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Gangsters Invade New Hampshire (Primary)

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned here that I’m in the northeast U.S., but I don’t want to be specific as to where. But I will say, in New Hampshire it’s that time again, the every-4-years invasion of the political hacks, statists, crooks, thugs and degenerates. Yes, the candidates for the 2020 presidential election. Ack!

It turns out that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is not the squeaky clean, young fresh-faced good-guy he portrays himself to be. According to this article, not only did he have high-up positions with the military in counter-intelligence (sic), but he worked with the CIA as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration in Afghanistan. Some people actually view all that as “good” (because they have been overly propagandized, in my opinion), but I view that as “bad.”

Worse, Buttigieg supports “national youth service,” which I think he justifies by saying it should be “voluntary,” but in my opinion, I don’t think he is sincere there. Buttigieg would probably also be in support of the draft. Investigative reporter James Bovard has called Buttigieg’s authoritarianism and promoting a “call to service” as a “summons to submission.” So, he’s not exactly a freedom kind of guy, that Buttigieg guy.

Neither are Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren freedom promoters. They both want a totally centrally-planned economy, in which workers and employers must do everything the bureaucrats in Washington tell them to do. Sanders and Warren are control freaks. And I think that Joe Biden is already showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

And Donald Trump is also in New Hampshire having his campaign rallies, etc. He is bad, too, like the aforementioned. The new budget supposedly is a whopping $4.8 trillion! That’s in the news today. There’s no such thing as a “trillion.” Since Trump became president, the national debt has gone up $2-3 trillion. So he’s spending and borrowing “like a drunken sailor.” (Apologies to all the drunken sailors out there.) And he hasn’t “drained the swamp” or drawn down the wars overseas, just as Obama didn’t end the wars and occupations as promised. They bow to the puppet masters. So, the swamp rules.

And I haven’t voted for a Republicrat or a Demopublican since the 1990s. It’s either the Libertarian Party, or I don’t vote. “Lesser of two evils”? That’s still voting for evil. So now with the Libertarian Party there’s Jacob Hornberger as I have mentioned here. Believe it or not, Jacob has won the Libertarian Party vote in the Iowa caucuses this week. Jacob Hornberger 47% to Lincoln Chafee’s 12%, and some 17 others on the list and “None of the Above.”

But most people don’t know about the Libertarians because the mainstream media refuse to cover them. The statist “news” media in America are so bad now, they really ought to register with the SEC as political operatives!

Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has Lung Cancer

I have been listening to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for a while now, but while I don’t agree with him on many issues, I have found him entertaining and I appreciate his sense of humor and anti-PC mindset. I try not to let his anti-immigration nationalistic mentality bother me, or his militarism over the years and his promoting the national security state, for that matter.

But now we hear that Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer, and will receive treatments. He is 69. And I wanted to write my speculation as to what possibly contributed to his lung cancer.

Well, we do know that he is constantly referring to his “formerly nicotine stained fingers” which tells me that he had smoked but quit smoking. I see online that he quit smoking cigarettes in 2010 with the help of e-cigarettes (that fascists want to ban!) but it looks like he has continued smoking those gross cigars that he loves so much.

So, smoking cigarettes and cigars are very probable contributors to his lung cancer, as I had written about regarding the late antiwar activist Justin Raimondo, who died last year at age 67. Raimondo had quit smoking after a heart attack in 2003.

And what about people who work every day for years in a radio studio? I don’t know about the health effects if any that working in a radio studio would cause, with all the electronics and possible radiation. But, there does seem to be exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), with the computers, phone systems, digital consoles, etc. I’m certainly no expert in that field, but based on what I’ve read so far, there probably could be some sort of EMF effect when someone is working in the radio studio every day and for decades, as Rush Limbaugh has been doing. I could be way off on that, however. Such conditions could affect one’s immune system, I suppose.

Another possible contributor to Limbaugh’s lung cancer could be the lingering polluted air in New York City following the September 11th attacks in 2001. From what I see online, Limbaugh moved to Florida in 1996 and made that “official” and permanent more recently. But he has been broadcasting his radio show from his home in Florida. I don’t think he was actually physically located in NYC in 2001 where his “flagship station” at the time WABC is located, so this as a contributor has a low likelihood (unless he was working in NYC during the months following 9/11).

