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COVID Another Example of Fake News vs. The Truth – Will This Ever End?

This year-long (so far) “COVID” scam, and the propaganda and fear-mongering, are really getting to me now. This had better end soon.

I’m sure that most people don’t want to think that their government officials are lying to them. But they are, most of the time, that’s just a fact. That includes “public health” officials and “experts,” governors, mayors.

And then there are the public and the mainstream news consumers, in which many people believe what the “authorities” and “news” media tell them, without any challenging or critical thinking.

Just look at how all things COVID have quickly changed the instant Joe Biden was sworn in as Puppet-in-Chief.

There have already been many reasons why we can believe that the COVID-19 “pandemic” has really been a scamdemic. It’s been a total scam, and I hope that the criminals who have inflicted so much damage on our society will eventually do jail time. Please, please, please. There has to be justice at some point.

For a year people have been terrified and panicking over a virus that has a survival rate of 99.9%, literally. I’ve never seen anything like all this.

The first dishonest and untruthful thing was, in March the CDC changed its guidelines as to what constitutes a “COVID” death, by including non-COVID deaths as “COVID deaths.” To up the numbers. So really they have been committing fraud here.

For example, if someone died of heart disease or kidney disease, etc., but happened to test “positive” for COVID-19 (or really for a coronavirus in general!), then that patient is classified as a “COVID death.” Dr. Birx confirmed that. We know that many of the testing is flawed so there are well over 50% false positive results, as well as false negative results.

So we can safely conclude that the 400,000 COVID deaths figure is totally bogus. In fact, the CDC has stated in its COVID “Comorbidities” section that the real figure is only 6% of that 400,000 (or whatever the actual number might be at the end of this, if it ever does end).

But do the media report any of those facts? Of course not. They are beholden to the pharmaceutical industry, who are important sponsors for many “news” media outlets.

Long gone are the days when reporters would do their own independent investigative research, and actually ask officials challenging questions.

But now we have further reason to not believe the scam.

The latest revelation came from the World Health (sic) Organization. Just hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, the WHO admitted that higher Cycle Threshold (CT) numbers for the COVID PCR tests cause more false positives.

And if one were honest, which bureaucrats are not, that would be by analyzing test results with the CTs at the lower numbers to attempt to weed out false positives.

As Zero Hedge reports (includes a lot of useful information that we haven’t been getting from mainstream “news”),

As a reminder, “cycle thresholds” (Ct) are the level at which widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test can detect a sample of the COVID-19 virus. The higher the number of cycles, the lower the amount of viral load in the sample; the lower the cycles, the more prevalent the virus was in the original sample.

Medical professionals testing for COVID in people have been measuring for viral load at too high a Cycle Threshold, and thus causing many false positives. Zero Hedge links to a NY Times article stating that the rate of false positives may have been as much as 90%. And many “public health” officials know about this, apparently, including the notorious Dr. Fauci, according to that Zero Hedge article.

Even more evidence that this whole thing is a scam is that there was not a significantly higher number of average deaths for the year 2020 in the U.S. than previous years. If COVID had killed 400,000 by the end of 2020, then wouldn’t the figure for U.S. deaths have been at least 400,000 more than the figure for 2019, 2018, etc.? That was according to an article (Wayback Machine archive) that appeared on Johns Hopkins, but was then taken down when the conclusions of the article were made known to an already skeptical crowd! The JH article noted how at the same time in the year 2020 recorded deaths for other illnesses declined significantly, such as heart disease, etc. (even though the incidences of such deaths did not decline, apparently).

And another item we never hear about (for some reason), is that asymptomatic “carriers” do not spread the COVID virus, according to the World Health (sic) Organization. The WHO epidemiologist stated that they did “very detailed contact tracing” of asymptomatic carriers in several countries and they found that incidence of COVID spreading from those asymptomatic carriers was “very rare.”

The notorious Dr. Fauci angrily responded by saying there was “no evidence” for that assertion. However, when researchers do “very detailed contact tracing” and find what they found, that’s called “evidence,” Dr. Fauci. Am I wrong about that?

And there are problems with the experimental vaccines they rushed to the guinea pig public. Again, there is no reason for most people to worry about this “virus,” with an infection fatality rate of about a tenth of one percent. The people who have actually been dying are people mainly elderly who were already very sick fighting a serious illness and who thus died of their already existing very serious illness.

And now the new vaccines are killing people. Have you heard about this in the “news”? Nope.

Recent important articles on the COVID vaccine problems: (Must Read/View) The Future of Vaccines (, and What Vaccine Trials? (

Other important articles on the vaccines:

Many Reports of People Becoming Seriously Ill After Vaccine (, CDC Stops Reporting on Experimental COVID mRNA Injection Side Effects and Experimental mRNA Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine, It Is a Medical Device (, Hank Aaron Dies 18 Days After COVID Vaccine (, Nursing Home Had Zero Coronavirus until After COVID Vaccinations Began (, California Health Care Worker Dies After Receiving COVID Vaccine and Alarming Number of US Health Care Workers Refusing COVID Vaccine (, and 55 Americans Have Died Following COVID Vaccine, Norway Deaths Rise (

So I am more worried about my 87-year-old mother getting the vaccine than I am worried about her getting “COVID.” She says she can’t wait to get the vaccine, for which she has an appointment in February. She’s in good health. But she watches too much TV all day, and gets mainly mainstream news, i.e. propaganda and fear-mongering. No matter what I’ve said about the actual facts and articles I’ve emailed to her, she prefers to believe the official narrative from “public health” and other government bureaucrats and from her vaccine-sponsored mainstream “news” media.

And the mask narrative. Even in these days after the WHO admitted that the PCR testing has been using too high a Cycle Threshold, and thus many avoidable false positives and thus the bogus COVID case totals and death totals, the mask-pushers are still pushing the damn masks!

Now “Dr.” Fauci is saying to wear two masks rather than one, because he is finally admitting after a year of this that the masks don’t prevent the transmission of viruses (that he had actually claimed previous to the escalation of the $cam). But he is either ignorant of the health problems caused by the masks, or he knows about them but is an extremely dishonest and corrupt bureaucrat criminal.

I think this mask thing is a cult now. The Mask Cult. Are you one of them? A True Believer?

There had been an uptick in “cases” in the October-November period, and I think it has to do with this masks making people sick, from bacteria accumulation, and oxygen deprivation. If so many people had been wearing the masks all year in 2020, why the alleged COVID uptick?

And the kids. Making the kids wear these damn masks is child abuse, in my opinion. Kids lungs are too under-developed to have to withstand oxygen deprivation and breathing in mask-accumulated bacteria and breathing in their own lung-expelled waste and toxins. It is also psychological abuse as well.

