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Tooth Filling Broke, Another Expensive Crown

These past two months have not been good. A tooth filling broke and there was this hole, so I went to the dentist for the first time in 8 years.

I have been doing my own thing with teeth, such as the picking and scraping with the scaler that I got at CVS, and rinsing with coconut oil (“oil pulling”) every morning since about 2014, as well as the usual brushing and flossing.

During the mid-2000s a different tooth and filling broke and I had a crown installed (that my father paid for, because those are expensive, etc.) that seemed to go well.

But this time I was telling the dentist that I preferred that he just replace the broken filling, and he said he didn’t want to do that because he said he had too many patients who had just returned after a short time with a more cracked or broken tooth problem, and so on. So I reluctantly got the crown which was even more expensive than the previous one.

But if it happens again I am going to insist that he replace the filling rather than a crown, because this time around the whole ordeal was much more difficult than previously. And it’s just very expensive.

The dentist did say that the drilling was a bit of a challenge because my bone or enamel was very strong. Besides my four servings of milk every day, I also take extra vitamin D as I have mentioned before, and vitamin K2 that’s important for efficient calcium distribution. So that makes sense.

But I think that the coconut oil and doing my own cleaning has been much better than going to the dentist every year. The two fillings that broke and were replaced by crowns were from when I was a kid, the 1970s, so they were old. And I have only had one cavity since at least 1990.

And it has been my experience that the coconut oil in the glass jar is more effective than in a plastic jar. I think that the coconut oil has very strong properties that actually affect the plastic, I don’t know.

Freedom of Speech, Thought, and Conscience

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve written anything here, and I did want to make a point of writing here regularly. I did put a PayPal donate tab in the About page because I don’t have that much of an income. Currently, I am working on an article on my experiences with doctors, their bad advice that made my condition worse or caused new problems, or their prescription drugs which also caused problems. It’s taking some time to get that done, however.

One thing that I think is important is freedom of speech. That also includes freedom of thought and conscience. For instance, People should have the freedom to write a blog giving their experiences regarding bad doctors and prescription drugs, and suggest alternatives to establishment medicine, particularly nutritional remedies.

But we now live in a heavily regulated society including the regulations of speech, especially on college campuses. The ultra-sensitivity is out of control now, in which people really have to conform to the consensus way of thinking. Conformity is now the way of life, and it is beyond college campuses and is reaching people’s employment environments, the gym, and at churches as well.

Here is a Reason article on all that involving college campuses. It’s really out of control now, in which some students with a minority point of view are afraid to express their minority views out of fear of being reported to the authorities by hostile, intolerant students. What is this, the Soviet Union?

The U.S. is different from other countries in which we have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that includes the First Amendment to protect “unpopular” speech and views. It was not written to protect views that everyone agrees with, or the “consensus” view, because those views or expressions don’t need protection. Right?