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British Politicians!

Anti-Brexit politicians are trying to call on Parliament to sabotage the U.K.’s leaving the European Union. Some of them and their supporters and twitterers are saying that Boris Johnson’s getting the Queen to suspend Parliament is “anti-democracy”! But the people of the U.K. voted in a democratic election on Brexit, and the majority of them voted to leave the European Union.

So, the people trying to stop that (trying to reverse that decision) are the ones who are “anti-democracy”! Am I wrong about this? (I’m glad I don’t live in the U.K., quite frankly.)

The “Anti-Vaxxers” Believe in Consent

You can say what you want about vaccines, vaccine safety, and those who question the safety of vaccines. But Bretigne Shaffer makes some very good points, particularly that many “anti-vaxxers” are really “ex-vaxxers,” especially mothers who saw with their very own eyes the reaction their children had directly following a vaccine.

Activists demonstrating peacefully against mandatory, forced vaccines are being called “violent” extremists, even though they are peaceful. But what is it when the “authorities” want to forcibly inject substances into other people’s bodies without their consent?

As Bretigne Shaffer puts it,

To see just how “violent” these activists are, watch some of the video footage of their testimony against California’s SB277 in 2015, or against SB276 this year. Here’s what you will see: Hundreds and hundreds of parents, standing patiently in line for hours, sometimes in unrelenting heat, following all the rules, no matter how arbitrary, and then when their turn comes to speak the few words they are allowed, doing so in a calm and respectful manner to a group of politicians who demonstrate no respect for them.

The audacity required to twist that reality into a self-serving fantasy of violent extremism is nothing short of breathtaking. There is a reason anti-mandate activists have chosen that particular word to stamp across the senator’s face on their posters and t-shirts.

And there is a deep, deep, irony in the feigned pacifism of a politician who seeks to use the power of the state to force a medical procedure on children against the wishes of their parents. Those who wield state violence like to pretend that it is somehow benign, that it is not violence at all. But anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of it knows better.

GoFundMe Censors Researcher Connecting Aluminum to Brain Disorders

Some of my recent posts have been regarding the censorship of health information, especially “alternative” health information that challenges the status quo, censorship by Google and social media platforms. Well now there is an article by Arjun Walia of Collective Evolution on how a British bioinorganic chemistry scientist, Dr. Christopher Exley, has shown how aluminum as adjuvants being injected into people via vaccines remain and accumulate in the body and in the brain.

In the article it is pointed out that Dr. Exley has shown a linkage between the vaccine adjuvant aluminum and neurological disorders including autism. I know, the linkage between vaccines and autism has been “debunked.” But it really hasn’t been “debunked.” And not surprisingly, according to the article, Dr. Exley’s crowd funding to study aluminum in vaccines was shut down by GoFundMe.

Sadly, propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry has really influenced the masses to not let their faith in the “miracle” vaccines be shaken by scientific studies. We must not even question the possibility that chemicals injected with vaccines might damage our brains. (Merck might lose profits, heaven forbid.)

On Eating Fish

One thing I mentioned in my post on my ordeal with doctors’ bad advice and prescription drugs was that I had been taking fish oil softgels for about 10 years, until I read that it might not be a good idea to take those things regularly in the long term. So I tried to switch to just eating fish. But that was a problem for my sensitive digestive system, for some reason. However, I have been getting the canned sardines again, and having between one-fourth to one-half of the can, like every 4 days or so. (It’s very expensive, though, having it regularly, if you want the higher quality products.)

It’s very important to get that omega 3, and fish is a huge source of that. (Although, as I wrote in this post, too much omega 3 might not be a good thing.) Omega 3 provides an important anti-inflammatory effect, and my particular medical condition is ulcerative colitis, or inflammation of the colon. I’ve also had some issues with osteoarthritis that I determined was to do with excessive vitamin C, and some issues with arm pain that I think that had been to do with magnesium, lack thereof, or too much from supplement form.

So, for me inflammation has been an issue in several ways. And also, one major source or cause of inflammation is stress. Psychological stress can really affect things physically.

