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Wall Street Crashing Due to Irrational Coronavirus Panic and Hysteria

The totally unnecessary panic and hysteria over the coronavirus outbreak is now causing a week-long crash on Wall Street. And yes it is hysteria, because there’s no reason for it. It is irrational what’s going on now. As Bob Newhart would say, “Stop it!”

But I am somewhat suspicious of the motives of various government officials who are stirring up the unnecessary panic, as well as the “news” media. On the media’s part, many of the reporters and news anchors do not seem to have the same kind of investigative thinking skills they used to have. They seem to merely repeat whatever comes from CDC officials, without question.

And then there are some others out there who are not so ignorant, and are knowingly repeating panicky propaganda, on behalf of certain political agenda, in my opinion. We saw throughout the “Trump-Russia collusions” investigation and the Mueller report how media promoted that false narrative, which as Glenn Greenwald reported, was totally debunked by the Mueller report’s conclusions.

The latest as far as coronavirus is concerned is that a person in California has allegedly tested positive for the virus, but was not traveling to places such as China or had had any close contact with someone who had tested positive for the virus. (Although I am suspicious whether the person actually has the coronavirus.) But the “news” is reporting that this is the first known case in which the virus is beginning to spread (like in an uncontrolled way).

But, as one of my favorite blogs, Target Liberty, quotes the Washington Post, the person in question lives in an area near “Travis Air Force Base, where hundreds of Americans repatriated from China, and others brought home from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship have been kept in quarantine. Many of them have been released.” But I am not hearing ANY of the newscasters reporting this entirely relevant fact! So we DO have evidence as far as how the person in California may have gotten the virus! But the media are not reporting those aspects of the case.

Target Liberty also reports that the CDC’s director of National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the one who has been issuing very dire, hysterical warnings about the coronavirus, is the sister of Rod Rosenstein, one of the senior DOJ officials who signed fraudulent FISA applications to spy on the Trump campaign. So is Nancy as corrupt as her awful brother? Just asking.

Messonnier is also on the board of directors of “Vaccinate Your Family,” which, according to that Target Liberty post, gets some of its funding from Merck, GlaxoSmithKlein, Pfizer, and Sanofi. (So, something smells rotten in Denmark, if you ask me.)

Another issue with the hysteria is that deaths among those with the coronavirus remain at roughly 2%, which is not high. As I have already referred to here, Jon Rappoport pointed out that China has high pollution and the respiratory systems of the Chinese people are already compromised. Coronavirus affects the respiratory system in the same way that the flu does. (But there doesn’t seem to be the same kind of panic over the flu now, is there?)

By the way, Jon Rappoport’s most recent posts on coronavirus are extremely informative.

Also what’s not really being mentioned by “news” outlets are just who exactly is dying as a result of infection of coronavirus. It’s generally the same case as with the flu: elderly people and those with preexisting conditions such as diabetes or other diseases they have already been battling. Such situations weakens people’s immune systems. And also especially vulnerable are those who are smokers, boozers, drug addicts, and obese people.

But by not reiterating those important aspects of this situation, including the low rate of deaths among those testing positive for coronavirus at 2%, the “news” reporters are reinforcing the false narrative that the coronavirus is as deadly as Ebola and that everybody needs to worry, be hysterical, stay in and not go about their regular activities and PANIC!

And because of this not only is there a stock market “sell-off,” but it looks like Wall Street is continuing to tank similarly to 2008! And there’s no reason for this.

I heard a financial commentator on the radio saying that people should calm down, and don’t sell your stocks unless you need the money right now. People need to be patient.

So, are the media furthering this false narrative deliberately?

Target Liberty, by the way, also has a post on how some people who hate Donald Trump are using the coronavirus outbreak as a way to test Trump’s ability to deal with this crisis, pointing out how the “news” people of CNN in particular are either deliberately dispensing misinformation or just ignorantly getting facts wrong. (Just to be clear, I am not a Trump supporter, as I hove been supportive of the Libertarian Party, and have already mentioned here Jacob Hornberger.)

