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Statin Drugs Suck

In this detailed article Dr. Joseph Mercola highlights new research that shows that statin drugs are a “colossal waste of money” (and harmful to your health with all the terrible side effects!). Past studies which back up statins as beneficial use “misleading plays on statistics,” says Dr. Mercola.

Joe Biden and Alzheimer’s

It seems that a lot of people are in denial regarding Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Now, I’m not a doctor, but…c’mon. Have you heard him?

Perhaps people have been voting for him and supporting him to be the Democrat’s presidential nominee in 2020 because they know that Party leaders will replace him with someone else. They have to replace him, otherwise, why would they keep an Alzheimer’s sufferer as their nominee?

And I’m not a supporter of Democrats or Republicans. I’ve been voting for or supporting libertarians or independents (or no one) for years now. I really don’t care who the major parties’ nominees will be.

But Biden’s many, many gaffes and incoherent utterances over the past few years show that he probably does have Alzheimer’s disease. Caitlin Johnstone prepared this fascinating post including many videos with one example after another showing Biden’s decline, not just in memory but in judgment. Maybe many people just don’t know about this, or the media have been shielding the public from the truth about Biden.

I don’t want to post videos here, so you can go to that post if you want to see all those examples. If you listen to talk radio, then you have probably already heard many of the clips. If you only get news and discussion from CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, then you probably haven’t heard most of them.

And I have further evidence that Biden has Alzheimer’s, because my father had Alzheimer’s up to his death. As I have mentioned here before, I believe that my own father’s Alzheimer’s disease was first made possible by his taking a statin drug (that’s supposedly for cholesterol). Apparently Joe Biden takes a statin drug.

So this is what I have concluded how that had happened. And I could be wrong, of course. In 2013 my father had two strokes, the second one being more serious. And at that time the doctors found an arterial blockage, that was located in a difficult area so surgery would have been too risky, so they decided to leave it alone and hope for the best.

Based on what I have learned, the arterial blockage slows the blood flow and reduces the oxygen levels and nutrients needed by the brain for normal cognitive functioning.

And then I heard that statin drugs were found (.pdf) to deplete some specific nutrients, specifically coenzyme Q10 and it inhibits the synthesis of vitamin K2. (Click on that .pdf, or see “Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms” at this link. And see this article by Dr. Mercola.) I was looking at the vitamin K2 specifically. Vitamin K2 is very important toward the efficient distribution of calcium to where we need it, that being the bones.

And vitamin K2 is important in preventing calcium maldistribution, preventing calcium from being distributed to where we don’t want it, the arteries or heart, and so on. If we don’t get enough vitamin K2, then our calcium could build up in the arteries or heart, called calcifications.

And so my conclusion was that the statin drug my father was taking probably depleted the important coenzyme Q10 and especially interfered with his vitamin K2 which then caused calcium buildup and his arterial blockage, the strokes, and his Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. Again, the cognitive decline is related to the arterial blockage, which slowed down the oxygen and nutrients getting to his brain which needs the oxygen and nutrients for normal cognitive functioning, including memory.

Based on what I have read over the years, I think that many pharmaceutical drugs have those terrible kinds of side effects, depleting nutrients and interfering with the natural processes and causing dysfunction.

So I think that Joe Biden has Alzheimer’s and I especially think so given that he’s taking the statin drug. It’s not just because of age, in my opinion.

Not that it matters much. Because to me what matters is Biden’s being a warmonger, a drug war fascist and an asset “forfeiture” police-statist, among other terrible things. Biden is one of the “worst of the worst,” and he’s been in government his whole adult life. Is it time for him to retire?

On Trusting the Word of the “Authorities”

You would think that in today’s day and age more people would question the “wisdom” of establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. But that does not seem to be the case. Many people don’t want to see the connection between pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines and illnesses or conditions. They don’t want to question the vaccines and the potential of vaccines causing some kind of neurological harm.