During the 2000s, I heard a Boston radio host Michele McPhee, who had been with the New York Daily News during the September 11th attacks, describe the air in NYC as a “thick, sticky mist,” or a “sticky, thick mist” (I know I’m close in remembering that), that lasted for months in the NYC air. No wonder first responders and others who live and work in the area have been getting involved in lawsuits. Wikipedia describes various quotes as to what was in the air: “building materials, electronic equipment, and furniture were pulverized and spread over the area,” “Burning jet fuel. Plastics, metal, fiberglass, asbestos.” Very bad.

It reminds me of hearing about the polluted air in Iraq caused by U.S. bombing campaigns in 1991 and since 2003, that caused a lot of U.S. soldiers as well as Iraqis illnesses, disabilities and early deaths.

Limbaugh has been a warmonger for decades, and he supported the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq and the second U.S. war in Iraq that started in 2003. He also had nasty things to say about those who opposed those terrible interventionist policies. And he has also supported many other destructive, just plain bad policies over the years. But I still listen to his show.

Interventionism: The Main Contributor to America’s Conflicts Abroad

I have been a supporter of non-interventionism and anti-war for about 35 years now, and that will never change. Recent events in the news are reinforcing such views. How could they not?

First we have the supporters of Iranian-backed Shiite militia in Iraq protesting and breaking into the U.S. embassy in Iraq, and then we have Donald Trump ordering the assassination of an Iranian general in Iraq, further escalating tensions between Iran and the U.S. Then we have an attack by Iran into areas where U.S. military are stationed but no injuries or deaths reported. Supposedly the Iranians gave advance warning that they were going to do that. As the Church Lady would say, “Isn’t that special?”

And all this caused some people to fear a nuclear confrontation or World War III, but The Donald gave his little talk yesterday to ease tensions. Yay!

But why is all this going on? The real question is, why are there U.S. troops stationed anywhere in the Middle East? Especially when the Bush Presidents shouldn’t have started wars over there in the first place.

You see, these events are caused by government interventionism in the first place. These are very good reasons to oppose foreign interventionism and the U.S. government installing its military personnel and bases in other parts of the world that are not part of the U.S., and U.S. “security” agencies such as CIA engaging in assassinations, coups, and otherwise death and destruction. The only actual results of those actions of provocation have been “blowback,” or very negative consequences boomeranging against the American people.

A most relevant example today is this: In Iran during the 1950s Operation Ajax was the CIA’s coup to overthrow the prime minister of Iran. After the CIA and Brits replaced the Iranian prime minister with the “Shah,” they also imposed a totalitarian police state known as SAVAK. This police state was backed by the CIA and it tyrannized the Iranian people for 25 years. Why did the CIA do this? I don’t know. Ask them!

And that led into the Iranian “Revolution” of 1979 that we are hearing about from all the warmongers and interventionists who don’t believe in national sovereignty, and who conveniently forget the history prior to the events of 1979. Very corrupt and dishonest people.

The bottom line is that there probably would be no real conflict between U.S. and Iran had the CIA not forced a regime change in Iran in 1953. I know that’s a very simplistic conclusion. But Lindsey Graham might have been able to save his anxiety for more important things, otherwise.

Other examples of the U.S. government’s needless and counter-productive interventionism include the Vietnam War. President Lyndon Johnson’s sending U.S. troops to go to Vietnam to die or be injured and maimed for life and psychologically damaged as well, based on a “Gulf of Tonkin” incident that didn’t happen, was for the purpose of “preventing the spread of communism,” mainly.

Yet, as “All the Shah’s Men” author Stephen Kinzer observed, the Vietnam War ended with a united, communist Vietnam. North and South united. A waste of several million lives over there, and 58,000 or more U.S. troops dead and many injured and crippled for life and many cases of PTSD, for no good reason.

And look at Iraq, and Afghanistan. Or better yet, don’t look at them. Two presidents named Bush, and Clinton, Obama and Trump have destroyed and continue to destroy those countries. The foaming-at-the-mouth warmongers surrounding Trump want to expand the bombings and include Iran! Can you imagine another government’s military invading the U.S. and bombing and murdering innocent civilians and occupying America? We probably wouldn’t like that very much. (Sadly, it seems that Americans have forgotten the Golden Rule, oh well.)