Regarding the omega 3 and fish, as I mentioned I have been eating the canned sardines again, mainly to get that omega 3. I had been relying on the “omega 3-enhanced eggs,” which still do not seem to be satisfactory.

Anyway, what got me to do this post was a very informative article by Mark Sisson on his blog, “The Definitive Guide to Fish: Why And How to Eat It.” Bon appétit, everyone.

Internet Censors Are the Intolerant “Book Burners”

I have found something that expands on what I was writing here a few days ago. Here is a terrific article by Daisy Luther of the “Organic Prepper,” on the censorship of alternative media being a virtual book burning. That’s exactly right. The censors of Google, YouTube, Amazon are just like the book-burners of Nazi Germany and the old days in some parts of the U.S.

Google And Social Media Censorship of Non-Establishment Health Information

There is an extensive article on about Google’s censorship of non-Establishment health information. is a “simple blog for biohackers…recognized among the most trusted sources for natural health research on the planet.” That post was linked to by another informative health website,

Now, over the past many years since my medical ordeal with my Establishment doctors’ bad advice and bad prescription drugs, I have relied mainly on alternative health news. Because of my ulcerative colitis sensitive condition, I can’t eat certain foods that are actually important for our health, such as most vegetables and nuts, and other foods that are not easily digested. But the various foods and supplements I have now (as alternatives) I learned about not from doctors but from the Internet. What if the censorship campaign that seems to be unfolding now was already underway during the 2000s and later? How would I have known about my alternatives? For instance, how would I get further information on and comparisons and ratings of magnesium supplements?

Another recent article on the theme of alternative health censorship is on Dr. Mercola’s website, regarding the “technology tyrants” and their attempts to “control the masses through massive data collection, surveillance and censorship.” Dr. Mercola discusses an article that Washington Post reporter Lena Sun is preparing, a “hit piece” for which Sun interviewed Mercola via email and he published her questions and his answers in his article. She seems intent on doing a hatchet job on someone who provides important information that the general public are not getting from their doctors or from the mainstream media.

And I am not sure if I covered it here, but also recently Jon Rappoport’s blog on was taken down without explanation. I can just guess that it was because he has written a lot of posts on the vaccine industry and on the link between vaccines and not just autism but other neurological problems as well. I have also written some posts on vaccines on this blog and other more personal posts that I have spent a lot of time on, like the one on my ordeal with the doctors’ bad advice and their damn prescription drugs. I hope my blog doesn’t get taken down also.

By the way, Jon Rappoport’s blog is back up on his own website, No More Fake News. (I think it’s getting a bit more difficult to hope for no more fake news, since there’s so much of it now.)

There is propaganda everywhere now. From the college campuses with the wacky professors and the easily-triggered “snowflakes” shouting down any speaker they disagree with, to the news media who act as unchallenging press spokespeople for government bureaucrats and corporate fat cats. You have to really have an open mind and you have to have access to the Internet to do your own research to get the real truth.

But it is quite concerning with the young people now, many of whom are graduating from the schools not only ignorant of history and whose critical thinking skills have been squashed by intolerant teachers, themselves quite ignorant. But also the young people having been brainwashed with various irrational social and cultural beliefs. That is distressing.

And the workers at the Big Tech companies such as Facebook and Google are of the younger variety in their 20s and 30s. A lot of them supposedly are “Social Justice Warriors,” but not really. They are just “Control Warriors.” Their activism is mainly for the sake of control, controlling what other people say or what other people are allowed to think. This is not good.

So, how many vaccine doses are these young people given now in their earlier years? 60 vaccine doses by the age of 6? What are the vaccines and their adjuvants such as aluminum doing to these young people’s brains? And that’s in addition to the prescription drugs such as Adderall and Zoloft that are also screwing up the young people’s brains. Add to all that the marijuana and other street drugs they take in their teens and 20s.

But we’re not allowed to say those things, because we’re not allowed to say that aluminum being injected into little kids bodies accumulates in the brain and affects the kids’ brains in their early developing stages, and their little neurotransmitters.

Another worrisome part of society now is how a lot of people are literally addicted to their computers, phones and social media. They just can’t let go of their phones. Is Big Tech hypnotizing the young, and turning them into zombies?