And given how much the Trump haters really do hate Trump, some of them have made it clear that they hope the economy gets bad by the election so that Trump is blamed for it and doesn’t get reelected. These are truly sick people. And some of them think that way, even though they have 401Ks and investments that are now going downhill this week because of the coronavirus hysterical sell-off.

What the media people really ought to do is continuously remind people how to better protect themselves from the coronavirus (as well as the flu or other contagious diseases), and how to defend themselves from the effects of coronavirus if they get it. Such advice would include washing your hands thoroughly and not touching your nose or face with your fingers after touching other common objects like doorknobs, and to take Vitamin D as well as Vitamin C and Zinc. And to not engage in self-destructive habits such as smoking or boozing, doing drugs, and eating badly and being obese. Also, generally keep oneself in good health to prevent diabetes and other diseases in the first place. Elderly people especially have reason to take good care of themselves, because their immune systems are weaker than younger people.

Vaccines’ Aluminum Adjuvants Can Damage the Brain

I have mentioned vaccines here, and some of the problems they can cause and why. Part of the problem is the adjuvants they contain, including aluminum. Dr. Joseph Mercola published an article on the relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, as well as autism and other neurological disorders. How Aluminum Damages Your Brain. He notes how aluminum adjuvants have never been tested for safety. Can you believe that? Yet the vaccines that have aluminum are approved by the FDA. And also the CDC’s vaccine schedules for adults and children exceed safe aluminum limits.

Gangsters Invade New Hampshire (Primary)

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned here that I’m in the northeast U.S., but I don’t want to be specific as to where. But I will say, in New Hampshire it’s that time again, the every-4-years invasion of the political hacks, statists, crooks, thugs and degenerates. Yes, the candidates for the 2020 presidential election. Ack!

It turns out that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is not the squeaky clean, young fresh-faced good-guy he portrays himself to be. According to this article, not only did he have high-up positions with the military in counter-intelligence (sic), but he worked with the CIA as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration in Afghanistan. Some people actually view all that as “good” (because they have been overly propagandized, in my opinion), but I view that as “bad.”

Worse, Buttigieg supports “national youth service,” which I think he justifies by saying it should be “voluntary,” but in my opinion, I don’t think he is sincere there. Buttigieg would probably also be in support of the draft. Investigative reporter James Bovard has called Buttigieg’s authoritarianism and promoting a “call to service” as a “summons to submission.” So, he’s not exactly a freedom kind of guy, that Buttigieg guy.

Neither are Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren freedom promoters. They both want a totally centrally-planned economy, in which workers and employers must do everything the bureaucrats in Washington tell them to do. Sanders and Warren are control freaks. And I think that Joe Biden is already showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

And Donald Trump is also in New Hampshire having his campaign rallies, etc. He is bad, too, like the aforementioned. The new budget supposedly is a whopping $4.8 trillion! That’s in the news today. There’s no such thing as a “trillion.” Since Trump became president, the national debt has gone up $2-3 trillion. So he’s spending and borrowing “like a drunken sailor.” (Apologies to all the drunken sailors out there.) And he hasn’t “drained the swamp” or drawn down the wars overseas, just as Obama didn’t end the wars and occupations as promised. They bow to the puppet masters. So, the swamp rules.

And I haven’t voted for a Republicrat or a Demopublican since the 1990s. It’s either the Libertarian Party, or I don’t vote. “Lesser of two evils”? That’s still voting for evil. So now with the Libertarian Party there’s Jacob Hornberger as I have mentioned here. Believe it or not, Jacob has won the Libertarian Party vote in the Iowa caucuses this week. Jacob Hornberger 47% to Lincoln Chafee’s 12%, and some 17 others on the list and “None of the Above.”

But most people don’t know about the Libertarians because the mainstream media refuse to cover them. The statist “news” media in America are so bad now, they really ought to register with the SEC as political operatives!

On Trusting the Word of the “Authorities”

You would think that in today’s day and age more people would question the “wisdom” of establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. But that does not seem to be the case. Many people don’t want to see the connection between pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines and illnesses or conditions. They don’t want to question the vaccines and the potential of vaccines causing some kind of neurological harm.

