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My Latest Pet Peeves

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, and I want to do more. But I guess it’s a combination of very busy and hectic, and when I have wanted to write something I just haven’t been feeling creative enough. My mother and brother and I had a visit recently for the first time since our visit in May, which was our first visit since my father died in March. They live in a different state. So I think it’s time to sit here and write what comes to mind, especially regarding my latest pet peeves.

I have been enjoying writing about my experiences with my dietary and medical situations, as well as comments I have on the various issues of the day and especially in the medical and nutritional area. Lately some of the issues have involved the vaccines controversy. I don’t think I’ve seen so much social conflict regarding vaccines in all my years of paying attention to the news. That’s roughly 40 years now.

WHY is the vaccine issue so controversial? Because of ignorance? Propaganda? People seem to be more influenced by propaganda these days than any time that I can remember. Does Big Pharma have that much of an influence on people? That is why, instead of listening to the hysterical propagandists, people need to read more, such as this article and this article on the vaccines.

And it isn’t just the vaccine issue, but politics, such as the move to get rid of Trump at all cost. Such as, “Russia collusions” in which Trump was exonerated by the final Mueller report, yet for 2 years “we know he’s guilty,” as the war monger GWB would say. (And I’m not a Trump supporter. The guy loves government planning and control, the police state and the drug war. So, I’m for freedom and he is not!) And now it’s some damn phone call with the Ukrainian president. I guess the CIA really wants him out.

So one of my current pet peeves is the ongoing propaganda propelled by the news media in coordination with the hacks in Washington who don’t believe in democracy and free and fair elections. Anti-democracy is also alive and well in England (that’s what “the U.K.” used to be called, in case you didn’t know), with the rulers in England continuing to delay their separation from the European Union for over 3 years now even though the majority of the voters in England voted to leave the EU!

Besides the propaganda influences on people with the vaccine issue and politics, I have other pet peeves, including tech issues and shopping. I have had the same DSL modem for 10 years now, and in late August it had been having a big problem. So in my trying to find a replacement modem it seems difficult to find something appropriate. Is it true that most people now have cable? No more DSL? Am I the only one? Several aspects of this include the fact that I don’t drive and I’m not going to take 3 different buses to get to a Staples or Best Buy, although I did get to a Best Buy in the downtown area and the 2 salespeople there were either just dishonest and trying to sell me a cable modem (which doesn’t work with DSL service) even though I was asking for DSL modems, or they were genuinely ignorant of the fact that cable modems don’t work with DSL. Everything they had there was cable only, no DSL! And I don’t want to order something online and have it delivered either. But I did eventually find a modem. And my 10-year-old modem has been working again ever since that day in August so I’ll switch to the new one when the current one has another big problem. So, that’s another one of my pet peeves.

And in my building the apartment above mine has the thermostat that controls the heat for the whole building. Over the years (and I’ve been here for a long time), there have been tenants in that unit above who obviously were not informed that having a window open when it was very cold out during the heating season would affect the thermostat and make the heat stay on too long. And also there have been tenants in that unit who have tried to adjust the radiators with the shut-off valve at the floor which you’re not supposed to do. That not only caused their room to not heat up at the same rate as everyone else’s, and thus causing the thermostat to “think” that the heat should stay on longer (and longer and longer, etc., etc.), but in the past had caused their radiators to leak down on me! Also in the past the thermostat had problems despite any of those external factors and was just malfunctioning, so heat stayed on forever and it got very hot, or heat wouldn’t come on at all when it was very cold. So now there’s a relatively new tenant in that unit who I think has had their air conditioner on. And now when the heat starts to come on the usual clang noises are louder like more “thunk” and “clunk” with the clang. I think it involves the pumping mechanism for the steam/forced hot water. I hope it doesn’t cause a disaster.

Another Pet Peeve

I wrote recently about some pet peeves, including the snowplows along the street right outside at night slamming their plows down on the pavement, and the FedEx delivery trucks leaving their trucks idling in front and that awful truck exhaust, as well as the oil delivery trucks.

This time it’s plumbers. I recently had my kitchen sink faucet replaced. Last year my toilet was replaced and the plumber did a good job with that, and he was on time, so I used the same one for the kitchen faucet. I specifically asked for a two-handle faucet, but the plumber brought a single-handle faucet. Because I didn’t want to deal with the extra time in which he would have to go back out and get the two-handle faucet, I agreed to have the single-handle faucet installed. (Why don’t they have those in the plumbing truck?)

So now I have the first single-handle kitchen faucet ever in my 50+ years, and I hate it. Oh, well. Okay, it’s not that bad. But it is very difficult to adjust the water temperature at various times, as well as the water pressure. And also it’s kind of stiff and doesn’t seem loose enough to make the movements easier. It’s like a stick shift. Do you remember the older cars with that stick shift to change gears? I haven’t been driving for a while, but the newer cars are all automatic transmission. Anyway, the single-handle faucet is like that, in my view.

And I was talking about this with my mother on the phone. She’s in a different state. She said that, coincidentally, last year she also got a new kitchen sink faucet, and the plumber gave her a single-handle faucet when she wanted the usual two-handle. But she said that she got used to it.

So is this some kind of thing now with plumbers? Bringing a different kind of fixture (and one that’s also more expensive) than what you asked for, with the choice of letting the plumber install that one or otherwise he can go back out to get what you asked for (that would add an extra hour’s time to the bill).

And another thing is that when my previous kitchen sink faucet was dripping, I could replace the stem, seat and spring myself. But with this new single-handle faucet, I’ll have to learn a whole new way of doing that, IF I can. Well, I just saw a video explaining how to do that, and it looks as though there are several more parts to have to remove and deal with. But the replacement looks like it’s not too bad. So, sorry to be whining and complaining here, but sometimes I just feel like Rodney Dangerfield, if you know what I mean.