So, I think the masks are making people sick, in addition to the panic and fear that our government bureaucrats are eliciting in people for a year. That’s what I think.
More information on the masks: 20 reasons Mandatory Face Masks Are Unsafe, Ineffective, and Immoral ( Coronavirus mask guidance is endangering US health care workers, experts say (, COVID-19 prompts Stanford engineers to rethink the humble face mask (

And now authoritarian Biden imposes fascist mask mandates, out of ignorance and out of this power-mad compulsion to rule over a Cult, the COVID Cult, The Branch Covidians. Neighbors are hysterical and reporting on others sans masks, as the deranged rulers have sicced a Mask Stasi on innocent people.

Anyway, this week one of those Sunday news crap talk shows interviewed the new CDC director, “Dr.” Rochelle Walensky, who trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital which is heavily funded by big vaccine activist Michael Bloomberg. So like Fauci, she says that we have to “contain the virus.” What? “Contain a virus” whose infection has a 99.9% survival rate? (Does she know that?) What needs to be “contained,” when we know that this whole ordeal is a made-up fiasco?

Does Walensky really know the truth but is just playing along with the official narrative because, well just…$$$…because?

Panic and fear cause people a lot of STRESS, and stress contributes to inflammation, including in our respiratory system. So as the weather gets colder and more people are more lacking in “sunshine vitamin D,” people have symptoms of colds or flu brought on by stress, and they are TERRIFIED that it might be the “deadly COVID” (that has a survival rate of 99.9%, have I mentioned that?), so in fear and panic they rush to the hospital emergency room, and so on. They are tested with bogus testing kits and given a false diagnosis of “COVID,” when they have a cold or flu or respiratory inflammatory issues as a result of stress, panic and fear. That’s what I think.

So, these people in charge are terrible, horrible people. They are criminals. Putting everyone through such anguish and panic for a year now, and continuing, and mainly for political purposes.

A rise in depression, alcoholism, suicide, all caused by forced stay-in orders, lockdowns, business closures and higher unemployment.

Propagandists, please stop LYING to the people by saying those societal crises are “because of COVID”! They are NOT caused by COVID, they are caused by bureaucrats’ fascist lockdowns, forced business closures, and house-arrest stay-in orders, damn it!

That’s the real crisis here, fascism. Not “COVID.”

Democrats and Republicans. Don’t believe them, their fear-mongering and hysteria. And don’t believe the “news.” They are beholden to the pharmaceutical industry, the vaccine makers who have freed themselves from most legal liability from vaccine injuries and deaths via Congressional legislation in 1986-1987 and 2011.

It is very distressing when all this information I am getting on “alternative media” that is actual, real information constantly contradicts the FAKE news I am getting every time I turn on my local “all-news” radio station or look at the local newspaper. It’s like two different worlds, truth vs. fake. And worse, the Big Tech powers-that-be are censoring the truth and labeling it “misinformation,” while THEY are endorsing actual misinformation! It’s really an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and it sucks.

So, the whole system is totally corrupt now. I really hope this cultism of mask, anti-social distancing, fascists unconstitutionally ordering businesses closed without due process, and general otherwise craziness comes to a halt, ASAP.

Supplementing with Vitamins D and C Is Important, But Too Much of Them May Not Be Good

I have mentioned here the importance of vitamin D, especially in supporting the immune system and in the prevention or treatment of respiratory and inflammatory illnesses such as COVID-19, seasonal influenza and even the common cold. I have referred to and linked to several studies such as the recent University of Chicago and Boston University studies that show many COVID patients are deficient in vitamin D and that adding vitamin D reduces those risks.

But it’s possible to be taking too much vitamin D, and that could affect one’s immune system and other areas. For instance, taking too much vitamin D can cause kidney issues, and, as I mentioned in a post a couple years ago, too much vitamin D (or too much of any vitamins and supplements, quite frankly) can interfere with our natural anti-inflammatory process and our immune system as well.

And as I mentioned before, in 2018 I realized that I was getting too much vitamin D because I wasn’t taking into account the 1000 IU of vitamin D in my multivitamin or the vitamin D in my milk as well. So, it turned out that I had been getting perhaps over 4000 IU total of vitamin D per day which is quite a high amount. I am not aware of any “problems” that might have been going on as a result of that, however.

During that year I reduced my vitamin D to roughly 2400 IU of vitamin D. And that is around the amount I am getting now.

And also, prior to that, in 2014 I had apparently developed some joint pain especially in the arms and shoulders, with symptoms that information online was pointing to the possibility of osteoarthritis. So according to info online I was a bit young to have osteoarthritis, and after looking into possible causes of osteoarthritis one of the possible causes might be excessive vitamin C.

I had been taking what I realized was way too much vitamin C, like up to 6000 or 7000 mg per day total. So I gradually reduced it to 3500 mg and eventually down to 1500 mg per day which is what I take now.

There are some people who take very high doses of vitamin C, but I had seen this study which concluded that higher doses of vitamin C at one time and per day are not as bioavailable as lower doses. I am not sure about that study’s recommendation of 200 mg per day, and asserting that above 400 mg per day doesn’t have any value.

But after about 4 months at that time in 2014, and my having reduced the vitamin C, my joint pain had disappeared.

So anyway, I take vitamins and supplements to make up for what might be lost given my inflammatory digestive condition in which I can’t eat certain foods like most fruits and vegetables, etc.

I really just wanted to give this clarification, given that I have written quite a bit about vitamins and supplements.

Recent Study: Vitamin D Insufficiency/Deficiency Common in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

A study from Turkey published in October concluded that vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency was “very high among hospitalized moderate-to-severely ill COVID-19 patients.” The study is on the Impact of Serum 25(OH) Vitamin D Level on Mortality in Patients with COVID-19 in Turkey.

Data, including sociodemographic features, clinical characteristics, and laboratory data, and 25(OH) vitamin D levels were recorded for each study participant. Patients were stratified into different vitamin D groups; Normal (Serum 25(OH) vitamin D level >30 ng/mL), Vitamin D insufficiency (21–29 ng/mL), and deficiency (<20 ng/ mL). The severity of COVID was classified according to the Chinese Clinical Guideline for classification of COVID-19 severity. Mortality data were determined for participants. Univariate and multivariate Logistic regression analysis was performed to determine independent predictors of in-hospital mortality.


Overall, 149 COVID-19 patients (females 45.6%, mean age 63.5 ± 15.3 (range 24–90 years) years) were included. Forty-seven patients (31.5%) had moderate COVID-19, whereas 102 patients (68.5%) had severe-critical COVID-19. The mean 25(OH) vitamin D level was 15.2 ± 10.3 ng/mL. Thirty-four (22.8%) and 103 (69.1%) patients had vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency, respectively. Mean serum 25(OH) vitamin D level was significantly lower in patients with severe-critical COVID-19 compared with moderate COVID-19 (10.1 ± 6.2 vs. 26.3 ± 8.4 ng/mL, respectively, p<0.001). Vitamin D insufficiency was present in 93.1% of the patients with severe-critical COVID-19. Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed that only lymphocyte count, white blood cell count, serum albumin and, 25(OH) vitamin D level were independent predictors of mortality.

