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78% of Health Websites Violate Visitors’ Privacy

Dr. Joseph Mercola provides another article detailing how Google and some health related websites violate people’s privacy by placing tracking cookies (a.k.a. spyware) on a visitor’s browser to track and record searches and purchasing choices. Dr. Mercola specifically cites WebMD and Healthline. Now, I have used both those websites just for information, because over the years I have spent a lot of time researching medical and nutrition information, mainly for personal reasons. But I will say that Dr. Mercola’s website has been useful in many cases, for information-seeking and for general articles of interest.

A Propaganda Piece by the Boston Glob

The Boston Glob published an article about many health care workers refusing flu shots. The article claims that such a refusal “endangers patients,” and the only evidence it provides is the fear-mongering rhetoric of the people interviewed for the story.

NOT ONE health care worker who refused the flu shot is interviewed for this article! Ya think, Boston Glob? Don’t we get to hear why the hell health care workers would refuse to get the flu shot? Nope.

No, we don’t really want these professional health care workers’ own actual explanations for why they won’t get the flu shot. Great journalism, Boston Glob!

In other words, this is nothing but a propaganda piece. The medical establishment and Big Pharma have stepped up their campaign, really a crusade, to make the pharmaceutical companies a lot of money.

Meanwhile, all I had to do was use DuckDuckGo (rather than Google that we know censors good health info) for about a few seconds, and I found this article on VaccineImpact.com that actually explains why health care workers and nurses won’t get the flu shot. The vaccines in some cases are dangerous, and risky! Just read how totalitarian the CDC is getting, as well as nursing schools who are requiring the flu vaccine participation in experiments now! And with some hospitals, according to VaccineImpact, it’s about profits.

This other more recent article on VaccineImpact says that $200 million has been paid out by the U.S. government in 2019 for vaccine injury claims. Hmmm, I wonder why. Many of those cases are for flu vaccines. The article further explains some of the propaganda tactics of mainstream media outlets to hide the dangers of vaccines. What is with these people?

You see, this is why we need a free, uncensored Internet and alternative, non-mainstream, non-establishment websites to exist, so that people can have actual information and make their own decisions.

Google Promotes Junk Food and Big Pharma

In this important article, Dr. Joseph Mercola describes how Google searches are selectively burying the Mercola website, especially articles that had in the past made the top of the results. The article also shows how at the same time Google gives establishment medicine and Big Pharma top priority in results, such as WebMD and Healthline. Dr. Mercola gives the details of the crony relationships between those websites and the makers of junk food as well as the pharmaceutical companies. Apparently, Google is violating its own policy by promoting WebMD.

Internet Censors Are the Intolerant “Book Burners”

I have found something that expands on what I was writing here a few days ago. Here is a terrific article by Daisy Luther of the “Organic Prepper,” on the censorship of alternative media being a virtual book burning. That’s exactly right. The censors of Google, YouTube, Amazon are just like the book-burners of Nazi Germany and the old days in some parts of the U.S.

Google And Social Media Censorship of Non-Establishment Health Information

There is an extensive article on SelfHacked.com about Google’s censorship of non-Establishment health information. SelfHacked.com is a “simple blog for biohackers…recognized among the most trusted sources for natural health research on the planet.” That post was linked to by another informative health website, GreenMedInfo.com.

Now, over the past many years since my medical ordeal with my Establishment doctors’ bad advice and bad prescription drugs, I have relied mainly on alternative health news. Because of my ulcerative colitis sensitive condition, I can’t eat certain foods that are actually important for our health, such as most vegetables and nuts, and other foods that are not easily digested. But the various foods and supplements I have now (as alternatives) I learned about not from doctors but from the Internet. What if the censorship campaign that seems to be unfolding now was already underway during the 2000s and later? How would I have known about my alternatives? For instance, how would I get further information on and comparisons and ratings of magnesium supplements?

Another recent article on the theme of alternative health censorship is on Dr. Mercola’s website, regarding the “technology tyrants” and their attempts to “control the masses through massive data collection, surveillance and censorship.” Dr. Mercola discusses an article that Washington Post reporter Lena Sun is preparing, a “hit piece” for which Sun interviewed Mercola via email and he published her questions and his answers in his article. She seems intent on doing a hatchet job on someone who provides important information that the general public are not getting from their doctors or from the mainstream media.

And I am not sure if I covered it here, but also recently Jon Rappoport’s blog on WordPress.com was taken down without explanation. I can just guess that it was because he has written a lot of posts on the vaccine industry and on the link between vaccines and not just autism but other neurological problems as well. I have also written some posts on vaccines on this WordPress.com blog and other more personal posts that I have spent a lot of time on, like the one on my ordeal with the doctors’ bad advice and their damn prescription drugs. I hope my blog doesn’t get taken down also.

By the way, Jon Rappoport’s blog is back up on his own website, No More Fake News. (I think it’s getting a bit more difficult to hope for no more fake news, since there’s so much of it now.)

