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Vaccines and Junk Foods vs. Nutrition

There is another article on the ineffectiveness of vaccines, by Arjun Walia of the Collective Evolution website, this one regarding the whooping cough vaccine. Walia tells how a school in Houston, Texas had to close because of a whooping cough outbreak among students and staff. It has not been disclosed how many kids were affected, but supposedly 100% of the students had been vaccinated.

Some of the kids had to be hospitalized. So I ask, did the vaccine (or other vaccines they may have received, such as MMR) actually weaken their immune systems to make them vulnerable to contracting whooping cough (or measles, or the flu, etc.)? And there are other factors as well when it comes to kids’ (and adults) health, such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter meds and processed foods.

The article goes into detail on the several studies on what appears to be negative effects of these vaccines. In my opinion, there are a lot of superstitious people with a blind faith in vaccines. But a lot of kids are just plain malnourished, in my opinion. And I’m saying that because we’re constantly hearing about high obesity rates in kids — the junk foods and processed foods that parents give the kids affect their general health. I can see how a lot of the chemicals contained in the processed and junk foods can interfere with the digestion process, so the nutrients they do get in the nutritious foods they eat are not getting absorbed. That is what I have concluded, based on my own experience as I look back at my poor eating habits in my earlier years, and based on other articles I’ve read.

And I see the multiple vaccines they are being given (numbering like 60 vaccine doses by age 6!) are not only interfering with the kids’ brain development but other parts of their biological development as well. When I was a kid, we only had maybe a total of 4 or 5 vaccine shots. It is obscene now. I feel for the kids.

The bottom line is, as long as the kids are well nourished and don’t consume those awful foods with the chemicals then their immune systems will be in better shape to fight whatever germs, bacteria and viruses they are exposed to in their developing years. In fact, some people who are vaccine skeptics make the point that it wasn’t vaccines that caused a decline in diseases but progress in nutrition, sanitation, clean water, and hygiene. (See Mercola on that, and Learn the Risks.)

And I know some people are saying, “Sure, kids need nutritious food, but let them have some snacks and tasty treats as well,” and so on. But I am saying that the synthetic chemicals in those junk foods interfere with the digestion of important nutrients and thus the eater of the junk foods is less nourished than he or she would otherwise be. Now, do I have real scientific proof to back up that assertion? Right now, I’m not going to spend time on the Internet trying to find that. And I’ll bet it hasn’t been studied enough. But, I do have my own conclusions that I can make from my own experiences.

So these days not only is Big Pharma a problem but Big Agra as well.

But why do we rarely hear about the importance of nutrition from the medical community? instead the practitioners and schools are constantly pushing vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. In addition to all that, many of the TV shows kids watch are sponsored by the makers of those terrible junk foods and processed foods. Sadly, the young parents these days are clueless, as many of the young parents don’t even know how to take better care of themselves, let alone children!

Too Much Screen Time Harms Brain Function

According to this article on GreenMedInfo, a recent study showed that little kids spending too much time staring into their screens harms brain development. The researchers associated with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital found in their “cross-sectional study of 47 healthy prekindergarten children, screen use greater than that recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines was associated with (1) lower measures of microstructural organization and myelination of brain white matter tracts that support language and emergent literacy skills and (2) corresponding cognitive assessments.”

So there we have some evidence of changes in brain function that the act of staring into screens over a period of time can cause.

That sure makes sense to me. Can that also explain why 19% of U.S. high school graduates are functionally illiterate, and only 33% of 8th graders are proficient in math at grade level? Why are there so many high school graduates who still can’t read well enough to function normally in daily life or employment? Many high school graduates don’t know basic life skills. They can’t change a tire, repair a leaky faucet, and there are young store clerks who can’t count money or make change if the computer is down. This is not good.

I know, it’s not all because the kids are addicted to their screens and that’s turning them into zombies. There are other factors.

However, if I were a parent now, I wouldn’t let my kids have any of those little electronic devices. Not only because of the screen-staring that causes trouble in their brain development, but, as the GreenMedInfo article mentions, there are the problems with electromagnetic fields and WiFi radiation that really are problems for adults as well.

