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Libertarian Party “Woke”

The Libertarian Party had a virtual convention, and the “delegates” voted to nominate Jo (Joanne) Jorgensen, a Clemson University psychology professor.

But this has been yet another example of an utter lack of respect for the democratic process and the will of the voters.

You see, some states had Libertarian Party primaries along with Republicrat and Demopublican primaries. Jorgensen was the #2 vote-getter with some 5,000 votes, versus Jacob Hornberger (the candidate I have been promoting here) the #1 vote-getter who received some 9,000 votes! This tells us that the Libertarian Party apparatchiks are just that, apparatchiks.

And there are indications that the main reason the LP chose Jorgensen was because of her gender, and her being a “social justice warrior” as well. The latest tweet by her that stirred some people up, for instance, was, “It is not enough to be passively not racist, we must be actively anti-racist.” This was after she attended a Black Lives Matter rally. (Excuse me, Toots, I don’t want to attend any rallies, and I don’t care really if someone thinks ignorant, bad thoughts about others. I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Thoughts and words can’t hurt anyone. It’s actions that matter to me, such as police being criminal thugs against others, okay?)

The formal organization “Black Lives Matter” is openly Marxist and wants to abolish capitalism and the nuclear family. Hmm. Obviously, they are not for libertarianism, i.e. the non-aggression principle, self-ownership (which is associated with private property) and individualism. So I think Jorgensen is really just “virtue-signalling” here. (Okay, Jo, you’re NOT racist, I know, I know!)

However, unlike the formal organization, the general movement “black lives matter” seems to be rallying in support of “black lives” and in opposition to police brutality, as we had seen in Minneapolis recently. Although rioting and violence have no place in a movement that rallies for peace, in my opinion.

I hope readers don’t misconstrue anything I’ve written here, including my sarcastic remarks. I agree with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Anyway, after neocon warmonger Bob Barr and moron Gary Johnson, I am not surprised that in 2020 the LP apparatchiks would choose the one who didn’t get nearly as many votes in the primaries as the one who did get the most votes, Jacob Hornberger. The actual citizen voters had spoken but the higher-ups apparently know better.

The Libertarian Party has been around for nearly 50 years, and they really haven’t made any progress in advancing the principles of freedom. So, I am not holding my breath that they ever will.

Orwellian Tolerance of Violence But Intolerance of Verbal Goof-Ups

Because of mass brainwashing in America, and ultra-hyper-sensitivity, we now have harassment of people who stupidly made some innocent remark, not because they are racists, but just out of insensitivity.

Intolerant society now does not forgive people for such verbal mistakes, and people persecute the insensitive louts, getting someone fired from a job or a TV show cancelled, such as Rosanne Barr.

As I mentioned previously, if someone says, “All lives matter,” that is called “insensitive,” and a person is fired from one’s job. I already mentioned how a professor was reading from Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” in which Dr. King used the “N-word.” and because the professor read that out loud, even though it was Dr. King who was using the “N-word,” that professor is being investigated. A liberal, non-racist professor. That is how irrational our society has become.

Well, I have another case of hysteria in the area of hyper-sensitivity. Dave Andelman, who had been CEO and host of “Phantom Gourmet,” a restaurant related Boston TV show, was forced to resign from his CEO and hosting positions because of writing sarcastic remarks on his Facebook page regarding the Black Lives Matter protests, the rioting and vandalism that have been taking place, and the irrational COVID lockdown.

In one post, Andelman wrote, “If the people who fought to create and defend this country knew politicians and police were ‘taking a knee’ after looting in major cities, while millions of law abiding citizens were denied the right to make a living, they’d jam bayonets into their own heads.”

Now, in today’s climate of hostility, that was obviously very dumb of him to write that. However, when you see hundreds of businesses being burned down, owned by people who are not involved in racism or in whatever the rioters’ grievances are, I can understand the need to express a sense of cynicism. Can’t you?

And the people burning down whole businesses, looting and stealing from innocent people, and destroying churches, libraries and homes as well, are not “protesters.” Acts of violence and criminality are NOT legitimate forms of “protest”! If they were, then America is just another third-world hell-hole.