We don’t want to question our doctors for some reason. And when it comes to the autism phenomenon, the whole debate regarding the vaccines gets shut down by the vaccines’ defenders, criticizing the opponents as “anti-vaxxers,” and asserting that the vaccine-autism connection has been “debunked.” It’s “settled science,” and all that. Which it isn’t, “settled science.”

If you don’t look into it, as Sharyl Attkinson has done, and if you just blindly trust the medical establishment and its mainstream media spokespeople, then of course you’ll not want to hear the arguments by informed vaccine skeptics.

And regarding the vaccines, with all the adjuvants, mercury and aluminum and so on. Not only the vaccines themselves that are given to children whose brains are still in the important developmental stages, but the number of vaccines they are given, the combinations of different vaccines at the same time, and the big increase in the number of doses given to a child just in the first 5 or 6 years of life. 60 doses?

And that combined with what the medical establishment and the schools are doing to the kids now, misdiagnosing the kids with not just autism, but ADHD, ADD, even depression and anxiety, when in many cases the kids are just acting like normal kids!

So no wonder the young people now such as the ones of college age are showing a big increase in anxiety and depression, they are so easily “triggered” by the littlest thing, they need “safe spaces,” teddy bears and puppy dogs to comfort them. No wonder they are hysterical, thinking that the end is near, “the world will end in 12 years,” as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ignorantly warns.

And no wonder the college campuses are experiencing irrational protests against nothing that matters in the real world, invasions and hostage-takings of Dean’s offices, shouting down of ideological opponents, censorship and banning of speakers. What is really causing these kids to act this way, this hysterical and irrational way? (Although, it’s not just the students, the faculties of these places of “education” are also filled with irrationality.)

So, in my view, burying their heads in the sand is what the deniers of vaccine- and drug-damage do in their defense of so much propaganda by the medical establishment, government and their media stenographers.

So now as with most of the “pandemic” scares there is a race to develop and distribute a new coronavirus vaccine to the masses, regardless of whether its been tested or approved. This is all based on panic and hysteria, of course.

Jon Rappoport has some recent posts on the China “epidemic.” Here is his summary of the ongoing crisis. He appears to believe that it is extremely difficult to prove that the so-called coronoavirus outbreak was caused by a “bio-weapon” accident or intentional release, and suggests that “published genetic sequences could be con jobs, hustles, and giant errors.”

Rappoport refers to “contaminated water supplies; lack of basic sanitation; giant toxic agricultural farms; industrial poison-pollution; hunger; starvation; protein-calorie malnutrition; fertile farm land stolen from native people by corporations and governments; toxic medical drugs and vaccines; and now, in Wuhan and other Chinese cities, unprecedented mixtures of toxic air pollution, causing lung damage.” And he refers to virus “propaganda,” which would be no surprise to me.

Rappoport writes:

I raise one more question for your serious consideration. If highly toxic pollution in the air, in Chinese cities, is causing deep lung damage, and if the Chinese government is covering that up with a story about a virus—what is now happening to the millions of Chinese people locked down, with nowhere to go, trapped in those cities—breathing the air?

And in this more recent post, Rappoprt discusses how the numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus can be greatly inflated, and that a more likely situation is people having pneumonia, especially given China’s very high pollution levels and the negative effects on the respiratory systems of many Chinese people.

But when it comes to the medical industry and its enmeshment with (and collusions with) governments, for some reason most people seem to take the word of the industry leaders and government leaders as well.

But from my own personal experiences, I have seen up close the dishonesty and corruption with doctors, as I had detailed in my post on my own medical ordeal from the late 1990s to the late 2000s. For instance, with that ulcerative colitis medical ordeal, one doctor told me to eat more “bran and whole wheat” to gain more weight, yet people with ulcerative colitis shouldn’t have such foods that are irritants to the colon. I learned the hard way. And another doctor telling me to increase the sulfasalazine anti-inflammatory drug, which, I later learned (the hard way), depletes our potassium levels as well as our folic acid. The decreased potassium level caused my blood pressure to go up, and when I then decreased the sulfasalazine the blood pressure went back down to normal. Those were just a few instances of bad advice from the “experts” with MDs.