And so, it might sound a bit “conspiracy theory,” but besides acting on behalf of Establishment medicine and Big Pharma/Big Agra, the propagandized robots of Big Tech really have been colluding with government agencies, including the “intelligence” agencies, to “influence” people’s thinking. (On that last issue, see this, this, this, this, this, this, and this.)

Child Sex Abuse Rampant in America, Especially in Foster Care, Apparently

The Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking and abuse scandal is once again reminding us of the sick pervs in society who exploit and abuse children and teens to serve the sickos’ narcissistic depravity.

And it’s not just teenage girls that Epstein and many others have been exploiting and abusing. Not just teenagers but younger kids. On a regular basis we are hearing about Catholic priests’ sexual abuse of children, and mainly boys. The lawsuits are still going on all over the country. And in the Boy Scouts, too!

I can’t believe the number of people who apparently can’t control themselves, either their sexual urges or their desire to treat a much weaker, more vulnerable and defenseless person in such invasive and abusive ways.

Is this child sexual abuse happening only in America? Nope. In Saudi Arabia and other countries grown men are allowed to have teenage girls or younger than teenagers, in sexual ways, and use as sex slaves. In fact, in Saudi Arabia, Iran and India, the officials arrest and jail the victim of rape if she dares to speak up and publicly accuse her assailant.

And apparently, child sex trafficking has been rampant in the foster care industry, as detailed in this article by Brian Shilhavy of Health Impact News. Shilhavy provides this quote from Geoff Rogers, co-founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking: “The United States is the No. 1 consumer of sex worldwide. … So there are tremendous numbers of kids, a multitude of kids that are being sold as sex slaves today in America. These are American kids, American-born, 50 percent to 60 percent of them coming out of the foster care industry.”

And the article links to several recent local news stories in which foster kids all over the country are being used as sex slaves, raped and abused.

Meanwhile, Health Impact News also has an article today on how local courts and CPS are taking children away from their parents and placing them into abusive or neglectful foster homes. The parents are accused of “medical abuse” because the parents actually know better than the “doctors” about what’s best for their child who has a specific issue that the parents are more familiar with.

In the example given, the mother is the one who is the victim of abuse by the courts and CPS and by an evil bureaucrat judge. The foster care people are the ones who are neglectful of the child’s specific digestive and absorption issues because they refuse to take the condition seriously and continue to give him a diet of foods in which his nutrients are not being absorbed, resulting in weight loss and other issues. So, the criminal abusers are the courts, CPS and foster care people, not the mother, especially in this case.

And that kind of situation is happening all the time, all across America. I think that CPS or otherwise similar government agencies in other countries such as England are even worse than in the U.S., especially when it comes to the enforcement of political correctness.

The true history of government is mainly one of abuse and criminality and not “protection.” So we should not be surprised that government “child protective services” and government-controlled foster care bureaucracies are causing so many children to be victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Olive Oil, Omega 3 – Good? Bad? A Little In Between?

This New York Times article about “10 findings that contradict medical wisdom” links to a study from 2013 attempting to debunk the “myth” that omega 3 fatty acids reduce incidents of heart attacks via omega 3’s ability to reduce inflammation.

Now, I have written about omega 3 before, particularly in my post on “Relief Factor,” which if taken as directed 3 times per day, gives people a whopping 2700 mg of omega 3 in one day alone, which I believe is WAY too much.

But the study the Times cites uses some sort of omega 3 capsule of 1 gram, given to people with previous heart disease or heart attacks. The study concluded that the omega 3 did not reduce subsequent heart attacks as compared to the “placebo.” However, the placebo they used was OLIVE OIL!! I couldn’t believe it!

Both omega 3, such as from fish oil, and olive oil have been shown to reduce inflammation. That is what I have been reading and hearing for many years now. So, if the researchers used olive oil as a placebo, then no wonder there seems to be no difference between the two as far as reducing inflammation.

What is it with these researchers that they would use olive oil as a placebo? Who would do that? But then, that specific study is partly funded by Pfizer, maker of lipitor, a statin drug (which I blame as causing my father’s two strokes and arterial blockage, and statins have been linked to strokes and heart attacks). I think a LOT of these kinds of studies are bogus. Especially those funded by pharmaceutical companies.