And my conclusion based on that is what I already have expressed here, that rather than being loaded with synthetic chemicals, viruses and aluminum adjuvants from vaccines, to one’s immunity from the COVID virus, vitamin D supplementation would be better, healthier and more practical, and safer, in my opinion.

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce respiratory inflammatory responses to viruses, whether the virus is COVID, influenza or colds. It’s the lung-related and respiratory inflammation that causes fluids in the lungs and that make it difficult for the sufferer to breathe.

I’ve already linked to these other articles or studies, but I will do this again here. University of Chicago: Vitamin D deficiency may raise the risk of getting Covid, Boston University: Study finds Vitamin D reduces Covid-19 risk, Study on NIH website: Vitamin D and respiratory health (“Vitamin D appears capable of inhibiting pulmonary inflammatory responses while enhancing innate defence mechanisms against respiratory pathogens.”).

And why have black and other darker-skinned people apparently been more vulnerable to COVID-19 illness? This study on the NIH website states:

Blacks and Hispanics consistently manifest lower serum concentrations of 25(OH)D than non-Hispanic whites [8–12], primarily because increased skin pigmentation inhibits cutaneous synthesis of cholecalciferol, the metabolic precursor to 25(OH)D [13]. This has led many investigators to conclude that blacks and Hispanics are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency than whites [8–12], and as a result, may also have increased risk of developing associated chronic disease conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer

This article on the Lancet mentions that “black and minority ethnic people—who are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency because they have darker skin—seem to be worse affected than white people by COVID-19.”

And another study, from Northwestern University last May, found that COVID-19 patients with vitamin D deficiency have much higher mortality rates.

While the first study I mentioned here at the top was most recent and the reason for my writing this post, I felt it important to again refer to the other studies I have mentioned here on vitamin D and COVID-19.

And it’s also a good idea to take a zinc supplement, because that is important here too in boosting your immune function.

I Don’t Believe the Official Narrative on COVID. Do You?

We are no doubt in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, or the Twilight Zone, as I have already noted. COVID and other politicized issues are a part of the zombie cult now, in my opinion.

If you get your news from mainstream media sources, such as CBS, ABC, CNN, etc., or from Big Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter, then you really ought to consider doing your own independent research. Those Blob media are all fixated on the official narrative, whether it’s Russia collusions, denial of election fraud, and especially the COVID-19 official narrative. I don’t believe the official narrative, how about you?

But the media have been driving a lot of panic and hysteria with COVID, that is for sure. We’re talking about a virus with a survival rate of 99.9% for most people who have the virus. For age 70+ it’s 94.6%.

In fact at least half of the people who have the virus don’t even have any symptoms! If people do have symptoms, for most of them they are not serious symptoms, and even for those who have to go to the hospital, MOST recover! The infection fatality rate is .1 to .2%, close to that of seasonal influenza.

And why do “public health” officials, and their media plagiarists, continue to talk about increases in “cases” when they are talking about people with positive test results for COVID, regardless of whether anyone is actually sick and has no symptoms? In the past a “case” was someone who was sick. But no longer, apparently.

Further, the test results are from unreliable PCR tests, which have been shown to have very high false positive (and false negative) rates, and are thus useless. Are government and media intentionally trying to incite panic and hysteria? Or are they just dumb, ignorant and clueless?

And why don’t the media check the “facts” that officials give out? Do the journalism schools now discourage actual investigative research?

And there are questions that are not being asked about these fascist, counter-productive lockdowns and mask mandates as well. It seems to be that we now have a mindless, zombie COVID cult now. People are acting like they are in a brainwashed cult and don’t think for themselves. I know that’s nothing new, thanks to the damage the public schools and psychiatric drugs have done to young people for decades.

And now the masks are giving the wearers who-knows-what in the lung area and cognitive area, given that the masks cause oxygen deprivation among other issues. (If you google that you better try DuckDuckGo or Start Page, because Google and the social media companies are censoring anything that doesn’t repeat the official narrative.)

And has anyone actually demanded scientific proof of the “new COVID variant” mutation that’s causing London to have Lockdown 2.0? (Perhaps Boris Johnson is the mutant?)

In London, it’s the ignoramus Boris, his fascist diktats and his idiocy, and law enforcers who are wrecking the economy and society, not some damn virus.

In fact, just today I have come across a new article that questions the official narrative of “new COVID strain that is 70% more transmissible” based on “another flawed data model from Imperial College.” But please, Boris, continue your fascist idiocy, regardless.

Actually, another issue is that news reporters and editors are constantly saying that COVID or “The Pandemic” is “wrecking the economy,” or is “putting people out of work,” when, no, the bureaucRATS and their stay-in orders, business-shutting orders and other fascist decrees are what are wrecking the economy and putting people out of work!

By the way, a great classic to read on Big Government exploitation of crises and panic is Crisis and Leviathan by Robert Higgs. I very much recommend that book. But I digress.

Here in the U.S. people are starting to fight back, however. Businesses are staying open in defiance of the fascists, not in defiance of the LAW, mind you, just the fascists and their unlawful, illegal, and unconstitutional orders! And good for the disobedient rebels! They have a right to stay open, they have a right to make a living, and they are the owners of their businesses, not the government! Your business being open is not a threat to anyone. How absurd! Why are the people in charge of the government in various states and cities so dumb? (Unless they know what they are doing, and it’s intentional. Then, sure I understand now. But I hope that’s not the case.) And you the business owner are not a threat to anyone, unless you have a restraining order against you, or if you have been selling liquor to minors, etc., according to Peggy Hall. (I saw that video on another blog, and I think she’s terrific!)

Some more questions to ask include, Why has our crazy society been wearing masks and “socially distancing” all these months since March or April, but there are people supposedly STILL getting COVID-19? Why is there allegedly a “surge” or a “2nd wave” now, if most of the population have been wearing those damn masks? The masks are supposed to PREVENT that!! (he exclaimed facetiously) Does anyone ever ask those questions? I’ve already read of studies now showing that people claiming to “always” wear the masks or face coverings are still getting COVID! The truth is, only the N95 masks prevent transmission of viruses. The other kinds of face coverings don’t.

Not to mention the horrible psychological effects all this crap is having on people, especially children. Not just the masks, but the stay-inside orders as well are not only harming the children psychologically, but harming their immune systems. People have to stop listening to idiots like Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo and Charlie Baker, and the other dictocrat morons.