And my now-late father, who had Alzheimer’s. He had been given Lipitor and then later on had two strokes in 2013, at which time his arterial blockage was discovered. More recently I learned that statin drugs have been shown to deplete our vitamin K2, as well as our CoQ10. Vitamin K2 is important for efficient calcium distribution. K2 makes sure that our calcium that we consume is distributed to our bones where we need it, and it prevents calcium maldistribution, making sure that our calcium does not get stored where we don’t want it — our arteries, heart, etc. If the calcium builds up in those areas, known as calcifications, then it can cause  a blockage, such as in the artery and that would prevent important nutrients from passing through the bloodstream to get to the brain effectively, which will cause cognitive problems such as with one’s memory.

So my father’s Alzheimer’s following his two strokes and his further decline for the next 6 years (that I believe was started by his statin drug Lipitor) was another learning experience in addition to my own experiences. (By the way, Joe Biden takes a statin drug. I just thought I’d throw that out there.)

Bottom line: I don’t trust the word of medical “authorities” (and certainly not government authorities!), and I check things out with my own research, on the Internet, and learn from my own experiences.

Olive Oil, Omega 3 – Good? Bad? A Little In Between?

This New York Times article about “10 findings that contradict medical wisdom” links to a study from 2013 attempting to debunk the “myth” that omega 3 fatty acids reduce incidents of heart attacks via omega 3’s ability to reduce inflammation.

Now, I have written about omega 3 before, particularly in my post on “Relief Factor,” which if taken as directed 3 times per day, gives people a whopping 2700 mg of omega 3 in one day alone, which I believe is WAY too much.

But the study the Times cites uses some sort of omega 3 capsule of 1 gram, given to people with previous heart disease or heart attacks. The study concluded that the omega 3 did not reduce subsequent heart attacks as compared to the “placebo.” However, the placebo they used was OLIVE OIL!! I couldn’t believe it!

Both omega 3, such as from fish oil, and olive oil have been shown to reduce inflammation. That is what I have been reading and hearing for many years now. So, if the researchers used olive oil as a placebo, then no wonder there seems to be no difference between the two as far as reducing inflammation.

What is it with these researchers that they would use olive oil as a placebo? Who would do that? But then, that specific study is partly funded by Pfizer, maker of lipitor, a statin drug (which I blame as causing my father’s two strokes and arterial blockage, and statins have been linked to strokes and heart attacks). I think a LOT of these kinds of studies are bogus. Especially those funded by pharmaceutical companies.

And I don’t want to be looking into these things again, after spending a lot of time researching anti-inflammatories and alternatives to prescription drugs. Unfortunately, because of my ulcerative colitis I can’t eat most vegetables and nuts, which are important sources of omega 3 and other healthy fats as well as other nutrients.

I have mentioned before that I was taking 3 fish oil softgels per day fro about ten years, and then learned that it might not be a good idea to take that in the long term. So, I ended that and then tried to eat just fish. The fish had aggravated my digestive issues (that are of an inflammatory nature), so I have been trying to get omega 3 from eggs that claim to be higher in omega 3. However, more recently I had been getting the canned sardines and just eating maybe 1/4 of the contents to get a little more of that omega 3. So far, that smaller amount of sardines seems to be okay on my digestive issues.

So, on the olive oil issue, as far as I know, the olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, not just for someone with ulcerative colitis but other inflammatory issues. And I see in this article that olive oil was shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by 68%. The researchers gave women approx. 1 liter of extra virgin olive oil per week vs. the control group who were not given that and who instead had a low-fat diet during the 6-year study period.

I have been adding a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to my grape juice, carrot juice, etc., so that totals 6 times per day. I’ve been doing that for about maybe 3 years now. Is that bad?