A main motivation for various terrorist attacks over the past 30 years, since before September 11th, 2001, include the “Gulf War” that the older Bush started in the early 1990s and the subsequent sanctions and no-fly zones. All this led into 9/11, but to many people “history began with 9/11” and all that.

However, the American “Founding Fathers,” at least most of them, meant for a U.S. government to have a non-interventionist foreign policy, no “entangling alliances,” no CIA or other extra-Constitutional “warriors” interfering with other countries’ policies or governments.

So I’ll conclude here by stating that the Presidents we have had have merely been continuing the interventionist policies as dictated to them by the “military-industrial-complex,” as President Eisenhower would call it, including “liberals” Clinton and Obama. The Democrats are no different from the Republicans, regardless of the Democrats’ rhetoric of “peace” and “ending the wars,” which was a theme of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, by the way. (But we see that Trump is no different from the rest of the statists.)

Even the Libertarian Party, which I have mentioned here before, has sucked as far as its candidates diluting the non-interventionist principles of that party. Gary Johnson was the worst I have seen so far. But now, Jacob Hornberger at least is consistent in his principled policy proposals. Some people might think that Jacob Hornberger is a radical, but maybe that’s what the U.S. needs now. Someone who really will take all the troops back home because they don’t belong in those other countries, and someone who believes in the Golden Rule. Hornberger recently explained how the lack of freedom in America is a main cause of societal dysfunction, and that freedom works much better and should be restored.

Will Continue to Write Here

I’m trying to get back to writing on this blog. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult. One issue is lack of time, and another issue is that occasional personal matters can take up my “mental energy,” if you know what I mean.

In the meantime, I have been following Jacob Hornberger’s blog. He is from the Future of Freedom Foundation, and he is running for President as a Libertarian Party candidate. Nothing like Gary Johnson, don’t worry about it. Unlike Gary, Jacob Hornberger is big on the principles of liberty, non-interventionism in foreign policy and domestic policy as well. Here is his latest blog on Donald Trump’s continuing the war on drugs and the war on terrorism, that I thought might interest you.

World War II Veteran Simone Faflick Has Died

World War II veteran Simone Leboulanger Faflick has died at the age of 96. I knew her during the 1980s during my college years, and she was a very nice lady and an excellent teacher. Simone was born in France and went with her family to Algiers in North Africa during the start of World War II. After her experiences as a Second Lieutenant during the war, in which she was a translator for American, British and French personnel, she came to the U.S. and settled in Lexington, Massachusetts and she taught French at Boston University.

I had done some Googling, and found this page on North Africa 1942-43 survivors’ stories. Apparently a documentary film had been in the works, and the website includes some video excerpts with veterans, including an interview of Mme Faflick.

In the article on Simone Faflick it mentions that during the first year of the war, she had been a student at the University of Algiers while her parents ran a school for children. But in a short time she and her parents were not able to return to visit Brittany in France because of the German subs.

As a student Simone was part of a French resistance movement, and, according to the article, in 1942 her fellow student Ferdinand Bonnier de la Chapelle had assassinated Admiral Francois Darlan, a Nazi Germany collaborator. As part of the interviews for that WWII veterans project mentioned above, Simone explains the incident here. Bonnier de la Chapelle was tried and executed the next day, but a posthumous acquittal after the war noted that his assassinating Admiral Darlan was “in the interest of liberation of France.”

That sure must have been quite a thing for Simone to have known that kind of dedicated resister of fascism.

The article also quotes from Simone’s diary from the war years, in which she described some of her more intense moments during the war. In one instance, prior to her being made a Second Lieutenant and beginning work as a translator in 1943, Simone wrote:

“One morning was as I was riding the bus, there were the shrieking sounds of sirens. Everyone had to get off the bus. I could not miss my class. Taking a detour through a small park I felt somewhat protected by the trees. Once in the avenue I started running from building to building, stopping at each doorstep to inspect the sky. I did get to my class alive and in time. Another day, a very gruesome sight welcomed the students at the University. A German soldier, all entangled in his parachute, had fallen and died impaled by the spikes of the main gate.”

I am certainly impressed that SImone was a part of a Gaullist French resistance movement with other students, and I’m sure glad that she was able to survive throughout the war in North Africa and come to the U.S. and teach French at B.U.

Gun Control, Mass Killings and U.S. Militarism

There was a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart store, killing 20, and then another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine. I just want to address the possible contributors to these kinds of things in our society now, but also the calls for stricter gun control.