And are the hospitals really “overwhelmed” and “up to capacity”? Not according to this article. Are hospital officials and “doctors” liars? Are the media distorting the reality in their reports, like they are with COVID in general? Hospitals are overwhelmed every flu season!

One problem — and it’s a PROBLEM! — is that the government and media have been exaggerating this cold/flu/COVID, the CDC has been inflating the numbers, “cases” is redefined, and propaganda is driving hysteria and panic and people are scared to death that they will get the equivalent to the Plague or Ebola and will die. The STRESS of such fear and panic causes people to get SICK! Stress contributes to inflammation, so a cold or flu’s respiratory symptoms get worsened. Add COVID false positives to the mix. Good luck, everybody!

And that’s another thing, what happened to the seasonal flu now? I suspect that because of the overinflated COVID numbers and false positives throughout the system, that many people have the flu but have falsely tested “positive” for COVID, so CDC has been counting many flu (or even bad colds!) cases as “COVID.” So that is what I suspect about that.

And why is everything now all about vaccines? Government and Big Pharma are rushing vaccines without the required testing, which takes years. The FDA gave an “emergency use authorization” but not formal approval of these vaccines. And the process of that “emergency use authorization” was totally corrupt. I can’t believe the number of articles I’ve seen now that give us reasons to say NO to these vaccines! We live in a vaccine-worship cult now. The simple-minded obsession with vaccines is unbecoming of a developed society, in my opinion.

And while the main people who have been dying of COVID supposedly, are very sick elderly people, other groups of people are the obese, and those with already serious, life-debilitating illnesses or conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. It’s probably insensitive of me, but perhaps people should take better care of themselves? Like, preventing oneself from being obese? And that is under the control of most people who are obese, quite frankly. You can do it.

People who are very sick elderly people, however, need better care in the nursing homes. It would help if hospital or nursing home workers were not incompetent. It would help if doctors were not making people worse off with their overuse of the ventilators as well. I had already mentioned the ventilators as one major contributor to many of the so-called “COVID” deaths now.

And why don’t our officials and the media emphasize the importance of nutrition for prevention of these illnesses, and for prevention or treatment of COVID? I’ve already posted about COVID and vitamin D deficiency, with several studies showing COVID patients to be deficient in vitamin D. Being outdoors and in the sun stimulates your vitamin D, so this time of year people are getting less of their vitamin D absorbed. Vitamin D boosts your immune system (certainly in a more healthy way than a damn vaccine!). And also vitamin D has been shown to reduce respiratory inflammation, which is a symptom of COVID-19, colds and flu.

Why don’t the “doctors” and health “experts” suggest that people take supplemental vitamin D? Not just vitamin D, but zinc, magnesium and vitamin C as well, are important for the immune system and to reduce inflammation.

But no, the world is obsessed with vaccines, regardless of how ineffective they are, or possibly harmful. The masses believe the witch doctors and Big Pharma propaganda, but not actual science and reason. And I think that what we have here with vaccine superstition is a part of the larger cult of establishment medicine.

So, I don’t believe the official narrative on these issues, and the “news” media are zombies, in my opinion.

Troubling Times Now

As I have been saying in the past, I really wanted to get back to this blog and make it a regular thing, to air my personal issues and grievances as well as comment on today’s societal issues.

But I guess I’ve been having a little difficulty with motivation, not to mention this presidential election and the threats of violence if the outcome doesn’t go someone’s way, as well as the COVID false flag hysteria turning the whole society into a dystopian, Orwellian nightmare. The masses are clearly being propagandized by the liars of the government and media.

Yes, a “false flag.” What else could explain the hysteria over a virus in which a majority of the people who have it are asymptomatic? And most of those who do have symptoms have mild cold or flu-like symptoms. It has a 99.9% survival rate even with those who suffer comorbidities!

Okay, I’ve written enough about COVID. I’m sick of it. Aren’t you? We know it’s not nearly as serious as the government and media fear-mongers have been claiming, and there is no good reason for lockdowns, business closures, or even masks.

Don’t get me started on the damn masks. In my opinion, the masks represent a suppression of dissent. The orders to wear masks have nothing to do with “saving lives,” but more to do with imposing obedience and submission.

If the masks not only have shown to be ineffective at preventing the transmission of virus, but can cause oxygen deprivation and bacterial accumulation that could affect one’s health by directly placing it on one’s nose and mouth then at the very least each individual must have the choice whether or not to wear it. Right? That’s the only decent and moral policy for masks.

The only people who should wear the masks are those who are caring for very sick people, such as doctors and medical personnel, according to the World Health Organization. (“Really? That’s not what the media propagandists have been saying,” etc., etc.)

I was very distressed by Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen in a photo of herself with VP nominee “Spike” Cohen wearing those damn masks, and showing their obedience and submission to the State! That’s really what that is.

But COVID and the masks are NOT what I wanted to discuss here.

I wanted to discuss the many people now who are irrational and believe various things that are not the case, especially in the U.S. A lot of superstitious people out there, some would say brainwashed, or at least very indoctrinated, from their daily and hourly mass media and minute-by-minute social media, as well as many years of government school indoctrination.

For example, there are conservatives who worship the legacy, or false legacy that is, of President Ronald Reagan. Yes, he cut taxes in 1981. But what his worshipers don’t tell you or even acknowledge themselves is that Reagan then went on to raise taxes the following year. And his administration went on to do more shell games and con games for the rest of his years as president. (This article by Sheldon Richman and this one by Murray Rothbard are informative.)

The reason why I am bringing that up here is that, currently while “fiscal conservatives” and libertarians had praised Donald Trump’s tax cuts, we were not totally informed as to the whole story. Apparently, the corporate tax cuts were made to be permanent. That is why, with the cuts themselves, the permanence of the corporate tax cuts enabled businesses, i.e. employers, to better plan for the future as far as whether to expand their businesses and that means hiring more workers. That was a big reason why Walmart and others raised wages and gave more bonuses, and the unemployment rate dropped.

However, the Trump individual tax cuts were not made permanent. They were made to be temporary tax cuts, just like the Bush tax cuts of the 2000s! “Son of a B” as one might say. What a bunch of shysters and phonies, these politicians! So most people’s individual taxes will go up starting in 2021 and continuing until 2027, as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Thanks, Donald, you crumb!

But a lot of people have convinced themselves that Reagan was a “fiscal conservatives,” or that Trump wants the workers to keep more of their own money. No, Trump wants more money to go to the overly-bloated and undeserving federal bureaucracy. And we know that’s the case because he refuses to cut spending in any significant way, especially “defense” spending.

(Have you heard Sean Hannity on the radio? He’s a Trump worshiper if there ever was one. It’s sickening. Totally delusional. But, I like hearing his producer Lynda who sounds a little like she’s from New York. But I digress.)