Andelman also mixed his cynicism over the “protests” and rioting and looting with his cynicism over the COVID hysteria, including, “Zero effort to stop or distance these ‘protests’. Open business now and stop this silly charade.” And, “Maybe Back Bay restaurants and retailers could offer touchless, curbside looting and gyms could call workouts “protests against obesity.”

Now, I can see how some ultra-sensitive people may interpret that last remark as showing a lack of compassion toward what actual protesters are protesting, when he writes about workouts being “protests against obesity.” But can people lighten up, for crying out loud? I don’t think that someone should be fired for that.

Again, “looters” are not “protesters.” Looters are thieves and hooligans. Stealing from others is not a legitimate form of protesting. And when people involved in protesting turn to looting and arson, then their own acts of criminality in and of themselves de-legitimize whatever legitimate grievances those perpetrators may have had.

Hooligans and barbarians who violate the lives, property and liberty of others are just as worthy of cynicism, sarcasm, and parody as are the Orwellian “pandemic” policies of our fascist dictator governors.

So the looting, burning down and destroying businesses and threatening the lives of others have nothing to do with protesting racism or police brutality.

If our society continues to tolerate violence but not tolerate mere words, then we really are in serious trouble.

Police Brutality, Riots, Racism, and Political Correctness Run Amok

The riots going on in various cities are troubling, and I don’t believe they have that much to do with racism. The riots mainly have to do with cops killing unarmed black people, which is not happening as often as the media tells us, but there are activists who are exploiting and exaggerating the racial conflict problem.

Please explain to me just how breaking windows and breaking into a business and looting and stealing from small business owners’ livelihoods and burning down businesses, burning cars and burning down the public library, have to do with a cop killing some guy? Or how it has to do with racism in America?

Why take your anger out on innocent people who haven’t harmed you and their livelihoods?

Some of the looted or destroyed businesses in Minneapolis were owned by black people or other minorities or immigrants. Some of them put signs in windows stating, “Black owned business,” or “Business owned by immigrants.” But no, those businesses got destroyed anyway.

During the 1960s the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. protested racial discrimination and injustice peacefully. He and others, hundreds of thousands of others, marched on Washington, and they did so peacefully. And they effected in getting the Civil Rights Act passed and repealing Jim Crow laws throughout the country.

However, they didn’t seem to change things with local police departments. In New York the police are known to harass and “stop and frisk” blacks and Hispanics and regardless if there were reasons to suspect someone of wrongdoing. (Repealing the drug laws and ending the failed “war on drugs” would go a long way in stopping many of those police abuses, but that’s for a different discussion.)

But why are things different now with protests, as compared to the Martin Luther King era? And while there is police brutality, that obviously should not be tolerated. The protests go beyond government violence against blacks and other minorities, and protesters are going after speech, including innocent, harmless speech. And for absurd political correctness reasons.

To show just how absurdly things have changed, and for the worse, now we have another example of political correctness run amok. It appears that UCLA’s political science department is investigating a lecturer for reading Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to the class. And the letter includes the “N word,” which the lecturer also read out loud. Why would he not? Oooh, he said the “N word,” even though it was Dr. King who wrote the word, and not the lecturer using the word himself.

So the kids complained. And I’m not even going to write out the whole “N word,” you know what I mean. I don’t want this blog to be taken down. So I have to censor myself, because there are people out there who feel offended by every little word or sentence, so it seems.

And I’m Jewish, but if someone utters the “K word” I couldn’t care less. Or the “H word.” I really couldn’t care less, and those things don’t offend me. Why have people become so offended by everything?

Another example: Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer, Grant Napear, was fired by the Kings and the radio station, because he tweeted, “All lives matter…” in response to a discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement. All he did was tweet, “All lives matter.”

What, not all lives matter? Why is that offensive? It’s like everything is “racist” now.

Sorry if I’m too rational for today’s “systemic” irrationality. And yes, it appears to be systemic now, the absurdity, the Orwellian nonsense. Racism, by the way, is not “systemic.” That is just not the case. Barack Obama couldn’t have gotten elected president and reelected president if the U.S. were a racist country. (And there are some people who believe that pointing that out is itself “racist.” Not exactly thinking people, quite frankly.)

But, “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.”

Speaking of “Orwellian,” one of my favorite libertarian bloggers, Robert Wenzel, has a post about police in various municipalities going overboard to show how they are NOT racists, by lying face down on the ground and “washing the feet” of Black Lives Matter organizers. Wenzel notes that this is an example of “early-stage Cultural Revolution of Mao’s China.” (I think it’s early stage nuttiness, if you don’t mind my saying that.)