We can have stricter and stricter gun control laws, background checks, gun confiscation, but those policies will not solve these problems. Criminals who want to shoot innocent people don’t care if it’s illegal to shoot innocent people, or illegal to assault or kill people. They don’t obey the law because they are criminals, so they obviously won’t obey gun laws. They will get their guns illegally, on the black market or steal them (because they don’t care about laws against theft, either).

And what about killers who go on a knife-wielding spree, killing many people? Should we ban knives? So you can attempt to get rid of all the guns in society, but if someone is intent on killing people, that person will find a way, including driving a car or truck into a crowd, such as what happened in Nice, France on Bastille Day in 2018 that killed 84 people. Here is a list of many vehicle-ramming attacks. Should we ban cars and trucks and vans? (Oh wait, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez already wants to do that. Never mind.)

So, at the Walmart store in El Paso yesterday, if someone there had been armed, that person could have shot the shooter and disabled him and saved many people. Instead of 20 people being killed, perhaps only 5 — or even zero. Studies reinforce the assertion that armed citizens save lives in those cases when someone goes berserk.

Unfortunately, some people are motivated more by a need to control others rather than to save lives. Gun control activists don’t seem to mind at all disarming law-abiding citizens and making them defenseless, in the name of control.

But what actually is causing these mass killings these days? During the 1970s and ’80s there didn’t seem to be these kinds of incidents. I have seen assertions on the Internet of blaming psychiatric drugs and their side effects of aggression and violence. And that may very well be the case. However, each individual is ultimately responsible for one’s own actions, not Xanax or Zoloft, not booze, not Twinkies, etc.

But I think that our much more militarized society has had an extremely negative influence on people. America is much more militarized than ever before, especially since 9/11.

9/11 happened after a decade of war in the Middle East, started by the U.S. government in its 1991 war against Iraq, and then its sanctions and no-fly zones that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians mainly in Iraq. But after 9/11, George W. Bush exploited the people’s fear and panic to start yet another war, in Afghanistan, and then a new 2nd war against Iraq, even though Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11.

So since 9/11, we now have a propagandized, militarized population, with military-worship at the NFL games, and a Leviathan bureaucracy in Washington turning the apparatus of war and surveillance against its own people.

The U.S. government has been on a killing spree in the Middle East especially since the early 1990s, and even more especially since the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. So it isn’t a very big shock that some particularly unstable individuals here in the U.S. would go on a killing spree. They see that violence is acceptable and justified, thanks to U.S. government propaganda and its wars. And, as Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation comments, it would be helpful if the U.S. government ended its killing spree overseas and bring the troops back to the U.S., as a good first step.

The Democrats Had More Debates – Who Cares?

The Democrats running for President of the U.S. had two more debates this past week, and, once again, there was a lot of campaign demagoguery, but none of them seem to get what’s wrong with our society. And their solutions are no different from the solutions that have already been implemented which have caused further problems.

I have been observing politics since the early 1980s, since college. The situation just gets worse and worse.

So, the Democrats are not that different from the Republicans. I’m sure that if these two establishment parties hadn’t imposed so many restrictions on third parties’ ability to get on election ballots, we would have a different situation by now.

And if the news media were not so enmeshed with both these establishment parties, we would hear more about the other parties.

For example, the Libertarian Party used to be the party of freedom, and freedom of thought and conscience, free markets and private property rights, voluntary association, and non-interventionism. Ron Paul was their nominee for president in 1988, and he was consistent with libertarian principles.

But we hardly heard about him at that time, because the news media are the Establishment media. If a candidate comes along and proposes to dismantle the national security state (abolish the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) and close down the military bases occupying foreign countries and bring all the troops home, I guess the thought of ending Washington’s acts of violence against foreigners is a frightening thought for the news media. Such a candidate is dismissed as a crackpot by many people.

And the news media acted the same way in 2008 and 2012 when Ron Paul was a Republican candidate for President. The Republicans are generally warmongers, they support all the wars overseas and the DHS and TSA, and support the failed war on drugs, but Ron Paul is the “fringe” candidate.

And then we have the Democrats, who are mainly ignorant of economics and history, but are also warmongers. They say nothing about the hundreds and hundreds of U.S. military bases overseas, but they do say a lot about “Medicare for All” and the many handouts they are promising, with no answer as to how a multi-trillion dollar program will be funded.