Anyway, like Reagan, Trump also loves the police state (recent example), the war on drugs, and continued militarism. So to hell with him as far as I’m concerned.

On the “other side of the aisle,” we have officials who for months now have been siccing government stasi and storm troopers onto peaceful churchgoers, dog-walkers, and picnic-gatherers sans masks or not observing “social distancing” diktats, but such officials look the other way when violent thugs engage in rioting, looting and arson burning down businesses in many cities non-masked and certainly not “social distancing.” That was the biggest thing this year telling us that those officials are full of it. They are absolutely full of it, and we shouldn’t believe anything they say regarding the seriousness of COVID or how “concerned” they are, because they aren’t. They just have an anti-social political agenda that targets Christians and business owners and workers.

And by the way, in those cities such as Portland and Seattle that are all but destroyed by brainwashed hooligans, many of the businesses that have been burned to the ground are owned by black people and employ black people! Where is the concern by “liberals” for those black lives (as in “Black Lives Matter”)?

And then there are the mobs now. Are you one of those young activist punks joining mobs of angry chanting “protesters” who gang up on innocent people at a store or sitting at a restaurant minding their own business? I am getting close to age 60 and I don’t like living in fear that some mob is going to gang up on me and threaten me. I’ve been a peaceful, law-abiding citizen for all my life and would never treat others in that kind of way, or as a part of a gang of people ganging up on one lone person. If they’re going to intentionally terrorize innocent people, those mobs who do that should be charged with making threats and maybe even charged with terrorism. What do you think?

But regarding the ignorant economic beliefs that many people have, not just the conservative Reagan-worshipers mentioned above but especially the people on “the other side of the aisle,” they are not just “anti-business” but really anti-free exchange and anti-profit. Generations and generations of people are brainwashed after decades and decades of government indoctrination in the schools to have contempt for the “free market” and for profit, the peaceful, voluntary exchange of funds and capital with goods and services.

Don’t be anti-profit. We all profit. When you go to the store you give the clerk something you value less than you value the item you are buying. You are profiting from the transaction! Ooooh! I could go on and on.

But sadly, too many people are indoctrinated to have those anti-market views, and they believe that government bureaucrats, enforced by their goons the government police, must forcibly take away earnings and honestly-acquired wealth from some people to give it over to others. (And conservatives are among that crowd, too, by the way. Otherwise, they would support the Libertarian Party’s platform that includes the elimination of the income tax.) For someone to receive anything of value form others legitimately, it must be a voluntary, mutually consenting exchange. Anything that’s involuntary is criminal.

As I wrote at the top, I’d like to get back to writing on this here blog. The events of this past year and uncertainty of the future make that difficult. Will election aftermath include violence in the streets or even the suburbs? Will a President Harris, I mean Biden, impose the socialist agenda they want to force on us (like their beloved Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea)? Will the COVID false flag be even worse in the next year, with the outright forcible closing down of businesses, churches, synagogues (Mayor De Blasio is going after the Jews! What a schmuck!), and jailing of dissenters exercising their right to not wear masks that block their breathing capabilities?

It’s one of those times, quite frankly.

Studies: Adequate Vitamin D Can Reduce COVID-19 Risks

I’ve mentioned vitamin D here several times, as well as the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19. And now we have more to back that up.

A University of Chicago study finds that vitamin D deficiency may raise the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The research team looked at 489 patients at UChicago Medicine whose vitamin D level had been measured within a year before being tested for COVID-19. Patients who had vitamin D deficiency (defined as less than 20 nanograms per milliliter of blood) that was not treated were almost twice as likely to test positive for COVID-19 compared to patients who had sufficient levels of the vitamin.

And a recent Boston University study also reinforces those findings.

“Vitamin D modulates your immune system,” said Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, physiology, and biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine. “It improves your ability to fight infectious diseases, including viral infections.

The study, which appears in PLOS ONE, compared COVID-19 infection rates against blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in more than 190,000 U.S. patients. Holick called the findings ‘remarkable.’

“If you’re Vitamin D deficient, you have a 54% higher risk of acquiring this infection compared to people who were Vitamin D sufficient,” he said. “This was for all ages, for all ethnicities and for all latitudes in the United States in all 50 states. So whether you’re in California, Florida, or Alaska this still remained the same.”

So, I don’t know why “public health” officials, Donald Trump, various governors and people in the media are arguing over which Big Pharma poison is better to prevent severe COVID-19 illnesses, Hydroxychloroquine or Remdesivir, when the real answer here for many people has been vitamin D. If you can’t get it in food sources and being out in the sunshine (because fascist governors have been ordering you inside), then for God’s sake get a vitamin D supplement.

Here are my recent posts on vitamin D.

COVID-19 Cooked Numbers and Lockdowns Based on Fraud

To further confirm what many on the Internet have already been revealing and recognizing, the CDC has updated its “Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19),” dated August 26, 2020.

Michael Rozeff, a blogger on the blog, writes:

As long ago as April 12, the overstatement of deaths was already recognizable. It could be estimated from data on deaths that had occurred in Italy in the preceding several months. At that time, my estimate using those data was that actual COVID-19 deaths were one-third of the stated totals.

The CDC has come out with its own estimates based on American experience. They say “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

If there have been what are termed 180,000 COVID-19 deaths, the current number that receives the greatest attention, the CDC is now saying that 10,800 have COVID-19 as the sole cause. The rest (169,200) involve other negative health conditions that also contribute to the death. Typically, the affected person has had 2.6 other serious conditions or “co-morbidities”.

And I totally agree with Michael Rozeff’s conclusions:

Instead of 180,000 dead from the virus, a figure of 10,800 is currently pertinent. Think of what that means. It means that existing draconian measures should all be shelved immediately! They are not just neutral in their effects. They are known to be harmful in many ways, including causing deaths that otherwise would not have occurred. It means that the crash-push for vaccines should be abandoned. There is no dire need to rush an untested vaccine into production and inoculate large numbers of people. The main measures that need to be taken are for elderly people in bad health to be kept away from people with infections, not only of COVID-19 but other similar sicknesses. And everyone, including the elderly, should be keeping up their immune systems by well-known means that are not costly to implement. It means a lot more, such as the complicity of the CDC in propagating panic numbers for so long, but these are beyond the scope of this blog.

So, mainly those who died with the coronavirus had serious preexisting conditions which were the actual cause of death, even though in many cases the CDC guidelines instructed doctors and hospitals to write “COVID-19” as the cause of death even though the actual cause was still the illness the patients were already battling.

Many of the people in the nursing homes who were said to die of COVID-19 really died of their other preexisting illness or condition, but the coronavirus further weakened their immune system and “pushed them over the edge.” Or, as Rozeff put it in his blog post, they “already had one leg in the grave.”

