Many Important Issues to Cover

I’ve been wanting to keep up with this blog, but there are times when I just don’t have enough time to write. My only Internet device is this desktop home computer, and I don’t have any of those little phones and gadgets that many people have now (and I don’t want to have any of those!). So whatever.

So far this Summer hasn’t been too bad, only a few days of very hot and/or humid weather. Last June through September was torture, with multiple 90º days and Big Humid. But so far this year, not too bad. (I’m in the northeast U.S.)

I hope the people of Louisiana do the best they can to survive hurricane Barry, now approaching with a LOT of rain and it looks like major flooding. I think it is hitting Morgan City. (I didn’t know Harry Morgan was from Louisiana.)

On the list of named tropical storms or hurricanes for 2019, one of them is “Imelda.” As in Imelda Marcos? I guess that means this hurricane will have a really big shoe collection.

Well, I’m all out of jokes now. I know, hurricanes are nothing to joke about. I have a little time now to write something, but haven’t prepared anything in particular. Maybe I should do this random stuff more, I don’t know.

But I did see this news story that seemed unbelievable to me. In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law to legalize growing food on your own property. Excuse me, but why has that been illegal? Who would make it illegal for private property owners to grow food on their own property?

This couple in Miami Shores Village have been fighting with their local bureaucrats for 17 years, apparently. (I didn’t know that Dinah Shore lived in Miami.)  I’ve read about many of these kinds of situations.

Bureaucrats, if you don’t like seeing people growing food on their own property, then, rather than acting like a fascist, why don’t you offer to buy the property if it bothers you so much?

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