Like the Republicans, who want to give handouts to military contractors and Big Pharma paid for by the average worker, the Democrats are the same.

But do I have any comments specifically on this past week’s Democrat debates? Nope. Not really. (Except that they all suck. Sorry to sound like a “nattering nabob of negativism” there.)

You’re Too Young to Marry, But Not Too Young to Be a Sacrificial Animal

The nanny state of Massachusetts Senate has unanimously passed legislation to make it illegal to marry under the age of 18. Now, I don’t believe that the government should get involved in marriage one way or another. Total separation of marriage and state. People shouldn’t have to get the permission of a government official to marry.

But if they are teenagers, the parents should have a say in that, obviously. However, there are plenty of people who are much more mature at age 15 than many people are at age 40. The same thing should apply to drinking alcohol or using drugs, by the way. And parents can have a say in those things if the teens are living under the parents’ roof and being provided for by the parents.

Meanwhile, advisors and recruiters for the U.S. military are suggesting lowering the enlistment age from 17 to 16!

What? I thought it was 18! When was that lowered to 17? But 16?

So, “unique benefits”? Like to Northrop Grumman? And Raytheon?

It’s a sick society, in my opinion, that engages in child sacrifice especially to serve the state. But at the same time the enforcers are throwing young people in jail for smoking or drinking something or marrying, or otherwise engaging in peaceful behavior.

Why would any sane person want to be in the military anyway? To sacrifice your life for oil, or for politicians egos, or for General Dynamics and Boeing’s profits? As Dr. Laurence Vance would say, serving in the military could be hazardous to your mental health as well. “No wonder so many veterans and active duty military personnel commit suicide, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, can’t hold down a job after coming home from Afghanistan, have PTSD, or suffer from mental health issues!”

Why So Many Police Suicides?

It appears that there has been an increase in suicides among police in the U.S. There have been four in New York City in just the last month.

One of the issues is that while there are a lot of stressful moments that cops have to deal with, there is a stigma involved in seeking help, according to 90% of the officers surveyed in an I-Team investigation.

But what is it that’s causing the officers to feel so desperate that they have to end their lives?

One thing is for sure, there are many more laws on the books that the officers are being made to enforce, that shouldn’t be on the books.

There are all the drug laws. Why did our society become one in which the government acts as our nanny-caretaker, and telling us what we are allowed to consume into our own bodies? There are so many laws now, addressing what kinds of drugs are in this “schedule” or category, all the laws that say how much of one drug can get you thrown in jail for two years and how much of some other drug can get you thrown into jail for 30 years. It’s literally a crazy scheme, I think.

The government says that possession of something is a crime, even if you didn’t steal it. (And I’m not a drug person, by the way, I am a health food and health drink person.) So possessing a drug, in this or that amount, is a crime, selling it to someone is a crime, buying it is a crime.

But these aren’t crimes, because there is no victim.

And where did the government get the authority to prohibit the people from using or possessing drugs? Where in the U.S. Constitution does it say anything about drugs or does it authorize the federal government to get involved in drugs?

And also, didn’t they try to prohibit alcohol? And they failed miserably at that as well. Why hasn’t our society learned from that?

So there’s this whole war on drugs that’s a failed, unwinnable war, and making police officers get involved in it, local police and federal law enforcement including the FBI and other agencies.

And the real criminals, in my opinion, are those with badges and guns who are breaking into people’s homes, shooting their dogs (and shooting and killing the people as well), terrorizing and assaulting people who are otherwise behaving peacefully, to enforce this authoritarian nanny-state war on drugs.

And then there are all the other kinds of laws that police feel obligated to enforce, such as all the bureaucratic code laws. For example, this guy Eric Garner being choked to death — that’s in the news again — by police acting like goons because Garner was selling individual, untaxed cigarettes.

First, if we had an actual free market, if Garner had a pack of cigarettes then he has a right to sell each individual cigarette if he wants to. There shouldn’t be any regulation of that. And regarding the taxes, well, the government demands that people pay some sort of tribute to the bureaucrats in charge just because of selling or buying something. Are the bureaucrats justified in demanding such a payment? Nope, in my opinion.

So, police are being given so much responsibility and so many laws on the books now to have to enforce. I think they are being trained to act over-zealously for no good reason. And that causes them stress.