And I don’t want to be looking into these things again, after spending a lot of time researching anti-inflammatories and alternatives to prescription drugs. Unfortunately, because of my ulcerative colitis I can’t eat most vegetables and nuts, which are important sources of omega 3 and other healthy fats as well as other nutrients.

I have mentioned before that I was taking 3 fish oil softgels per day fro about ten years, and then learned that it might not be a good idea to take that in the long term. So, I ended that and then tried to eat just fish. The fish had aggravated my digestive issues (that are of an inflammatory nature), so I have been trying to get omega 3 from eggs that claim to be higher in omega 3. However, more recently I had been getting the canned sardines and just eating maybe 1/4 of the contents to get a little more of that omega 3. So far, that smaller amount of sardines seems to be okay on my digestive issues.

So, on the olive oil issue, as far as I know, the olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, not just for someone with ulcerative colitis but other inflammatory issues. And I see in this article that olive oil was shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by 68%. The researchers gave women approx. 1 liter of extra virgin olive oil per week vs. the control group who were not given that and who instead had a low-fat diet during the 6-year study period.

I have been adding a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to my grape juice, carrot juice, etc., so that totals 6 times per day. I’ve been doing that for about maybe 3 years now. Is that bad?

Apparently it is bad, according to this article, which states that olive oil has the same amount of “impairment to endothelial function” (membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels, supposedly) as eating hamburgers and cheesecake. I hope the UC Davis-based medical writer of that article isn’t associated at all with Pfizer. I’ve seen enough of that. The writer cites several studies, but some commenters are skeptical, as am I. Apparently, the problem is oil, any oil, because it is processed, and people should just eat actual olives for the benefits, which of course I can’t do.

But I had to write all this now after seeing that New York Times article and the study it linked to on omega 3 that used olive oil as a placebo. Really unbelievable.

Bottled Water Hysteria in the Northeast

Recently there was a concerning news story about a bottled water company, Spring Hill Farm Dairy, here in the northeast in which some of their bottled water tested with supposedly high amounts of “Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances” (PFAS), and a voluntary recall was enacted. Some of the company’s water was sold under other brand names and store brands such as Stop&Shop and Whole Foods.

And I don’t know if this entire episode is more of a hysterical nature, but this article states that “Massachusetts Department of Public Health officials…said the PFAS levels in the water did not exceed regulatory standings.” (emphasis mine)

Well, doesn’t “regulatory standings” mean that it’s still safe to drink the water? I had been getting that water from one of the stores mentioned, and I haven’t noticed anything particularly bad about it. I’ve been getting that water because it’s good and only 99¢ per gallon bottle. At my store they took away that store brand of water and now it’s just Poland Spring which I don’t particularly like and that’s $1.39 per gallon bottle. And I rely on water especially because of my digestive issues and I don’t like the tap water.

According to that article, “Spring Hill’s new $100,000 filtration system was quickly installed on July 22nd and all PFAS should be eliminated from bottles after that date.” And according to this other article, the new filtration system “eliminated the chemical from the water” and that “Tests by Eaton Analytical showed the water to be free of PFAS after the new system was installed.”

But that was not enough, apparently. Further news stories were saying that there were still bottles on store shelves whose water source was the Spring Hill company, and so the stores were pulling the bottles.

And now, despite the positive test results, the 117-year-old company will close down. A spokesperson for the company stated, “Despite these excellent test results, which were expected, this whole ordeal has been too much for a small, fourth-generation family business and the owners are steadfast in their decision to close it.”

So, in my opinion, even though the initial problem was not that much of a problem to begin with, because the levels of PFAS “did not exceed regulatory standings,” and the company actually did improve the situation, they were still forced by hysteria to close down, and, for now anyway, I’m going to have to pay 40¢ more per bottle of my spring water. (And Trader Joe’s also sells bottled water, but it’s those elite brands like $2-3 per bottle, and it’s a smaller size as well.)

