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Inducing Autophagy

Mark Sisson has posted an informative article on his blog, The Definitive Guide to Autophagy (and 7 Ways to Induce It). I was not really familiar with the concept of autophagy. He writes:

Autophagy: the word comes from the Greek for “self-eating,” and that’s a very accurate description: Autophagy is when a cell consumes the parts of itself that are damaged or malfunctioning. Lysosomes—members of the innate immune system that also degrade pathogens—degrade the damaged cellular material, making it available for energy and other metabolites.  It’s cellular pruning, and it’s an important part of staving off the worst parts of the aging process.

Exercise and fasting are important to maintain the autophagy process. Many people are constantly eating, I know I am, and are not that physically active, as people sit at their desks at the office or on their couch watching TV or travel while sitting in their cars and they don’t walk enough, etc., etc.

Mark provides 7 ways to induce autophagy: fasting, getting keto-adapted, training regularly, training hard, drinking coffee, eating turmeric, and consuming extra virgin olive oil.

Well, in my case I exercise every morning and consume extra virgin olive oil. I don’t or can’t do the other things.

He suggests fasting for two or three days. I’m very thin, and with my digestive condition it’s difficult for me to maintain a minimum healthy weight. I don’t want to fast. I think in my case that would actually not be a good thing.

And I can’t have coffee because the acidity is an irritant to the colon (caffeine or decaf).

I’m sure there are other things that I probably have been doing or consuming that could be added to his list of 7 that help in the autophagy process.