And while the CDC and the states’ “public health” departments have been exaggerating the number of actual COVID 19 deaths many times over all these months now, most of the deaths on the list were of other causes. COVID-19 may have contributed, but it was not the actual cause of death.

However, shenanigans and improprieties have been going on.

As Robert Wenzel of Target Liberty reports, the Justice Department is launching an investigation of the states whose governors ordered nursing homes to take in COVID patients without properly separating the COVID patients from the existing nursing home residents which would have protected them. Instead, thousands of nursing home residents became infected with the coronavirus and died prematurely.

As Wenzel quoted the Justice Department:

For example, on March 25, 2020, New York ordered: “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to [a nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. [Nursing homes] are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

And in Wenzel’s follow-up post, he notes that investigations are now under way in Europe over the fascist, unconstitutional and evil LOCKDOWN orders by very bad political rulers. The lockdowns did MUCH more harm than good! And people need to be held accountable!

Wenzel quotes an emailer as writing:

My friend Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a consumer protection trial lawyer in Germany and California. He is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. In this video he is describing how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. From the local level all the way to the WHO and many pharma companies in between. Please take a look as he is working very hard to end the insanity and make those responsible financially liable.

Wenzel further writes:

Investigations against the perpetrators of these lockdowns, that is the individual officials responsible for them, must be launched. The individuals should have every penny of their net worth turned over to those they harmed financially and prison sentences for those where it is proven the lockdown and associated orders caused physical injuries including death.

And I totally agree with him. In my view, the worst of the worst: Governors Andrew Cuomo, Charlie Baker, Gretchen Witmer, Chris Sununu, Gavin Newsom, and Mayors Marty Walsh, Eric Garcetti, and many others, of course. Mainly the bureaucrats who gave the fascist orders.

And the fact that this whole thing has been based on a fraud, a scam, cooked up numbers and media panic and hysteria, it’s infuriating!

Massachusetts Imposes Flu Vaccine Mandate for Students Ages 6 Months to 30 Years

Gov. Charlie Baker and his cohorts in the Massachusetts state legislature have now imposed a mandatory flu vaccine for students returning to school and college, with the age range being from age 6 months to 30 years.

Really? And how will this order be enforced? “Your papers, please”? This is another reminder of just how thoughtful and diligent they are in actually studying these issues before passing new laws and edicts. In other words, not much.

Never mind that the effectiveness of the flu shot is maybe 10-40% (although of course the Big Pharma shills in the media assert it is higher than that).

And while “Fact-Check” online supposedly debunks this, one Pentagon study showed that having a flu shot raises the risks from coronavirus by 36%. The Children’s Health Defense quotes the study: “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…”

The Children’s Health Defense also cites other studies. including a 2018 CDC study that found that the flu shot increased risks of non-flu acute respiratory illnesses in children by 4.8 times, a 2011 study finding the flu shot increased the risk of non-influenza viral lung infections by 55% and a 2012 study finding the flu shot increased the risk of non-influenza respiratory by 4.4 times, as well as citing several other studies.

I recently posted a post including a list of articles to review on the possible harm that vaccines can cause. One aspect of many vaccines is the adjuvants including mercury and aluminum. Those elements can build up in the bloodstream and accumulate in the brain and contribute to neurological problems. And that in turn can affect one’s immune system in general.

Sadly, society is in denial of these vaccine facts because of the brainwashing of the masses which reinforces a superstitious blind faith in easy one-shot cures or methods of prevention, the vaccine shots. Society is also kept ignorant of the truth because many media outlets have pharmaceutical companies as their important sponsors.

But here is the list of articles I posted in May, for further study:

See Dr. Mercola: How Aluminum Damages Your Brain, Arjun Walia: Scientist Discovers Cells That ‘Ingest’ Vaccine Aluminum Are The Same Cells Found In Autistic Brains, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease: Human Exposure to Aluminum Linked to Familial Alzheimer’s Disease, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: MMR Vaccine’s Poison Pill: Mumps After Puberty, Reduced Testosterone and Sperm Counts, Tracey Watson: The Real Reason Aluminum Is Added to Vaccines, Barbara Loe Fisher: The Historical Facts on Measles and the Measles Vaccine Censored by Mainstream Media, Geier DA, Kern JK, Sykes LK, Geier MR: Mercury-associated diagnoses are common among children diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorders, and Collective Evolution: What Big Pharma Doesn’t Tell Parents: The Truth About Aluminum & Mercury In Children’s Vaccines. And here is an article by Dr. Meryl Nass on how vaccine mandates enrich the pharmaceutical industry.

So there are risks with any vaccine, including the flu shot, and that means the government has no right to force people to have it, especially given the lack of proven effectiveness of said flu shot.

Whatever happened to “My Body, My Choice”? Oh, that only applies to certain groups of people, but not others.

The bottom line is, people have a right to choose what to put into their own body and what not to put into it. And they also have a right to not be assaulted by a needle with possibly harmful chemicals, just as much as they have a right to not be assaulted by a fist.

The Truth About COVID-19

As we continue to struggle our way through this months-long Alfred Hitchcock movie, I can see why some people are calling it a “scamdemic.”

There is no reason to believe a word our government “leaders” have been saying about COVID-19. They are liars, and it is best to just assume the old adage, “How do you know when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving.”

The CDC is lying about the death numbers, state “public health” officials are lying about infections and “cases,” as well as deaths. They are also hypocrites, saying that “protesters” can gather by the thousands all jam-packed and yell and scream, but church-goers can’t gather at a church and sing their songs.

Fascist business closures, lockdowns, government-imposed financial collapse and high unemployment, canceling concerts, sporting events, canceling school, and fascist mandates to wear potentially harmful face masks, turning our neighbors and coworkers into “social distance” informants and face mask stasi.

There are states that are now imposing travel restrictions, requiring travelers from other states, or returning, to quarantine themselves for 14 days, fill out a form and/or provide proof they’ve tested negative of COVID within 72 hours of their arrival.

Nazi New York is setting up COVID checkpoints at bridges and tunnels. The travel gestapo will make travelers fill out intrusive health forms or pay a $2,000 fine if they refuse. If people don’t self-quarantine they will have to pay a $10,000 fine.

In Australia police are smashing car windows of non-maskers and pulling them out at checkpoints, and assaulting people not giving their personal private details or names and addresses.

Are these fascist morons going to put up a “Berlin Wall,” too? They are freaking NUTS, these people. And there’s NO reason for any of this!

I want to say, “Something smells rotten in Denmark,” but because Denmark appears to be doing well after letting kids back in school, I can’t say that.

But, things are smelling very rotten in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” that’s for sure.

