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Don’t Panic over Ebola Possibly Spreading in U.S.

People in America should not panic over Ebola just because two nurses got it from the one patient in Dallas. Both nurses, I believe, have been confirmed free of Ebola now after being treated. And the two America doctors who were confirmed Ebola victims after having been in Africa are now both free of it. The problem with Ebola in Africa as far as the rapid spread of it includes the poor immune systems of those there in Africa as compared to those here in the U.S. In many parts of Africa there is widespread malnutrition, and also sanitation is poorly managed over there. There are also many more pollutants and there is a lack of clean water as compared to the U.S. And all those factors affect people’s health including their immune systems. Another issue in Africa is that some people there practice rituals when mourning their dead loved ones, in which they kiss and touch the deceased loved one’s corpse, which, if the deceased had had Ebola it is very likely that those who touch the corpse may very well get it as well. That is another major contributor to the fast spreading of Ebola in Africa.