And there are many officers now who are military veterans and who have PTSD. They witnessed (or caused in some cases) atrocities during war such as in Iraq, and that affects them. Some of them have already been given psychiatric drugs, from military doctors, which already screws them up before they have reentered civilian life and joined a police force. (See Dr. Peter Breggin: Antidepressants cause suicide and violence in soldiers.)

Another possible reason for police suicides that could be associated with having to enforce unjust laws and possibly having to forcibly detain, arrest and assault (or kill) an otherwise peaceful person, could be a guilty conscience. Such issues have arisen in the military and at war. The U.S. military has been experiencing record numbers of active duty suicides, and, Jacob Hornberger, of the Future of Freedom Foundation, thinks that such problems with soldiers could be a guilty conscience.

Police are often compared to military, especially these days with the ghastly militarization of local police forces.

And then there are the steroids that supposedly some cops use, according to Professor John Hoberman of the University of Texas, Austin, who has studied steroid use. This has been a problem for police departments in Miami and New York, and other cities who are now imposing mandatory drug testing on police.

Steroids have terrible medical side effects as well, including on the liver and the heart, and “can cause mania, delusions, and violent aggression or ‘roid rage'” according to WebMD.

So besides all those issues, I think that police have too much pressure upon them to have to enforce the many, many laws that are on the books, that shouldn’t be on the books, because they are unjust laws and don’t involve actual criminal activity in which there is a victim. As Wendy McElroy wrote, it would be a good idea to decriminalize the average innocent, peaceful person.

And this should at least help to de-stress the police.

Justin Raimondo, R.I.P.

I don’t want to be writing obituaries on this blog. But from time to time I write about the issues of the day or something in the news, and I’m sure that readers know that I am very anti-war, and with good reason, Well, one of my favorite antiwar writers, Justin Raimondo, has died, at age 67.

Justin Raimondo was an antiwar activist and also active in the libertarian movement and in the Libertarian Party. According to this very interesting obituary at, which he co-founded, Raimondo was an early fan of Ayn Rand, the objectivist philosopher. He was also a gay activist, and a Pat Buchanan supporter.

In 2017, Raimondo had been diagnosed with “late-stage adenocarcinoma cancer,” a form of lung cancer. According to the obituary, he was given 6 months to live, but had extended that by another year or more supposedly by taking the experimental drug Keytruda, which is made by Merck, combined with what he calls a “light” chemotherapy drug Alimta, which is made by Eli Lily. He made a lot of progress in the first 6 months of the therapy.

But he did express frustration with the side effects of the drugs. More recently, on May 9th he wrote on his Twitter, “I’m at St. Mary’s Hospital for my first immunological anticancer treatment in months.” But then I started to get worried when on May 13th he wrote, “Where is He?” (especially with that capital H).

But anyway, he did write in 2003 that he had had a heart attack around that time and mentioned “all those pills I have to remember to take every morning,” and that “yes, I had to give up smoking (nicotine products, that is) and, boy, do those herbal cigarettes taste bad!”

And I know I’m influenced by my own experiences with my doctors and situations involving my father’s health, regarding prescription drugs, but it wouldn’t surprise me if “all those pills” of Justin’s were some sort of terrible prescription drugs, like intended to treat people after a heart attack, and that their side effects could have contributed to his lung cancer. However, from what we know about smoking, it was probably the smoking which was the primary cause of the lung cancer.

I guess the moral of the story is, Don’t smoke. That is what Danny Thomas and John Wayne and Yul Brynner tried to warn us about, anyway.

Will The Donald “Keep America Great”?

Donald Trump had his Big Announcement to run for reelection in 2020 to the cheers of thousands. Hooray! And in Orlando, no less, home of Walt Disney World. (Might as well.)

So, Trump says that he has already “made America great again” and so his new slogan will now be, “Keep America Great.” Well, I can’t see how this authoritarian militarist and police statist can “keep America great” when his anti-freedom actions and policies are in contrast to the freedom-loving policies of America’s founders.

So, besides being authoritarian, Trump also surrounds himself with crony corporatists, which is not to America’s benefit, that’s for sure.

For instance, the acting Secretary of Defense has been longtime Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan, that I had described as the “Secretary of Boeing” (i.e. conflict of interest much?). And now Shanahan is leaving because of questionable alleged behavior in his personal life, that being alleged domestic abuse and a controversial divorce.