And, regarding the police controversies I’m not a “hate-cops” person, or a “blue lives matter” person. In my world, no one would be above the law, including the enforcers of the law. But I don’t see all police as one group, because each of us is an individual.

We can’t say “white people this” or “black people that,” or “cops this or that,” because there are many good cops who probably have gone through their entire careers never having hurt anyone or even shot their guns while on duty.

Unfortunately, one psycho comes along and keeps his knee on someone’s neck and kills him. We have to weed out those ones, if there is to be a government monopoly on security. Perhaps consider privatizing that function?

Dr. Thomas Szasz Born 100 Years Ago Today

As I wrote in my post on the state of psychiatry these days, I myself had been in therapy and group therapy during the 1980s as well as having taken psychology courses in college. So, psychology in general has been of interest to me, but the psychological and psychiatric professions as well.

Sadly, there are too many people in those professions who are themselves very screwed up, or ignorant, or brainwashed to follow the latest trendy fad or acceptable narrative. In these later years I think there is too much political correctness and intolerance toward those who do not buy a lot of the garbage in society today. I feel for today’s patients and psychotherapy clients who might be “needy” emotionally but whose personality goes against the grain of the practitioners who are snootily “woke.”

Anyway, one of my favorite psychiatrists was Dr. Thomas Szasz, who was skeptical of the idea of “mental illness” or of calling people with mental or mood disorders, “diseased.” He said they did not have a disease. There would need to be objective, scientific diagnostic tests such as X-rays and blood work to be done to find signs of actual “disease.”

Anyway, today is Dr. Szasz’s 100th birthday. (He died in 2012.) Author James Bovard has a good post with comments on Dr. Szasz, with some enlightening Szasz quotes, and he reprints an article he wrote in 1986 on ‘pure madness from psychiatrists.”

Internet Censors Are the Intolerant “Book Burners”

I have found something that expands on what I was writing here a few days ago. Here is a terrific article by Daisy Luther of the “Organic Prepper,” on the censorship of alternative media being a virtual book burning. That’s exactly right. The censors of Google, YouTube, Amazon are just like the book-burners of Nazi Germany and the old days in some parts of the U.S.

The Decline of MS Word

There is an article by Chas Holloway on how MS Word has been changing writers’ sentences and replacing what is written with politically correct words and phrases.

It’s bad enough when MS Word “corrects” my writing with grammatically incorrect phrases, which is why I turned off auto-correct a long time ago. But now it is changing what you’re writing to instead show something someone else is writing! How sick is that? And that “someone else” being the one(s) who write in the code to include those specific words or phrases to change to. It’s like having some kind of nanny teacher standing over our shoulder correcting our writing, when in fact many of those “teachers” are themselves dumb clucks and it is they who need to be corrected!

Look, if a writer is writing something “politically incorrect,” so what? This here situation is the kind of thing that makes me want to use the “F” word in criticizing these bozos, but I don’t use that kind of language, so I will continue to refrain from that. But do you get my point?

Another problem with MS Word that I was having was I would write something in there and paste it all into a blog, but then when switching to the blog’s HTML, the HTML had all this code crap so that it was not editable to me, as far as “cleaning up” the HTML to neaten up the final appearance. (The extra HTML code crap was from MS Word, not WordPress.)

Anyway, I only use MS word now to edit existing pages there. But for writing, I’ve been using this WordPress blog software or my Thunderbird email compose box as a text editor.

I haven’t updated my MS Word for several years, and am not about to because a while ago I read that the update on my particular computer will or probably will have some compatibility issues with some other programs I have. So the last time it was updated was 2013. I suppose I will have to get a new version at some point when I get a new computer, whenever that might be. (I hope the new version has the option of turning off auto-correct. If they don’t give you that option, they are fascists, in my opinion.)

But not only does the newest fiasco with MS Word show the decline of Micro$oft, but the decline of the whole tech industry, as far as I’m concerned. This political correctness stuff is out of control now, to the point of promoting outright ignorance and even craziness, quite frankly.