Well we know America is not as free as it was last February before all this fascism, and we certainly can’t say it is “brave,” with all the propagandized and frightened little sheep running away from others sans mask or fearing going back to work after house arrest for months.

This is like nothing I’ve seen in my nearly 60 years, and it’s a total scam. But why?

Based on what I’ve learned, here are some of the main points.

Most of the people who have died of supposedly COVID-19 have been very sick elderly people in nursing homes. Average age is about 80. Others who have died include those with preexisting conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and so on. Those are the vulnerable people who should be protected.

But most of the people who have the virus are asymptomatic, and among those who have symptoms, the symptoms are very mild, flu-like or cold-like symptoms. And even more important, at least to me, was the W.H.O. epidemiologist who said that they did detailed contact tracing of asymptomatic carriers, in several countries, and they found that spreading of infection by asymptomatic carriers of the virus was very rare.

That means there’s no reason for everyone to wear a mask, “socially distance,” cancel everything, stay indoors and be isolated. In fact, those behaviors and actions probably have been making people worse off, negatively affecting their physical and mental health, certainly worse than COVID-19 affects most people.

And again, if we’re afraid that we are a “carrier” but don’t know it because of being asymptomatic, then given that asymptomatic carriers infecting others is “very rare,” we shouldn’t worry about possibly giving something to someone else, like Grandma or teachers at school.

The “novel” coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is just one coronavirus of many coronavirus. The common cold is often caused by a coronavirus.

And the tests to determine whether someone is positive for a coronavirus are just to get laboratory confirmation of coronavirus, not specifically the COVID-19 disease or the specific coronavirus that causes COVID-19. So when we hear about all the positive confirmed tests for coronavirus, that means that those people have tested positive for ANY coronavirus! There is no test to determine a specific cornavirus, or to determine COVID-19. Therefore, just THAT in and of itself shows that the people in charge are lying to us about this. And the antibodies test determines that you have antibodies in response to any previous coronavirus infection, including the common cold! So THAT’S useless for specific COVID-19 testing.

See this article on the testing that’s for any strain of coronavirus, Dr. Joseph Mercola’s article, Common Cold May Trigger Positive COVID-19 Antibody Test, and this article by Jon Rappoport on the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests, and look through Jon Rappoport’s blog from the tag “PCR” as well for various further information.

Earlier in the “pandemic” when officials referred to “cases,” they were referring to people with symptoms and who tested positive for coronavirus. But now, anyone who tests positive for coronavirus regardless of having symptoms, is a “case” and added to the case numbers.

And there are further problems with the false positives, because the testing is not reliable. Good information from Jon Rappoport here, and he also asks if wearing the face masks contributes to more COVID false positives. This article explains the false positives and false negatives with COVID.

There has also been outright fraud, such as labs throughout Florida (and probably other states!) reporting nearly 100% positive test results, because the labs were ignoring negative results and only reporting the positive results, until a TV news investigative team did some digging. And then there have been those who were told they were positive when they had never been tested.

Worth reiterating: The CDC changed its guidelines on determining what is a “COVID-19 death.” Now regardless of someone dying of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, motorcycle accident, being shot to death, as long as the victim tested positive with coronavirus that person is listed as a “COVID-19 death.”

See how they’re cheating and artificially inflating the numbers? And hospitals also have a financial incentive to inflate the COVID death numbers.

The bureaucrats are lying about the face masks as well.

Dr. Mercola explains why the masks don’t prevent viral infection.

I have already linked to the article by Dr. Russell Blaylock, who explains how the face masks reduce your oxygen intake and cause excessive carbon dioxide intake.

Doctors at University College London Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care also discuss the health risks of the general public wearing the face masks.

Quebec’s public health director says the masks are too moist in minutes and their barrier against viruses is greatly reduced.

Jon Rappoport presented a study or conclusion of studies showing that the masks do not prevent influenza transmission.

This article on “Orthodox Reflections” gives further information on the masks.

And Robert Wenzel from Target Liberty quotes the WHO, who reveals the push for masks is for psychological and behavioral reasons, i.e. conditioning and control.

And in this article on the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors associated with Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital state:

“We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”

There is no “settled science” behind the masks, so they should not be mandated!

Given the .1% infection fatality rate of COVID-19, the seasonal flu is just as serious as this COVID-19 (and more so for kids!). But during flu seasons our governors haven’t been intentionally ordering nursing homes to accept influenza-infected patients as they have done with COVID now. And how many people had been unnecessarily put on the deadly ventilators?

Jon Rappoport had posted a reference to the 2018 Time magazine article about hospitals overflowing with flu patients during the 2017-18 flu season. Here is a similar article at Stat. And from the New York Times in 2000.

And, as Jeff Tucker reports, during the 1968-69 “Hong Kong Flu” pandemic that killed 100,000 people in the U.S., there were no forced school or business closures, and bars and restaurants stayed open, the stock market wasn’t crashed down and Congress didn’t pass bailouts, no forced masks or social distancing, no arrests of innocent people for going to a party. Woodstock carried on.

No craziness like now. No Twilight Zone, like now.

But for some reason, COVID-19 is different. Why are “public health” bureaucrats lying and making up numbers? Why the fear-mongering? Why such fascist policies? How un-American. And why have the “news” media been going along with it?

(Update: Since posting this, I have changed the title. No other changes.)

Herman Cain and COVID-19, Vitamin D, and the Ventilators

Herman Cain was the black entrepreneur businessman who ran for president in 2012 with the slogan, “9-9-9,” which called for keeping income taxes and business taxes and imposing an awful, regressive national sales tax. Of course I disagreed with all that, and I agreed with Ron Paul at the time, who countered with “0-0-0”!

Anyway, Cain died this past week at age 74 supposedly of COVID-19. Cain had previously had stage 4 colon cancer that spread to his liver, from which he had recovered.

Some people who are obsessed with the social control agenda that goes along with the ongoing COVID fiasco, are concluding that Cain died because he attended a Trump rally and didn’t wear a mask. This is absurd, as he had been many places during that time including Arizona and could have gotten the coronavirus anywhere.

Actually, I think Cain died more because of vitamin D deficiency and I also think that his being on the ventilator made him worse off. Here is why I think those things.

First, as I wrote in this post in June, black people have been found to be vitamin D deficient, more than people of other races. And other studies have shown that a higher proportion of people who died of COVID-19 were vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D is important for the immune system and it also specifically has natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. That means vitamin D can aid in clearing up not only nasal congestion (and that has been my personal experience, by the way) but more serious issues of fluid and inflammation in the lungs, which can occur in COVID-19 patients.

As I quoted in that earlier post from this study, “Vitamin D appears capable of inhibiting pulmonary inflammatory responses while enhancing innate defence mechanisms against respiratory pathogens.”