Apparently it is bad, according to this article, which states that olive oil has the same amount of “impairment to endothelial function” (membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels, supposedly) as eating hamburgers and cheesecake. I hope the UC Davis-based medical writer of that article isn’t associated at all with Pfizer. I’ve seen enough of that. The writer cites several studies, but some commenters are skeptical, as am I. Apparently, the problem is oil, any oil, because it is processed, and people should just eat actual olives for the benefits, which of course I can’t do.

But I had to write all this now after seeing that New York Times article and the study it linked to on omega 3 that used olive oil as a placebo. Really unbelievable.

Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease: Scientific Review

In this article on the Dr. Mercola website, the main conclusion is that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. The article points out that some recent pro-statin drug studies “were found to have misrepresented data and findings of previous studies to support their own conclusions” and an “analysis found the association between total cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is weak, absent or inverse in many studies.” And, a “meta-analysis of 11 statin drug studies found statin use postponed death by a mere 3.2 days in primary prevention trials and 4.1 days in secondary prevention trials.”

No big surprise there. As I wrote here, I blame lipitor, a statin drug, for my father’s two strokes, his Alzheimer’s (and death) and several years of undue stress on my mother as well. As I wrote in that post, statin drugs were found to deplete vitamin K2, which is essential in calcium distribution, If there is vitamin k2 deficiency, that could lead to calcifications in the arteries, which could lead to strokes or heart disease.

Google Engaged in Serious Censorship of Health Information

Google has been in the news a lot recently, being accused of manipulating search results in favor of a particular social or political agenda, or in favor of some crony corporate entity a la quid pro quo kind of thing.

Well, the latest Project Veritas exposé reveals that Google is actively attempting to manipulate search results to try to prevent either a Trump reelection or “another Trump” from getting elected in 2020 or 2024.

Additionally, as revealed by Sayer Ji of and Dr. Joseph Mercola (in 2 parts, here and here), entire health related and alternative medicine related websites are being removed form Google search results, including those two very important and informative websites.

As Sayer Ji writes: has been a source of whistle-blowing information about Big Pharma and Big Tech collusion for decades, so it is no surprise why Google would take this action against his platform, and similar ones. In fact, signs of the coming purge came back in 2016, when GlaxoSmithKline signed a $715 million contract to partner with Google, and with increasing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in 2019 like Sanofi.  Google’s parent company Alphabet is heavily invested in a vaccine company,Vaccitech, founded by scientists at Oxford University. Google, it appears, has become a pay-to-play operation, and contains a specific sociopolitical and economic agenda that is built directly into its search algorithms.

And Dr. Mercola explains:

Google traffic to has plummeted by about 99% over the past few weeks. The reason? Google’s June 2019 broad core update, which took effect June removed most pages from its search results. As reported by …”Generally speaking, sites negatively impacted will see a drop in rankings for many or all of important keywords or key phrases which they used to rank well for … The June 2019 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update impacted sites across the web, however, I am personally seeing the most impact on News and Health sites.”

Now, I happen to be quite dependent on those kinds of alternative Internet sites regarding health issues and especially supplements. As I have written repeatedly here, especially in my lengthy post on my years-long medical ordeal with the incompetent, dishonest establishment “doctors,” I have an ulcerative colitis condition (inflammation of the colon) and can’t have most vegetables, which are important for sources of nutrients including magnesium, zinc, vitamin K2, etc.

And also, with my inflammatory issues, because I had negative experiences with prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, I need nutritional supplements as well as certain foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. For the colon, the probiotics such as acidophilus are essential, and I didn’t know about acidophilus until I saw the information on the Internet, certainly not from any doctor! And folic acid is also important for colon health.

So we need these alternative medicine and health related websites for truthful information for those reasons, but additionally because we also learn about the truth regarding the corruption with pharmaceutical companies and the Big Pharma-FDA revolving door and the Big Agra-FDA/USDA revolving door (truthful information which will be hard to find now, obviously, because of the New Censorship Crusade by Google, Facebook and their dishonest and corrupt cohorts).