Boeing is the #2 top military contractor.

And now Patrick Shanahan-Boeing is being replaced by Army secretary Mark Epser, who Donald Trump wants to be the official Secretary of Defense. Get this: After several years as cannon fodder for the Army, and as a military bureaucrat and then political flunky for Chuck Hagel, George W. Bush and Fred Thompson, Esper has been a lobbyist for … Raytheon, the #3 top military contractor. So, I guess that means that Esper will be the “Secretary of Raytheon.” But wait. Now that Raytheon will very likely merge with United Technologies, their new racket outfit may actually become the #1 top military contractor.

Ah, the old “climbing up the ladder of success” thing (at taxpayers’ expense, of course).

And I’m not going to call them “defense” contractors, because the wars or “campaigns” the U.S. military has been involved in have not been “defensive” but offensive. The Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans etc. did not come over to the U.S. and commit violence against anyone here. (The 9/11 hijackers were mostly Saudis, and there is now evidence that shows that the Saudi regime played a large role in the planning and carrying out of the 9/11 attacks. No Iraqis, no Afghans, despite all the propaganda of the warmongers in Washington.)

No, the U.S. government and military initiated wars of aggression against those countries and their people. And that’s the truth, now. I think that the truth is important. I try not to let government propaganda influence my thinking, whether it’s to do with wars or medical issues or vaccines, etc.

So, those corporations are not selling their products to the government for “defense,” it’s just the opposite.

Another bad outcome of the militarism and corporatism with the warmongering of the past 2 or 3 decades has been the police state. For example, the Patriot Act, which eviscerates the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments (and probably the Second, too) of the U.S. Constitution. In addition to the Patriot Act, the NDAA which empowers the feds and military to arrest and detain anyone for any reason. No due process.

But what has really been bothering me has been the conservatives and radio personalities who seem to love Donald Trump, and who have been talking endlessly how the FBI and DOJ have been abusing their powers to spy on the Trump campaign and attempting to get Trump impeached based on false accusations with no evidence of “Russian collusions,” and so on.

Which is all quite true, by the way. There is no evidence to back up any of those allegations, and the Mueller investigation said that. But there is evidence of the FBI and DOJ conspiring to abuse their Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) power to spy on their political opponents (Trump). All the facts of that will come out over the next year. Yes, let’s “investigate the investigators.”

However, when Sean Hannity and the rest of them are criticizing this “police state,” I cringe because they themselves are police statists in their support of the aforementioned Patriot Act, NDAA, DHS, ICE, etc.

Hannity is the worst of them (at least, the worst on the radio). For example, in response to school shootings, Hannity’s idea is to put military and local police in the schools. Okay, he really says “former” military and police, but the schools are already a police state, including teachers and administrators calling the police and arresting some little boy for drawing a picture of a gun or some such thing.

And I don’t know about this “former police and military” stuff, because they probably still retain that authoritarian and goonish attitude that’s required of armed government officers. So when a teenage kid might be acting up in the school hallway or being a little obnoxious, the “former” police or military soldier is very likely to go into “berserker” mode and probably shoot the darn kid! (Sometimes police and military people tend to go nutso, especially those with PTSD, and those who are gobbling up those steroids that have terrible aggression-related side effects.)

Unfortunately, Donald Trump seems to have that authoritarian mindset in his love of the government soldier and enforcer with the government badge and gun. I don’t see how he’s going to “make America great again,” or “keep America great” or whatever he’s saying now.

The Nixon-Hoover-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump police state has not made America great, only less so, because America was formed based on freedom and due process, not a police state.

And the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump wars overseas and the failed and futile war on drugs have not made America great, only less so. The government steals so much from the people in taxes including the inflationary stealth tax, as the bureaucrats in Washington squander and squander trillions, making America less great. The Donald is continuing that trend, in my view.

It’s Memorial Day

And what better way for President Donald Trump to recognize the war veterans than to send more troops to the Middle East and … make even more veterans! (And more widows, more orphans, more crippled and dead Americans, more PTSD patients, and more killed civilians abroad.)

Trump, John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Boeing Patrick Shanahan are thinking of starting a new war against Iran. After all, Afghanistan and Iraq went so well, didn’t they? And Vietnam.

Will Washington ever learn?