Besides software giants like Micro$oft ruining their own products, the social media platforms also are now engaging in “anti-hate” censorship, when the things they are censoring are not hateful at all, but are merely non-conforming views and those who do not subscribe to the political correctness craziness points of view that we see from many of those now in the tech industry.

So in the name of PC and intolerance toward different points of view, and toward different styles of speech and writing, many of these tech industries are ruining their own products.

Can We Reverse Recent Trends?

Besides writing about health issues and my own personal experiences, I also wanted to write about social, cultural and political issues of the day, which I have done a little bit. But those issues seem to be more and more annoying. Things are more bizarre than ever now. I am in my mid-50s and frankly, the trends need to be reversed or we’re in deep doo-doo.

I remember the 1980s when people expressed concern about President “Ronald Ray-Gun” with his finger on the button. When he claimed that he had “just signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever, we begin bombing in 5 minutes,” the Russians panicked. But Americans knew he was just joking. (Imagine if Donald Trump did that. Yikes.)

And Reagan would be hounded by the press corps and he’d refer to them as being “surrounded by the sharks.” Most often he would only take questions outside with the loud noisy helicopters waiting.

So in the 1980s there was the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal, but that was a real thing that happened so it’s good that some people actually got in trouble for it. But now? The Trump-Russia thing that never was. All the hysteria over something that never happened and was in fact a set-up. As progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote in response to the media hysteria on the Mueller report, there was no there there. (And I don’t like Donald Trump, except for his ability to provoke the media and other Beltway people.)

But Reagan at least had an understanding of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. No such luck with Donald Trump.

Prior to the 1980s, I remember the Vietnam War during the 1970s and fearing that that might be me having to go out there. I was in middle school when the war ended. And they ended the draft as well. Phew, that was close. (And then Jimmy Carter brought back registration for the draft. Apparently, Carter didn’t get the memo about “unalienable rights” as referred to in the aforementioned Declaration of Independence.) I remember seeing, I think, Bernard Kalb and Morley Safer actually out there on the battlefield covering the Vietnam War.

And then later in 1991 we had George H.W. Bush start a war in Iraq that then caused a lot of blowback, and more wars, violence, terrorism. So, the Reagan years were not so bad in that regard, situated between the LBJ-Nixon Vietnam War and the Bush wars from 1991 to the present. Of course, the younger Bush, Clinton, Obama and Trump never had to go to war. Yet, they became big warmongers, drone bombers, etc.

Also back in the 1970s, I remember the culture clashes that really began during the 1960s. There were the “Women’s Libbers” and bra burners, like Helen Reddy and “Hear me roar, I am woman, I am invincible,” and all that. Now we have an entire LGBT industry that is getting so extreme it is turning against itself, and against feminists like Camille Paglia. You can’t say “he” or “him” in reference to someone who actually is a biological male if said male demands to be referred to as a female. People want laws to mandate that kind of Orwellian speech authoritarianism. In fact, there are such laws in some counties.

So, that whole crowd of political correctness run amok is quite bothersome, and who knows where that’s going to go. And on the other side, we have the Donald Trump authoritarians who want draconian immigration restrictions and a police state. It seems to me that extreme nationalists don’t get the idea of “unalienable rights” as written in the Declaration of Independence, as I mentioned above.

Why is this culture stuff so important to those people? They’re wrecking our freedom in the name of “preserving our culture,” so it seems. Why can’t they look at the causes of the immigration crisis? Perhaps address the war on drugs? Prohibition causes underground markets which cause the drug trafficking, etc. And we know that prohibition hasn’t kept people from getting their damn drugs all these 60 years of the war on drugs. Duh. And perhaps address the welfare state?

Speaking of the welfare state, Donald Trump is a self-proclaimed economic nationalist. Part of economic nationalism is the scheme of taxation and redistribution, as well as heavy and intrusive regulations. So, Trump and the conservatives support the welfare state, funded by non-consensual taxation and by withholding as well. Prior to the 20th Century, America had seen the biggest rise in the standard of living during the 2nd half of the 19th Century. In that earlier era, Americans had the freedom to do whatever they wanted with all their earnings and wealth and the government didn’t take it away from them, they had the freedom to do business however they wanted without government restrictions and demands to fill out this or that form, and people had the freedom to leave and return to America without being questioned like suspects.

And that is what I have to say about all that. For now.