And apparently there is a lot of time that people waste on their little gadgets and computers. I’ve seen some articles already on how people are addicted to their screens, their social media and texting and so on. We didn’t have any of this when I was a kid. However, we did have television. I know that I spent way too much time watching TV when I was growing up, and I’m sure it affected me in those important developmental years. I assume that TV watching is included in the amount of time that people spend each day in their screen-staring.

When I was a kid, I watched TV from the time I got home from school to the time I went to bed. I’m sure that the TV watching was a large contributor to my not sleeping well and not getting enough sleep during those years. I wish my parents had set stricter rules on that. But then, I don’t think that during the 1960s and ’70s people were yet aware of the possible dangers of too much TV watching. But now that people are aware of that, they don’t seem to care. Recent studies have shown that people, adults and children, still spend way too much time each day watching TV, in addition to their computer, iPhone, and other device staring that people do.

GreenMedInfo also links to this page listing some studies on the harmful effects of too much TV watching.

If I were to become a parent of little kids any time in the future, we will definitely not have a TV at home, and I don’t think that I would allow the kids to use the little devices or even have a cell phone until they’re maybe 16. And probably having a cell phone would have to be based on their having a part-time job.

But we definitely would have books and make reading an important aspect of daily life.

78% of Health Websites Violate Visitors’ Privacy

Dr. Joseph Mercola provides another article detailing how Google and some health related websites violate people’s privacy by placing tracking cookies (a.k.a. spyware) on a visitor’s browser to track and record searches and purchasing choices. Dr. Mercola specifically cites WebMD and Healthline. Now, I have used both those websites just for information, because over the years I have spent a lot of time researching medical and nutrition information, mainly for personal reasons. But I will say that Dr. Mercola’s website has been useful in many cases, for information-seeking and for general articles of interest.

A Propaganda Piece by the Boston Glob

The Boston Glob published an article about many health care workers refusing flu shots. The article claims that such a refusal “endangers patients,” and the only evidence it provides is the fear-mongering rhetoric of the people interviewed for the story.

NOT ONE health care worker who refused the flu shot is interviewed for this article! Ya think, Boston Glob? Don’t we get to hear why the hell health care workers would refuse to get the flu shot? Nope.

No, we don’t really want these professional health care workers’ own actual explanations for why they won’t get the flu shot. Great journalism, Boston Glob!

In other words, this is nothing but a propaganda piece. The medical establishment and Big Pharma have stepped up their campaign, really a crusade, to make the pharmaceutical companies a lot of money.

Meanwhile, all I had to do was use DuckDuckGo (rather than Google that we know censors good health info) for about a few seconds, and I found this article on that actually explains why health care workers and nurses won’t get the flu shot. The vaccines in some cases are dangerous, and risky! Just read how totalitarian the CDC is getting, as well as nursing schools who are requiring the flu vaccine participation in experiments now! And with some hospitals, according to VaccineImpact, it’s about profits.

This other more recent article on VaccineImpact says that $200 million has been paid out by the U.S. government in 2019 for vaccine injury claims. Hmmm, I wonder why. Many of those cases are for flu vaccines. The article further explains some of the propaganda tactics of mainstream media outlets to hide the dangers of vaccines. What is with these people?

You see, this is why we need a free, uncensored Internet and alternative, non-mainstream, non-establishment websites to exist, so that people can have actual information and make their own decisions.

Will Continue to Write Here

I’m trying to get back to writing on this blog. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult. One issue is lack of time, and another issue is that occasional personal matters can take up my “mental energy,” if you know what I mean.

In the meantime, I have been following Jacob Hornberger’s blog. He is from the Future of Freedom Foundation, and he is running for President as a Libertarian Party candidate. Nothing like Gary Johnson, don’t worry about it. Unlike Gary, Jacob Hornberger is big on the principles of liberty, non-interventionism in foreign policy and domestic policy as well. Here is his latest blog on Donald Trump’s continuing the war on drugs and the war on terrorism, that I thought might interest you.