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Bottled Water Hysteria in the Northeast

Recently there was a concerning news story about a bottled water company, Spring Hill Farm Dairy, here in the northeast in which some of their bottled water tested with supposedly high amounts of “Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances” (PFAS), and a voluntary recall was enacted. Some of the company’s water was sold under other brand names and store brands such as Stop&Shop and Whole Foods.

And I don’t know if this entire episode is more of a hysterical nature, but this article states that “Massachusetts Department of Public Health officials…said the PFAS levels in the water did not exceed regulatory standings.” (emphasis mine)

Well, doesn’t “regulatory standings” mean that it’s still safe to drink the water? I had been getting that water from one of the stores mentioned, and I haven’t noticed anything particularly bad about it. I’ve been getting that water because it’s good and only 99¢ per gallon bottle. At my store they took away that store brand of water and now it’s just Poland Spring which I don’t particularly like and that’s $1.39 per gallon bottle. And I rely on water especially because of my digestive issues and I don’t like the tap water.

According to that article, “Spring Hill’s new $100,000 filtration system was quickly installed on July 22nd and all PFAS should be eliminated from bottles after that date.” And according to this other article, the new filtration system “eliminated the chemical from the water” and that “Tests by Eaton Analytical showed the water to be free of PFAS after the new system was installed.”

But that was not enough, apparently. Further news stories were saying that there were still bottles on store shelves whose water source was the Spring Hill company, and so the stores were pulling the bottles.

And now, despite the positive test results, the 117-year-old company will close down. A spokesperson for the company stated, “Despite these excellent test results, which were expected, this whole ordeal has been too much for a small, fourth-generation family business and the owners are steadfast in their decision to close it.”

So, in my opinion, even though the initial problem was not that much of a problem to begin with, because the levels of PFAS “did not exceed regulatory standings,” and the company actually did improve the situation, they were still forced by hysteria to close down, and, for now anyway, I’m going to have to pay 40¢ more per bottle of my spring water. (And Trader Joe’s also sells bottled water, but it’s those elite brands like $2-3 per bottle, and it’s a smaller size as well.)

The paranoid in me wants to conclude that some industry wretch wanted to oust the competition using dishonest means to do so. Like someone from Poland Spring? I’m not accusing, however. And this New York Times article says that a lawsuit against Poland Spring is moving forward, alleging that it’s not actual “spring” water, but common groundwater being mislabeled. Hmmm.

So, the Big Daddy Government that is there to “protect” us is causing a whole company to have to close down for no good reason and safe bottled water to be taken off the shelves, but at the same time Big Daddy Government gives a pass to those Big Pharma companies like Pfizer, Glaxo, and Merck, etc., with all their poisons that we know actually are killing people!