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Clearing Arterial Blockage with Foods Such as Pomegranate Juice

Just a follow-up to my previous post about my 86-year-old father with the arterial blockage. I did do a lot of research online about the cognitive issues and Alzheimer’s related confusion and memory problems that my father has.

And what I learned was that the arterial blockage acts as a physical obstruction that gets in the way of the nutrients and oxygen that the person needs in the brain for normal cognitive functioning. When not enough oxygen, vitamins and other nutrients can get into the brain via the bloodstream, then that causes problems such as memory loss or confusion.

I am not sure what kind of blockage my father has specifically. It could be related to inflammation, it could be calcium buildup (calcifications). I learned that there are nutritious ways to try to clear away the blockage, or at least some of it. For instance, B vitamins are important. And also I saw that pomegranate or pomegranate juice has properties that help to clear things away. My mother was at some point giving him pomegranate juice as I suggested, but I don’t think he’s getting that now at his new memory care facility.

Extra virgin olive oil and other sources of healthy fats are also good, such as avocados and fish.