And I also quoted from a study on the NIH website: “Blacks and Hispanics consistently manifest lower serum concentrations of 25(OH)D than non-Hispanic whites [8–12], primarily because increased skin pigmentation inhibits cutaneous synthesis of cholecalciferol, the metabolic precursor to 25(OH)D [13]. This has led many investigators to conclude that blacks and Hispanics are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency than whites [8–12], and as a result, may also have increased risk of developing associated chronic disease conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer [14, 15].”

Now, it’s possible that Herman Cain had been taking vitamins including vitamin D, but I think that most people don’t take vitamin D, even though most people are probably vitamin D deficient, especially during the Winter months.

I say, shame-shame on the ruling medical establishment who rarely if ever emphasize the importance of nutrition in prevention or treatment of serious medical conditions or diseases, and the same goes for the mainstream news media who merely repeat what government bureaucrats and “public health” authorities tell them.

So besides the high probability of Herman Cain’s being vitamin D deficient which may have contributed to his difficult time with COVID-19, I think that his being put on a ventilator may also have contributed to his death.

According to the NY Post, “Cain spent nearly a month on a ventilator in an Atlanta hospital. In an update earlier this week, his family described a ‘long and slow process’ to recovery.”

“Long and slow,” thanks to the ventilator, that is. A previous article on NY Post pointed out a death rate of almost 90% of those COVID patients who were put on a ventilator. Which means that you are probably better off getting some alternative treatment, not a ventilator.

According to the NIH, which I quoted before,

One of the most serious and common risks of being on a ventilator is pneumonia. The breathing tube makes it hard for you to cough. Coughing helps clear your airways of germs that can cause infections. The breathing tube that is put into your airway can allow bacteria to enter your lungs. As a result, you may develop pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a major concern because people using ventilators are often already very sick. Pneumonia may make it harder to treat your other disease or condition. You may need special antibiotics, as the bacteria that caused your pneumonia could be resistant to standard antibiotics.

Another risk of being on a ventilator is a sinus infection. This type of infection is more common in people who have endotracheal tubes. Sinus infections are treated with antibiotics.

Using a ventilator can put you at risk for other problems, such as:

  • Atelectasis, a condition in which the lung does not expand fully. This causes the air sacs to collapse.
  • Blood clots. When using a ventilator, you may need to stay in bed or use a wheelchair. Staying in one position for long periods can raise your risk of blood clots and serious skin infections.
  • Fluid buildup in the air sacs inside your lungs, which are usually filled with air. This is called pulmonary edema.
  • Lung damage. Pushing too much air into the lungs or with too much pressure can harm your lungs. Too much oxygen can also damage your lungs. Babies put on a ventilator may be at a higher risk of lung infections or persistent lung problems as children and adults.
  • Muscle weakness. Using a ventilator decreases the work your diaphragm and other breathing muscles have to do, so they can become weak. This may lead to some problems and delays in being taken off the machine.
  • Pneumothorax. This is a condition in which air leaks out of the lungs and into the space between the lungs and the chest wall. This can cause pain and shortness of breath. It may cause one or both lungs to collapse.
  • Vocal cord damage. The breathing tube can damage your vocal cords. Tell your doctor if you have trouble speaking or breathing after your breathing tube is removed.

And I thank Jon Rappoport for this post he had in March, for pointing out the information on the ventilators.

Incidentally, that page on the NIH was changed a little since I quoted from it in April. In the earlier version of that page, the page referred to “ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP),” but in the current, edited version it’s just referred to as “pneumonia.”

But it sounds to me that Herman Cain had a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency because of his darker skin color, which may have contributed to his succumbing to COVID-19, and the fact that he was on the ventilator was probably not helpful.

I think a lot of illnesses and deaths can be prevented if only our supposedly modern and advanced society would emphasize the importance of nutrition.

Fewer Kids Getting Vaccines, Fewer Kids Dying – Related?

This article from Children’s Health Defense brings up some statistics regarding fewer children dying in the past few months, that happens to be coinciding with fewer children getting vaccines because of the lockdowns in which parents haven’t been taking the kids to the doctors for exams (and shots). Like there’s a correlation? No surprise there.

Vitamin D Deficiency May Explain Why Black People Have Higher COVID Mortality Rates

An MIT study has found that race plays a major role, as much as age and one’s preexisting conditions, in a COVID-19 patient’s chance of survival. Apparently, black people have a higher death rate.

CBS Boston quotes the study author thus: “We controlled for that share of the population that has health insurance, diabetes, smoking, obesity. So, it’s got to be something that’s not that. It could be something like the quality of the insurance or the quality of the health care system.” In other words, they aren’t saying it overtly, but I think it is implied that the insurance and health care systems might be “racist,”  as a reference to “systemic racism” that we’ve been hearing about in the news these days.

But there is a good explanation in terms of certain dietary factors. Like lack of vitamin D is a good explanation, in my opinion. Northwestern University researchers have found that those COVID-19 patients with severe vitamin D deficiency have much higher COVID mortality rates.

Now, some people have criticized that study citing that mainly age is the relevant factor for COVID-19 fatality rates. A high percentage of the COVID-19 deaths are taking place in nursing homes. But the vitamin D deficiency theory makes sense to me given that COVID-19 involves the respiratory tract and fluid buildup in the lungs. According to this article published at NIH, “Vitamin D appears capable of inhibiting pulmonary inflammatory responses while enhancing innate defence mechanisms against respiratory pathogens.”

This article on The Lancet backs up those findings regarding vitamin D deficiency and COVID, citing additional studies, and it mentions that “black and minority ethnic people—who are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency because they have darker skin—seem to be worse affected than white people by COVID-19.”

This study on NIH states: “Blacks and Hispanics consistently manifest lower serum concentrations of 25(OH)D than non-Hispanic whites [8–12], primarily because increased skin pigmentation inhibits cutaneous synthesis of cholecalciferol, the metabolic precursor to 25(OH)D [13]. This has led many investigators to conclude that blacks and Hispanics are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency than whites [8–12], and as a result, may also have increased risk of developing associated chronic disease conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer [14, 15].” (And COVID-19?)

For some reason it really seems to be difficult to get mainstream medical practitioners, researchers and journalists to take the importance of nutrition (and malnutrition) seriously. It has been my own personal experience that mainstream doctors are either overly (and irrationally) faithful in the pharmaceutical industry or they are just dishonestly connected to those companies, or both.

Note how the government “public health experts” such as Dr. Fauci and our state officials rarely if ever even mention the importance of being nutritionally fit to defend against COVID-19 or any other type of disease including the flu.

But I think that the initial MIT researchers I mentioned at the top in their not even considering nutritional deficiencies and instead wanting to look at the insurance or health care systems, tells us something.