There is propaganda everywhere now. From the college campuses with the wacky professors and the easily-triggered “snowflakes” shouting down any speaker they disagree with, to the news media who act as unchallenging press spokespeople for government bureaucrats and corporate fat cats. You have to really have an open mind and you have to have access to the Internet to do your own research to get the real truth.

But it is quite concerning with the young people now, many of whom are graduating from the schools not only ignorant of history and whose critical thinking skills have been squashed by intolerant teachers, themselves quite ignorant. But also the young people having been brainwashed with various irrational social and cultural beliefs. That is distressing.

And the workers at the Big Tech companies such as Facebook and Google are of the younger variety in their 20s and 30s. A lot of them supposedly are “Social Justice Warriors,” but not really. They are just “Control Warriors.” Their activism is mainly for the sake of control, controlling what other people say or what other people are allowed to think. This is not good.

So, how many vaccine doses are these young people given now in their earlier years? 60 vaccine doses by the age of 6? What are the vaccines and their adjuvants such as aluminum doing to these young people’s brains? And that’s in addition to the prescription drugs such as Adderall and Zoloft that are also screwing up the young people’s brains. Add to all that the marijuana and other street drugs they take in their teens and 20s.

But we’re not allowed to say those things, because we’re not allowed to say that aluminum being injected into little kids bodies accumulates in the brain and affects the kids’ brains in their early developing stages, and their little neurotransmitters.

Another worrisome part of society now is how a lot of people are literally addicted to their computers, phones and social media. They just can’t let go of their phones. Is Big Tech hypnotizing the young, and turning them into zombies?

And so, it might sound a bit “conspiracy theory,” but besides acting on behalf of Establishment medicine and Big Pharma/Big Agra, the propagandized robots of Big Tech really have been colluding with government agencies, including the “intelligence” agencies, to “influence” people’s thinking. (On that last issue, see this, this, this, this, this, this, and this.)

The Decline of MS Word

There is an article by Chas Holloway on how MS Word has been changing writers’ sentences and replacing what is written with politically correct words and phrases.

It’s bad enough when MS Word “corrects” my writing with grammatically incorrect phrases, which is why I turned off auto-correct a long time ago. But now it is changing what you’re writing to instead show something someone else is writing! How sick is that? And that “someone else” being the one(s) who write in the code to include those specific words or phrases to change to. It’s like having some kind of nanny teacher standing over our shoulder correcting our writing, when in fact many of those “teachers” are themselves dumb clucks and it is they who need to be corrected!

Look, if a writer is writing something “politically incorrect,” so what? This here situation is the kind of thing that makes me want to use the “F” word in criticizing these bozos, but I don’t use that kind of language, so I will continue to refrain from that. But do you get my point?

Another problem with MS Word that I was having was I would write something in there and paste it all into a blog, but then when switching to the blog’s HTML, the HTML had all this code crap so that it was not editable to me, as far as “cleaning up” the HTML to neaten up the final appearance. (The extra HTML code crap was from MS Word, not WordPress.)

Anyway, I only use MS word now to edit existing pages there. But for writing, I’ve been using this WordPress blog software or my Thunderbird email compose box as a text editor.

I haven’t updated my MS Word for several years, and am not about to because a while ago I read that the update on my particular computer will or probably will have some compatibility issues with some other programs I have. So the last time it was updated was 2013. I suppose I will have to get a new version at some point when I get a new computer, whenever that might be. (I hope the new version has the option of turning off auto-correct. If they don’t give you that option, they are fascists, in my opinion.)

But not only does the newest fiasco with MS Word show the decline of Micro$oft, but the decline of the whole tech industry, as far as I’m concerned. This political correctness stuff is out of control now, to the point of promoting outright ignorance and even craziness, quite frankly.

Besides software giants like Micro$oft ruining their own products, the social media platforms also are now engaging in “anti-hate” censorship, when the things they are censoring are not hateful at all, but are merely non-conforming views and those who do not subscribe to the political correctness craziness points of view that we see from many of those now in the tech industry.

So in the name of PC and intolerance toward different points of view, and toward different styles of speech and writing, many of these tech industries are ruining their own products.

Google Engaged in Serious Censorship of Health Information

Google has been in the news a lot recently, being accused of manipulating search results in favor of a particular social or political agenda, or in favor of some crony corporate entity a la quid pro quo kind of thing.

Well, the latest Project Veritas exposé reveals that Google is actively attempting to manipulate search results to try to prevent either a Trump reelection or “another Trump” from getting elected in 2020 or 2024.

Additionally, as revealed by Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo.com and Dr. Joseph Mercola (in 2 parts, here and here), entire health related and alternative medicine related websites are being removed form Google search results, including those two very important and informative websites.

As Sayer Ji writes:

Mercola.com has been a source of whistle-blowing information about Big Pharma and Big Tech collusion for decades, so it is no surprise why Google would take this action against his platform, and similar ones. In fact, signs of the coming purge came back in 2016, when GlaxoSmithKline signed a $715 million contract to partner with Google, and with increasing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in 2019 like Sanofi.  Google’s parent company Alphabet is heavily invested in a vaccine company,Vaccitech, founded by scientists at Oxford University. Google, it appears, has become a pay-to-play operation, and contains a specific sociopolitical and economic agenda that is built directly into its search algorithms.

