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Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Well, it’s the end of the year, and I had been wanting to write on this blog more often. So, I’m going to try to write more here. It’s called a “blog” which is short for “weblog,” or web log, which at least implies more of a “diary” type of format, or daily updates, etc. It can also be used as a place for longer essays, which is what I seem to have been doing lately.

In the one I finished up and posted previous to this one, that was more of an essay, or combination rant and essay, on the ongoing and possibly worsening COVID-1984 panic and propaganda. (Are you getting sick of all this, as I am?) There were several points that I had to make based on some links that I had saved, and was going to have a separate post for each one, but I decided to put it all in one essay.

But I really wanted to get back to writing more frequently here, so I will try to do that.

Merry Christmas, everyone. And Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2021 is … better … than 2020 seems to have been. Okay.

Are You Sick of the “COVID”?

I was really hoping to be able to write more frequently here, but in recent months there have been my own personal issues, and also this whole COVID-19 situation, which has caused me a lot more stress.

A lot more stress not because I am afraid of actually getting sick with a virus (because we now know it really isn’t that serious for most people who have it!), but because of the damage that government bureaucrats have done to our whole economic system, our whole social fabric, and to my own sense of safety and security because of those authoritarian, power-tripping fascist bureaucrats, those criminals.

There have been so many aspects of the virus situation, these “lockdowns” and mandates and restrictions, and the corruption involved in those things, I just wouldn’t know where to begin, if I did want to write more about it. It’s overwhelming, frankly.

And then there are the readers here, who may themselves be so overwhelmed by the whole situation, they may not be interested in reading more about COVID. Aren’t we all sick of it by now? I know I am.

So, that situation is overwhelming. And my own personal situation. I’ve been wanting to move out of this torture chamber, a.k.a. apartment for a long time. But that may continue to be on hold now. The panicked sell-off on Wall Street starting in February made the Dow crash over 10,000 points in just a few weeks, combined with extremely incompetent and power-mad governors and mayors ordering businesses (and everything else) closed indefinitely, and for no good reason, all caused the economy to crash and gave way to skyrocketing unemployment and business closures and bankruptcies. All that crap has been not helpful.

So I just wanted to give a little update, and in the next couple of posts I am writing I will try go over what’s wrong with the ongoing “COVID” narrative. And then I hope to not address the COVID situation ever again!

Governors Confused on What Is “Essential” During their Illegal Lockdowns

Among the many problems this whole societal shutdown has been causing me personally is the closing down of my local GNC, where I get a particular non-GNC brand name supplement that I haven’t been able to get anywhere else. And I don’t want to order things like supplements online and have them delivered! This store among many others were closed down because of being called “non-essential.” Maybe “non-essential” to you, fascist governor, but essential to ME!

You see, these ignorant moron politicians see liquor stores as “essential” so that is why those stores get to stay open.

So, nutrition=”non-essential,” while non-nutrition=”essential”! Only in what is becoming a third-world America, sadly.

My Elbow Tendon Injury from 3 Years Ago

A radio talk show personality I listen to (and I don’t want to say the name because I don’t want to admit I listen to him) was saying something about his elbow tendon injury that’s taking too much time to heal. Well, that was my experience when I had an elbow tendon injury 3 years ago.

That began in October 2016 and went into 2017. I don’t think I wrote about that here, because I see that I had a long absence here between November 2015 and January 2018. One problem was that sitting at the computer and trying to write was difficult, because of the arms issue.

So, in mid-October 2016 my left arm at the elbow was having pain and difficulty doing things, and I concluded that something happened because of carrying heavy bags from Trader Joe’s to here. I was assuming that it was a bruise on the elbow but there was no visible bruise. It took a while to eventually learn from info on the Internet that it was an injured tendon. So for weeks I was doing the wrong things like putting Arnicare on the elbow area every day, and using the heating pad. Some things I read online said to put ice on it, but after two days of that the ice made it worse.

Eventually I learned from being more specific in searches that it was not an elbow bruise but a tendon injury. My specific symptoms included pain in that forearm near the elbow area when doing things with my left hand such as squeezing or pinching the fingers like when I’m wiping something at the kitchen sink, etc. The info online was pointing to elbow tendon injury, based on my specific symptoms.