And, regarding my own past experiences, will Google be censoring out the fact that sulfasalazine (brand name Azulfidine) depletes our folic acid? Folic acid happens to be very important for colon health, and for those taking sulfasalazine they would need to supplement with folic acid. Naturally, I didn’t learn about this from any “doctor,” but from information online and on those kinds of health websites that Google wants to censor (on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies, no doubt).

However, I did see recently that some information I saw online in 2006 seems to be gone. And that is that sulfasalazine also depletes our potassium. Lower potassium levels have been shown to be contributors to high or higher blood pressure. It was in 2006 that I had higher blood pressure (which had been unusually low for years!), and this was within a year after I was told by a colonoscopy “doctor” to increase the sulfasalazine to three tablets, four times per day, which I did. After seeing that information, I reduced the sulfasalazine and my blood pressure then went back to normal. I haven’t been taking ANY prescription drugs whatsoever since about 2010 or so, by the way.

Do people even know about the relationship between low potassium and high blood pressure? Do any “doctors” know? If someone has high blood pressure then it may very well be that one isn’t getting enough potassium in the diet.

Anyway, it was also thanks to these alternative health and nutrition websites and blogs that I was able to find a study that showed that statin drugs deplete our vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is important for efficient calcium distribution, making sure the calcium we consume gets to our bones, and important to prevent calcium maldistribution, preventing our calcium from getting stored in the arteries or the heart, a.k.a. calcifications.

So, I wouldn’t have known about that without those alternative websites, that Google is now censoring, and thus I wouldn’t have been able to make the conclusion that that’s probably why my now-deceased father had the arterial blockage he had and thus his two strokes and his Alzheimer’s, a 6-year ordeal that certainly caused my mother quite a lot of stress and anguish. (If his cholesterol was a little high, then perhaps my father’s “doctor” could have had him change his diet or add foods with omega 3, etc. instead of giving him lipitor? But noooo, Dr. Establishment is beholden to the pharmaceutical companies, in this case Pfizer.)

Continuing here. In Part 2 of Dr. Mercola’s discussion of Google’s latest knocking off non-Establishment health websites, such as, he notes how Google uses “authoritative” sources but relies mainly on Wikipedia. But, as Dr. Mercola explains, Wikipedia is notorious for its being controlled by extremely biased editors. He posts in that article some videos and transcripts of Sharyl Attkisson’s analyses of Wikipedia.

Dr. Mercola also writes in that Part 2,

To help sway public opinion and policy, Google has also recruited law professors to back up and promote its views. According to a 2017 Campaign for Accountability report, Google has paid academics in both the U.S. and Europe millions of dollars to influence public opinion and policymakers alike.

This includes funding research papers “that appear to support the technology company’s business interests and defend against regulatory challenges such as antitrust and anti-piracy.” Some of these academics have not declared the source of their funding, even though payments have reached as high as $400,000.

In his article on this latest Google fiasco, Sayer Ji mentions some alternative search engines including and

But, I must say, this is very distressing, especially for someone such as myself who relies on the Internet for information on my maintaining my health in the context of this digestive condition I have and given my past negative experiences with prescription anti-inflammatory drugs.

My Opinion of Statin Drugs: Not Good

There is an article on on the statin drug controversy. Here is the article’s story at a glance:

*A recent study by Duke University found nearly 25% of those who meet eligibility requirements for statin prescriptions are not offered them; some patients are declining the medications citing fear of side effects

*Lead author Dr. Marie Navar believes public fear is out of proportion to the actual risks, despite a long and impressive number of studies citing scientific evidence of the increased risks of heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes and memory loss

*The way in which statins reduce cholesterol levels, by blocking production in the liver, also impacts your vitamin K2 and CoQ10 levels, ultimately increasing your risk for health conditions associated with vitamin K2 and CoQ10 deficiency