We don’t want to question our doctors for some reason. And when it comes to the autism phenomenon, the whole debate regarding the vaccines gets shut down by the vaccines’ defenders, criticizing the opponents as “anti-vaxxers,” and asserting that the vaccine-autism connection has been “debunked.” It’s “settled science,” and all that. Which it isn’t, “settled science.”

If you don’t look into it, as Sharyl Attkinson has done, and if you just blindly trust the medical establishment and its mainstream media spokespeople, then of course you’ll not want to hear the arguments by informed vaccine skeptics.

And regarding the vaccines, with all the adjuvants, mercury and aluminum and so on. Not only the vaccines themselves that are given to children whose brains are still in the important developmental stages, but the number of vaccines they are given, the combinations of different vaccines at the same time, and the big increase in the number of doses given to a child just in the first 5 or 6 years of life. 60 doses?

And that combined with what the medical establishment and the schools are doing to the kids now, misdiagnosing the kids with not just autism, but ADHD, ADD, even depression and anxiety, when in many cases the kids are just acting like normal kids!

So no wonder the young people now such as the ones of college age are showing a big increase in anxiety and depression, they are so easily “triggered” by the littlest thing, they need “safe spaces,” teddy bears and puppy dogs to comfort them. No wonder they are hysterical, thinking that the end is near, “the world will end in 12 years,” as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ignorantly warns.

And no wonder the college campuses are experiencing irrational protests against nothing that matters in the real world, invasions and hostage-takings of Dean’s offices, shouting down of ideological opponents, censorship and banning of speakers. What is really causing these kids to act this way, this hysterical and irrational way? (Although, it’s not just the students, the faculties of these places of “education” are also filled with irrationality.)

So, in my view, burying their heads in the sand is what the deniers of vaccine- and drug-damage do in their defense of so much propaganda by the medical establishment, government and their media stenographers.

So now as with most of the “pandemic” scares there is a race to develop and distribute a new coronavirus vaccine to the masses, regardless of whether its been tested or approved. This is all based on panic and hysteria, of course.

Jon Rappoport has some recent posts on the China “epidemic.” Here is his summary of the ongoing crisis. He appears to believe that it is extremely difficult to prove that the so-called coronoavirus outbreak was caused by a “bio-weapon” accident or intentional release, and suggests that “published genetic sequences could be con jobs, hustles, and giant errors.”

Rappoport refers to “contaminated water supplies; lack of basic sanitation; giant toxic agricultural farms; industrial poison-pollution; hunger; starvation; protein-calorie malnutrition; fertile farm land stolen from native people by corporations and governments; toxic medical drugs and vaccines; and now, in Wuhan and other Chinese cities, unprecedented mixtures of toxic air pollution, causing lung damage.” And he refers to virus “propaganda,” which would be no surprise to me.

Rappoport writes:

I raise one more question for your serious consideration. If highly toxic pollution in the air, in Chinese cities, is causing deep lung damage, and if the Chinese government is covering that up with a story about a virus—what is now happening to the millions of Chinese people locked down, with nowhere to go, trapped in those cities—breathing the air?

And in this more recent post, Rappoprt discusses how the numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus can be greatly inflated, and that a more likely situation is people having pneumonia, especially given China’s very high pollution levels and the negative effects on the respiratory systems of many Chinese people.

But when it comes to the medical industry and its enmeshment with (and collusions with) governments, for some reason most people seem to take the word of the industry leaders and government leaders as well.

But from my own personal experiences, I have seen up close the dishonesty and corruption with doctors, as I had detailed in my post on my own medical ordeal from the late 1990s to the late 2000s. For instance, with that ulcerative colitis medical ordeal, one doctor told me to eat more “bran and whole wheat” to gain more weight, yet people with ulcerative colitis shouldn’t have such foods that are irritants to the colon. I learned the hard way. And another doctor telling me to increase the sulfasalazine anti-inflammatory drug, which, I later learned (the hard way), depletes our potassium levels as well as our folic acid. The decreased potassium level caused my blood pressure to go up, and when I then decreased the sulfasalazine the blood pressure went back down to normal. Those were just a few instances of bad advice from the “experts” with MDs.