Unfortunately, there are people online including professional physical therapists or other practitioners who suggest putting ice on an elbow tendon injury. My experience was that the ice made it worse. Ice is really for a bruise, especially just after something actually happens, or at least within the first 24 hours of an injury. After that the ice is probably not helpful. After the first 24 hours or so of a bruise, heat is more helpful, such as with a heating pad or hot water bottle. But with a tendon injury, ice is not good. (i.e. ignore the “I” part of the so-called “RICE” treatment method when it comes to tendon injuries.)

One thing that was useful early on, I think, was elevation, holding the arm up (if you can stand it) so that the elbow tendon injury area is above the heart.

Perhaps the most helpful thing for me, I think, to heal the elbow tendon injury was the massage in that area, that I learned about online. This page was probably the most informative one, and I thank Paul Ingraham for preparing that page.

The exercises that I found for my specific kind of problem were also helpful.

And rest is helpful, too. The problem began in October of 2016, and it wasn’t until maybe January of 2017 that I finally realized that stopping my morning push-ups was a good idea. (Ya think?) I have been doing push-ups and sit-ups since the 1980s. In 2017, I didn’t resume doing the push-ups until around April as the problem got better, and even then I started with a very low number and gradually increased the number over a period of months.

But in early 2017 when I was more careful with things, like carrying heavy stuff, to protect my left arm while trying to heal I would carry most of the things with my right arm. Well, that caused a reaggravation of an upper right arm injury that I had in the early 1990s (that also was difficult to heal at that time). I think that was also a tendon injury. So, in late January 2017 I got one of those schlepping things to help me to take things back from grocery stores. Obviously, I don’t have a car. (I guess, even if you exercise and try to stay fit, when you’re in your mid-50s as I am, things aren’t as easy as they were 20 or 30 years ago!)

I think that by April of 2017 the arms were getting better, especially by May. Unlike other kinds of arm, elbow or shoulder injuries, tendon injuries are harder to heal and take more time.

It’s also good to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium, which is important for our muscles, nerves and joints. I think that a possible magnesium deficiency at the time in late 2016 may have been a contributor to my issue, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Regarding My Post on My Medical Ordeal

I’ve been wanting to blog here more regularly but either I just don’t have enough time to do this or I have what is sometimes known as “writer’s block.”

One essay that I did spend a lot of time on was my detailed post on my years-long ordeal with my ulcerative colitis, the doctors’ bad advice and bad prescription drugs, and/or the corrupt and dishonest doctors I had to deal with. I had emailed that post to several people including some non-Establishment medical doctors and people who run alternative medicine websites.

Maybe I didn’t do as good a job as I thought on the post, I don’t know. But I did spend a lot of time on it, over a period of months, and didn’t post it until I was sure it was good enough. So I haven’t gotten any feedback on it, so far. Maybe readers can check it out if you hadn’t seen it. Perhaps it could use a re-write? I hope not. At some subsequent point, I did add a summary of the ordeal at the top of the post.

Some Personal Matters; And Some Comments on Government Policies

(Slightly edited since first published.)

I had really wanted to write more on this blog, but I guess there have been some personal things lately, distractions and stress. One of my biggest issues is this apartment where I have been living for many years. I’ve been wanting to move out of here for a long time, but I don’t have much of an income. This is actually a condo that my parents (now just my mother) have owned for years. They live in a different state. So, I’ve been wanting to talk to my mother about the situation for a long time, selling this unit and me moving to a better place. But it hasn’t been the right time to bring all that up. It involves a lot of issues. We previously had been dealing with my father in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and he died in March. So there’s that. It’s been a touchy situation because I did try to get my parents to sell this and for me to move out about 10 years ago, but my timing was bad because of the financial crisis and my parents were dealing with some other things at that time. One of my issues for many years has been anxiety and for the past almost 20 years the added issue of my digestive condition, so these situations such as my living circumstances have at times been difficult.

But I do hope to continue with this blog and writing about important issues, including my own personal health issues and dealing with nutritional supplements, as well as the news of the day. For example, Donald Trump and the people in Congress who don’t seem to want to leave people alone. I’m big on being left alone, “live and let live,” and all that. But The Donald wants to basically impose a financial charge on people to punish them for buying stuff and from wherever that The Donald doesn’t approve of. And he wants to control people’s drug habits (which is impossible for the government to do except for possibly imposing a police state like they’re doing now) with his pushing the war on drugs. And of course the anti-immigration police state. They just don’t believe in leaving innocent, peaceful people alone. I think that most of the American so-called Founding Fathers believed in live and let live, as long as people are peaceful. So, that’s what I have to say about that.