*Your high-density lipoproteins (HDL) to cholesterol and your triglyceride to HDL ratios, as well as your ferritin and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) levels, are better indicators of your risk of heart disease than your total cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein level


I think that the important information is that statin drugs have been shown to deplete vitamin K2 and CoQ10. As I mentioned here a few times, my father had an arterial blockage, two strokes and Alzheimer’s and he died last month. Given that he had taken lipitor, a statin drug, and based on the study I saw, I believe that his arterial blockage was caused by the drug because apparently statin drugs deplete vitamin K2, which is important in efficient calcium distribution. Depleted vitamin K2 causes calcium maldistribution. That is, instead of calcium getting to the bones where we need it (thanks to vitamin K2), calcium gets into the arteries and heart, where we don’t want it. Thus, vitamin k2 deficiency can lead to calcifications that can lead to heart disease or strokes.

Big Pharma Makes a Killing on Statin Drugs

Health Impact News has this article on a new study that suggests that doctors should give all patients over the age of 75 statin drugs to keep cholesterol levels down. The article links to other articles questioning the validity of anti-cholesterol studies and showing that statin drugs are really not shown to lower cholesterol. Except the makers of the drugs have been making a lot of money in their scam.

I have mentioned this here before, but both my parents had been eating healthy for a long time. They had been eating a goodly amount of fruits and vegetables as well as having fish and poultry and reducing or eliminating entirely red meat from their diet. But at some point my father had been given lipitor to lower cholesterol levels. I have a feeling that his cholesterol was not high, and that it was “maybe a little high,” and that the doctor gave him lipitor to prevent it from getting higher. But if it was only a little high the doctors could’ve suggested looking at the diet more closely. I now believe that his cholesterol probably was at a normal level, but the doctor just wanted to give him the drug anyway, probably because the doctor is getting a lot of free stuff from the drug company.

I really believe that, had he not been given lipitor, my father would not have had the two strokes he had in 2013, or the arterial blockage that was found and that was in too difficult a location and so surgery was not an option, and that he would not have developed his Alzheimer’s that is now in the “last stage,” and other further complications. (UPDATE: He died.)

A commenter to the Health Impact News article mentioned that statin drugs inhibit the effects of vitamin K2, or deplete K2, which then causes the buildup of calcium where it doesn’t belong, such as the arteries or heart. Vitamin K2 effects in efficient calcium distribution and prevents that aforementioned calcium maldistribution. Statin drugs interfere with that, so because of this interference with vitamin K2 the statins can actually cause people to have strokes or heart attacks. Here is a 2015 study which shows just that.

What Establishment Medicine Has Wrought (Updated Below, 1/27/19)

Just a follow-up on my post about my 86-year-old father, who had two strokes in 2013, has an arterial blockage, and my mother moved him to a “memory care” facility in September.

Since then, in November he was sick again and had a severe drop in blood pressure. They diagnosed it as probably a urinary infection. But he recovered from that. He hadn’t been able to move back to the memory care place because he has too much difficulty in moving and needs more than two people to help him go from wheelchair to bed and vice versa. And then this past week he has pneumonia and is on antibiotics.

As I wrote in my earlier post, I really believe that he wouldn’t have had the arterial blockage or the two strokes if he had not been given that statin drug, lipitor. As I wrote in that post, “It is my belief that such a drug that consists of synthetic chemicals has some kind of effect on the circulatory system, making changes to it in some way. (These articles, this, this, and this, assist me to reach that conclusion even if they don’t state that explicitly. But I tend to read between the lines on these kinds of things.)”

So in other words, we are dealing with this whole ordeal, especially my mother going through all this (they’ve been married for over 65 years), unnecessarily. Except these drugs are making the pharmaceutical industry a lot of money. And as I also have mentioned a few times, I am working on a lengthy piece on my own experiences with my medical ordeal from the late 1990s to the late 2000s, and the Establishment doctors who know nothing about nutrition and who really just want to give people drugs. I’ll have that post on here soon, I hope.