The paranoid in me wants to conclude that some industry wretch wanted to oust the competition using dishonest means to do so. Like someone from Poland Spring? I’m not accusing, however. And this New York Times article says that a lawsuit against Poland Spring is moving forward, alleging that it’s not actual “spring” water, but common groundwater being mislabeled. Hmmm.

So, the Big Daddy Government that is there to “protect” us is causing a whole company to have to close down for no good reason and safe bottled water to be taken off the shelves, but at the same time Big Daddy Government gives a pass to those Big Pharma companies like Pfizer, Glaxo, and Merck, etc., with all their poisons that we know actually are killing people!

Gun Control, Mass Killings and U.S. Militarism

There was a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart store, killing 20, and then another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine. I just want to address the possible contributors to these kinds of things in our society now, but also the calls for stricter gun control.

We can have stricter and stricter gun control laws, background checks, gun confiscation, but those policies will not solve these problems. Criminals who want to shoot innocent people don’t care if it’s illegal to shoot innocent people, or illegal to assault or kill people. They don’t obey the law because they are criminals, so they obviously won’t obey gun laws. They will get their guns illegally, on the black market or steal them (because they don’t care about laws against theft, either).

And what about killers who go on a knife-wielding spree, killing many people? Should we ban knives? So you can attempt to get rid of all the guns in society, but if someone is intent on killing people, that person will find a way, including driving a car or truck into a crowd, such as what happened in Nice, France on Bastille Day in 2018 that killed 84 people. Here is a list of many vehicle-ramming attacks. Should we ban cars and trucks and vans? (Oh wait, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez already wants to do that. Never mind.)

So, at the Walmart store in El Paso yesterday, if someone there had been armed, that person could have shot the shooter and disabled him and saved many people. Instead of 20 people being killed, perhaps only 5 — or even zero. Studies reinforce the assertion that armed citizens save lives in those cases when someone goes berserk.

Unfortunately, some people are motivated more by a need to control others rather than to save lives. Gun control activists don’t seem to mind at all disarming law-abiding citizens and making them defenseless, in the name of control.

But what actually is causing these mass killings these days? During the 1970s and ’80s there didn’t seem to be these kinds of incidents. I have seen assertions on the Internet of blaming psychiatric drugs and their side effects of aggression and violence. And that may very well be the case. However, each individual is ultimately responsible for one’s own actions, not Xanax or Zoloft, not booze, not Twinkies, etc.

But I think that our much more militarized society has had an extremely negative influence on people. America is much more militarized than ever before, especially since 9/11.

9/11 happened after a decade of war in the Middle East, started by the U.S. government in its 1991 war against Iraq, and then its sanctions and no-fly zones that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians mainly in Iraq. But after 9/11, George W. Bush exploited the people’s fear and panic to start yet another war, in Afghanistan, and then a new 2nd war against Iraq, even though Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11.

So since 9/11, we now have a propagandized, militarized population, with military-worship at the NFL games, and a Leviathan bureaucracy in Washington turning the apparatus of war and surveillance against its own people.

The U.S. government has been on a killing spree in the Middle East especially since the early 1990s, and even more especially since the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. So it isn’t a very big shock that some particularly unstable individuals here in the U.S. would go on a killing spree. They see that violence is acceptable and justified, thanks to U.S. government propaganda and its wars. And, as Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation comments, it would be helpful if the U.S. government ended its killing spree overseas and bring the troops back to the U.S., as a good first step.

Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease: Scientific Review

In this article on the Dr. Mercola website, the main conclusion is that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. The article points out that some recent pro-statin drug studies “were found to have misrepresented data and findings of previous studies to support their own conclusions” and an “analysis found the association between total cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is weak, absent or inverse in many studies.” And, a “meta-analysis of 11 statin drug studies found statin use postponed death by a mere 3.2 days in primary prevention trials and 4.1 days in secondary prevention trials.”

No big surprise there. As I wrote here, I blame lipitor, a statin drug, for my father’s two strokes, his Alzheimer’s (and death) and several years of undue stress on my mother as well. As I wrote in that post, statin drugs were found to deplete vitamin K2, which is essential in calcium distribution, If there is vitamin k2 deficiency, that could lead to calcifications in the arteries, which could lead to strokes or heart disease.