And Dr. Mercola explains:

Google traffic to Mercola.com has plummeted by about 99% over the past few weeks. The reason? Google’s June 2019 broad core update, which took effect June removed most Mercola.com pages from its search results. As reported by Telaposts.com: …”Generally speaking, sites negatively impacted will see a drop in rankings for many or all of important keywords or key phrases which they used to rank well for … The June 2019 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update impacted sites across the web, however, I am personally seeing the most impact on News and Health sites.”

Now, I happen to be quite dependent on those kinds of alternative Internet sites regarding health issues and especially supplements. As I have written repeatedly here, especially in my lengthy post on my years-long medical ordeal with the incompetent, dishonest establishment “doctors,” I have an ulcerative colitis condition (inflammation of the colon) and can’t have most vegetables, which are important for sources of nutrients including magnesium, zinc, vitamin K2, etc.

And also, with my inflammatory issues, because I had negative experiences with prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, I need nutritional supplements as well as certain foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. For the colon, the probiotics such as acidophilus are essential, and I didn’t know about acidophilus until I saw the information on the Internet, certainly not from any doctor! And folic acid is also important for colon health.

So we need these alternative medicine and health related websites for truthful information for those reasons, but additionally because we also learn about the truth regarding the corruption with pharmaceutical companies and the Big Pharma-FDA revolving door and the Big Agra-FDA/USDA revolving door (truthful information which will be hard to find now, obviously, because of the New Censorship Crusade by Google, Facebook and their dishonest and corrupt cohorts).

And, regarding my own past experiences, will Google be censoring out the fact that sulfasalazine (brand name Azulfidine) depletes our folic acid? Folic acid happens to be very important for colon health, and for those taking sulfasalazine they would need to supplement with folic acid. Naturally, I didn’t learn about this from any “doctor,” but from information online and on those kinds of health websites that Google wants to censor (on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies, no doubt).

However, I did see recently that some information I saw online in 2006 seems to be gone. And that is that sulfasalazine also depletes our potassium. Lower potassium levels have been shown to be contributors to high or higher blood pressure. It was in 2006 that I had higher blood pressure (which had been unusually low for years!), and this was within a year after I was told by a colonoscopy “doctor” to increase the sulfasalazine to three tablets, four times per day, which I did. After seeing that information, I reduced the sulfasalazine and my blood pressure then went back to normal. I haven’t been taking ANY prescription drugs whatsoever since about 2010 or so, by the way.

Do people even know about the relationship between low potassium and high blood pressure? Do any “doctors” know? If someone has high blood pressure then it may very well be that one isn’t getting enough potassium in the diet.

Anyway, it was also thanks to these alternative health and nutrition websites and blogs that I was able to find a study that showed that statin drugs deplete our vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is important for efficient calcium distribution, making sure the calcium we consume gets to our bones, and important to prevent calcium maldistribution, preventing our calcium from getting stored in the arteries or the heart, a.k.a. calcifications.

So, I wouldn’t have known about that without those alternative websites, that Google is now censoring, and thus I wouldn’t have been able to make the conclusion that that’s probably why my now-deceased father had the arterial blockage he had and thus his two strokes and his Alzheimer’s, a 6-year ordeal that certainly caused my mother quite a lot of stress and anguish. (If his cholesterol was a little high, then perhaps my father’s “doctor” could have had him change his diet or add foods with omega 3, etc. instead of giving him lipitor? But noooo, Dr. Establishment is beholden to the pharmaceutical companies, in this case Pfizer.)

Continuing here. In Part 2 of Dr. Mercola’s discussion of Google’s latest knocking off non-Establishment health websites, such as Mercola.com, he notes how Google uses “authoritative” sources but relies mainly on Wikipedia. But, as Dr. Mercola explains, Wikipedia is notorious for its being controlled by extremely biased editors. He posts in that article some videos and transcripts of Sharyl Attkisson’s analyses of Wikipedia.

Dr. Mercola also writes in that Part 2,

To help sway public opinion and policy, Google has also recruited law professors to back up and promote its views. According to a 2017 Campaign for Accountability report, Google has paid academics in both the U.S. and Europe millions of dollars to influence public opinion and policymakers alike.

This includes funding research papers “that appear to support the technology company’s business interests and defend against regulatory challenges such as antitrust and anti-piracy.” Some of these academics have not declared the source of their funding, even though payments have reached as high as $400,000.

In his article on this latest Google fiasco, Sayer Ji mentions some alternative search engines including StartPage.com and DuckDuckGo.com.

But, I must say, this is very distressing, especially for someone such as myself who relies on the Internet for information on my maintaining my health in the context of this digestive condition I have and given my past negative experiences with prescription anti-inflammatory drugs.