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Some Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves is something that went on just last night. There was a winter storm with snow last evening and through the night. I live in an apartment on the front of the building along the street.

The problem? The snow plow drivers now have this habit of driving the truck with the plow in the “up” position, and then when they’re going to do the plowing, just as they’re going by here they slam the plow down on the pavement, like as hard as possible. This goes on from maybe midnight through 3 AM or so.

Can’t the snow plow drivers make the plow go down to the pavement more slowly, so that it doesn’t slam down on the pavement? Do they do this on purpose, like as a practical joke? I’ll bet that the buttons or levers that they use to make the plow go down can be handled so that they can make the plow go down more slowly and gently. Especially during the overnight hours when people in the neighborhood are trying to SLEEP!

Another pet peeve of mine, as long as I’m writing this, is the delivery trucks. While the UPS and USPS trucks turn off their engines when making a delivery here, the FedEx trucks always leave the engine idling, and that smelly, disgusting truck exhaust makes its way inside, especially if I happen to have a window open. I have to make sure that when I go out I have all windows closed, just in case there’s a FedEx truck making a delivery here while I’m out. They really suck, and, because of this, if I ever have something delivered, I will only use UPS or USPS, but NEVER FedEx!

The oil delivery trucks also leave their engines idling as they are making an oil delivery to this building, and the other buildings on both sides. Is it necessary to leave the engine idling to make the oil delivery? They don’t have to do that.

Do these people understand that people in the apartment buildings along the street have windows that are very close to the sidewalk/street?

I’ve been living in this unit for a long time, and have been wanting to move out, believe me. But that has not been affordable. I may actually write here about that situation as well.