UPDATE: My mother has told me that my father has lost weight, because he’s not eating well. It has to do with his brain’s inability to let him know that he’s hungry, because of his Alzheimer’s. My mother doesn’t want him to be on feeding tubes, because whenever that has happened he tries to pull them out. The nurse at the nursing home has told my mother that he is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s, and qualifies for hospice care. So, she is now looking into hospice care for him. (UPDATE on March 16, 2019: He died.)

Negative Effects of Statin Drugs, Strokes, and My Father

I still haven’t completed my post on my experiences with doctors and their bad advice and prescription drugs/side effects that was mainly from about 1999 to 2008. But I am sure that will be finished at some point soon.

But for now I wanted to mention that my father who is 86 is now in a memory care facility. He has Alzheimer’s among other problems. My mother had been caring for him at home where they have lived since 1957, but she could no longer handle it, and didn’t want to have a live-in aid, which is what would have been required. He has a huge difficulty walking and his coordination in sitting himself down in a chair was very difficult.

They both had been taking good care of themselves since at least the 1990s, which is what he told me. Way reducing or eliminating red meat, as well as processed foods and having a goodly amount of fruits and vegetables each day. During the 2000s he told me that he was taking lipitor, a statin drug, supposedly for cholesterol. I don’t really believe that at that time he actually had such high cholesterol that the statin drug was necessary. It was my conclusion that his cholesterol maybe was “a little high,” and that the establishment doctor wanted to give him the drug to prevent the cholesterol level from getting higher. If the doctor were informed and experienced on the importance of nutrition, he would have instead told my father to increase foods that were of an anti-inflammatory nature, such as fish which is high in omega 3, as well as the extra virgin olive oil that my mother told me they have been having.

Prior to all this, my father had two strokes in 2013, a “mild” one and then a week later a “major” stroke. Also at that time they discovered that he had an arterial blockage, that was located in a difficult part of his neck, so they decided that surgery would be too risky and to just leave it alone and hope for the best. He recovered quite quickly and was back home with my mother a month or so later. The only major issue was that he was walking more slowly and his memory was not as good, and he had some confusion at times. But it wasn’t too bad.

But I really believe that he wouldn’t have had those strokes and the arterial blockage had he not been given that lipitor statin drug. It is my belief that such a drug that consists of synthetic chemicals has some kind of effect on the circulatory system, making changes to it in some way. (These articles, this, this, and this, assist me to reach that conclusion even if they don’t state that explicitly. But I tend to read between the lines on these kinds of things.)

So, in my view, a drug that was theoretically intended to lower cholesterol levels and thus would lower the risk of strokes or heart attacks, was probably a main contributor to my father’s strokes. What else could have caused that? For years, he had been eating healthy foods and not having bad foods, processed foods, etc. He certainly wasn’t under too much stress because he retired about 12 or 13 years prior to the strokes.

And my father had been doing very well all these 5 years since those strokes, but in the past year his walking and ability to sit down in a chair, shower, etc. was more difficult. My mother had an aide come in to help him with morning showering, but the rest of each day was too difficult for her to help him.

So, she moved him to a “memory care” facility just a few weeks ago. After beginning there, the practitioners there took him off one of the two drugs he had been taking for his memory (aricept and memantine, but I’m not sure which one has been stopped), supposedly because one of its side effects may be what’s causing him to have such difficulty walking. But now, my mother tells me his memory and condition is worse, and that he “hardly talks,” and still walking with great difficulty and needs the wheelchair. She said that now he doesn’t even recognize her, which wasn’t the case a day or two ago.

I’ll bet the practitioners at the memory care facility didn’t gradually stop the drug or otherwise stop it in some controlled way.  Those drugs are very strong. They are synthetic chemicals that our bodies probably don’t want to have in them.

It’s just another case that reinforces my views against pharmaceutical drugs, and that they cause worse problems, or worsen conditions in the long run. Or, if someone is used to taking something like that, removing it suddenly could also worsen the condition.