few days of very hot and/or humid weather. Last June through September was torture, with multiple 90º days and Big Humid. But so far this year, not too bad. (I’m in the northeast U.S.)

I hope the people of Louisiana do the best they can to survive hurricane Barry, now approaching with a LOT of rain and it looks like major flooding. I think it is hitting Morgan City. (I didn’t know Harry Morgan was from Louisiana.)

On the list of named tropical storms or hurricanes for 2019, one of them is “Imelda.” As in Imelda Marcos? I guess that means this hurricane will have a really big shoe collection.

Well, I’m all out of jokes now. I know, hurricanes are nothing to joke about. I have a little time now to write something, but haven’t prepared anything in particular. Maybe I should do this random stuff more, I don’t know.

But I did see this news story that seemed unbelievable to me. In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law to legalize growing food on your own property. Excuse me, but why has that been illegal? Who would make it illegal for private property owners to grow food on their own property?

This couple in Miami Shores Village have been fighting with their local bureaucrats for 17 years, apparently. (I didn’t know that Dinah Shore lived in Miami.)  I’ve read about many of these kinds of situations.

Bureaucrats, if you don’t like seeing people growing food on their own property, then, rather than acting like a fascist, why don’t you offer to buy the property if it bothers you so much?

The Decline of MS Word

There is an article by Chas Holloway on how MS Word has been changing writers’ sentences and replacing what is written with politically correct words and phrases.

It’s bad enough when MS Word “corrects” my writing with grammatically incorrect phrases, which is why I turned off auto-correct a long time ago. But now it is changing what you’re writing to instead show something someone else is writing! How sick is that? And that “someone else” being the one(s) who write in the code to include those specific words or phrases to change to. It’s like having some kind of nanny teacher standing over our shoulder correcting our writing, when in fact many of those “teachers” are themselves dumb clucks and it is they who need to be corrected!

Look, if a writer is writing something “politically incorrect,” so what? This here situation is the kind of thing that makes me want to use the “F” word in criticizing these bozos, but I don’t use that kind of language, so I will continue to refrain from that. But do you get my point?

Another problem with MS Word that I was having was I would write something in there and paste it all into a blog, but then when switching to the blog’s HTML, the HTML had all this code crap so that it was not editable to me, as far as “cleaning up” the HTML to neaten up the final appearance. (The extra HTML code crap was from MS Word, not WordPress.)

Anyway, I only use MS word now to edit existing pages there. But for writing, I’ve been using this WordPress blog software or my Thunderbird email compose box as a text editor.

I haven’t updated my MS Word for several years, and am not about to because a while ago I read that the update on my particular computer will or probably will have some compatibility issues with some other programs I have. So the last time it was updated was 2013. I suppose I will have to get a new version at some point when I get a new computer, whenever that might be. (I hope the new version has the option of turning off auto-correct. If they don’t give you that option, they are fascists, in my opinion.)

But not only does the newest fiasco with MS Word show the decline of Micro$oft, but the decline of the whole tech industry, as far as I’m concerned. This political correctness stuff is out of control now, to the point of promoting outright ignorance and even craziness, quite frankly.

Besides software giants like Micro$oft ruining their own products, the social media platforms also are now engaging in “anti-hate” censorship, when the things they are censoring are not hateful at all, but are merely non-conforming views and those who do not subscribe to the political correctness craziness points of view that we see from many of those now in the tech industry.

So in the name of PC and intolerance toward different points of view, and toward different styles of speech and writing, many of these tech industries are ruining their own products.

On Writing a Blog

I have had this blog for 4+ years now. There have been times in which I have “writer’s block” and that applies to when I have a subject to write about but the way to write about it is just not appearing in my brain, or I want to write something and have time but don’t have any particular subject. In those cases I look at other websites and when I see something interesting or important I’ll link to it and write my comments about it.

And then there are periods in which I have not been motivated. For instance, this blog started in September 2014 and at one point there was a 2-year absence (Nov. ’15-Jan. ’18). Well, I have come across a blog by a PhD student who blogs about writing and the various issues associated with that. Many of the commenters themselves have blogs about their issues with writing, or with tips on writing, and so on.

I really was hoping to be able to write something, at least one post per day, but that hasn’t worked out. But I am trying to stay with it. I’ll especially continue to write updates on my experiences with my nutritional supplements.