And my now-late father, who had Alzheimer’s. He had been given Lipitor and then later on had two strokes in 2013, at which time his arterial blockage was discovered. More recently I learned that statin drugs have been shown to deplete our vitamin K2, as well as our CoQ10. Vitamin K2 is important for efficient calcium distribution. K2 makes sure that our calcium that we consume is distributed to our bones where we need it, and it prevents calcium maldistribution, making sure that our calcium does not get stored where we don’t want it — our arteries, heart, etc. If the calcium builds up in those areas, known as calcifications, then it can cause  a blockage, such as in the artery and that would prevent important nutrients from passing through the bloodstream to get to the brain effectively, which will cause cognitive problems such as with one’s memory.

So my father’s Alzheimer’s following his two strokes and his further decline for the next 6 years (that I believe was started by his statin drug Lipitor) was another learning experience in addition to my own experiences. (By the way, Joe Biden takes a statin drug. I just thought I’d throw that out there.)

Bottom line: I don’t trust the word of medical “authorities” (and certainly not government authorities!), and I check things out with my own research, on the Internet, and learn from my own experiences.

Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has Lung Cancer

I have been listening to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for a while now, but while I don’t agree with him on many issues, I have found him entertaining and I appreciate his sense of humor and anti-PC mindset. I try not to let his anti-immigration nationalistic mentality bother me, or his militarism over the years and his promoting the national security state, for that matter.

But now we hear that Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer, and will receive treatments. He is 69. And I wanted to write my speculation as to what possibly contributed to his lung cancer.

Well, we do know that he is constantly referring to his “formerly nicotine stained fingers” which tells me that he had smoked but quit smoking. I see online that he quit smoking cigarettes in 2010 with the help of e-cigarettes (that fascists want to ban!) but it looks like he has continued smoking those gross cigars that he loves so much.

So, smoking cigarettes and cigars are very probable contributors to his lung cancer, as I had written about regarding the late antiwar activist Justin Raimondo, who died last year at age 67. Raimondo had quit smoking after a heart attack in 2003.

And what about people who work every day for years in a radio studio? I don’t know about the health effects if any that working in a radio studio would cause, with all the electronics and possible radiation. But, there does seem to be exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), with the computers, phone systems, digital consoles, etc. I’m certainly no expert in that field, but based on what I’ve read so far, there probably could be some sort of EMF effect when someone is working in the radio studio every day and for decades, as Rush Limbaugh has been doing. I could be way off on that, however. Such conditions could affect one’s immune system, I suppose.

Another possible contributor to Limbaugh’s lung cancer could be the lingering polluted air in New York City following the September 11th attacks in 2001. From what I see online, Limbaugh moved to Florida in 1996 and made that “official” and permanent more recently. But he has been broadcasting his radio show from his home in Florida. I don’t think he was actually physically located in NYC in 2001 where his “flagship station” at the time WABC is located, so this as a contributor has a low likelihood (unless he was working in NYC during the months following 9/11).

During the 2000s, I heard a Boston radio host Michele McPhee, who had been with the New York Daily News during the September 11th attacks, describe the air in NYC as a “thick, sticky mist,” or a “sticky, thick mist” (I know I’m close in remembering that), that lasted for months in the NYC air. No wonder first responders and others who live and work in the area have been getting involved in lawsuits. Wikipedia describes various quotes as to what was in the air: “building materials, electronic equipment, and furniture were pulverized and spread over the area,” “Burning jet fuel. Plastics, metal, fiberglass, asbestos.” Very bad.

It reminds me of hearing about the polluted air in Iraq caused by U.S. bombing campaigns in 1991 and since 2003, that caused a lot of U.S. soldiers as well as Iraqis illnesses, disabilities and early deaths.

Limbaugh has been a warmonger for decades, and he supported the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq and the second U.S. war in Iraq that started in 2003. He also had nasty things to say about those who opposed those terrible interventionist policies. And he has also supported many other destructive, just plain bad policies over the years. But I still listen to his show.