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Further Update on Magnesium Supplements

I probably have mentioned this before, but in the past few weeks I have been experiencing apparent problems with the magnesium supplement again. I’ve been taking the Bluebonnet magnesium citrate 200 mg twice per day. But I have noticed that it seemed to be getting less effective and my arm issue I have had was returning. And now this morning I’m waking up with lower leg cramps, which I rarely get, a good sign of magnesium deficiency. But that particular brand of magnesium seemed to be the best so far, that I had been taking since about January or February (and reviews online as well as Labdoor testing report seem to agree with me).

And then I checked out whether the extreme hot and humid weather we have been having could affect the supplements, which it turns out that could have an effect. I live in the northeast U.S. and we had many more 90+ degree (F) days than usual for three months, all Summer long. And the humidity has been extremely oppressive. It’s even affecting my front door, which has been sticking way too much.

So I added a 133 mg caplet* of the other form of magnesium I had been taking prior to switching to Bluebonnet magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, in addition to my two 200 tablets (or caplets) per day, until I buy new pills at the store.

To reiterate, I have to take magnesium supplements along with zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Because of my ulcerative colitis digestive condition, I can’t have the particular vegetables that are the sources of those nutrients.

*I assume they are 133 mg caplets/tablets because the nutritional information states that one serving is 3 pills that adds up to 400 mg.