Initiating Violence Is Never Justified

First, I’m not the biggest fan of Michelle Malkin, especially her anti-foreigner anti-immigration views, and I’m not the biggest fan of police either, at least, government police. But I try not to lump everyone as a group, and there really are some good police.

It’s just that no one should have a monopoly over anything, especially at gunpoint. That bothers me. Government police have a monopoly of “authority” over our lives. That’s not legitimate, in my opinion.

So given how authoritarian Michelle Malkin is, I can see why she blindly and obediently worships the police.

But anyway, Malkin and her cohorts recently held a pro-police rally in Denver and they were attacked by Antifa/Black Lives Matter brutes.

I am someone who believes in presumption of innocence and due process. If people are just there, and you don’t know them, and they are apparently behaving peacefully, then you just leave them alone. That rule should apply to anyone, police as well as political activists.

But apparently, we have these groups of people that news media have been referring to as “protesters” but they are not protesters because attacking others with violence or destroying their property and setting fires are not legitimate forms of “protest.” Martin Luther King, Jr. led a whole movement that went on for years demonstrating that peaceful protest is the legitimate form of protest and it works. I mentioned those things recently.

And also it is coming out only now that rioting, violence, destruction, looting and mayhem have been going on in Portland, Oregon, but for weeks the news media have been silent about these events. Until fascist Donald Trump sent in DHS storm troopers in unmarked cars to abduct people, totally unconstitutional stuff by the feds. That’s wrong, too.

And it further appears that police chiefs in various cities like Portland and Denver have been telling their officers to “stand down” and not attempt to arrest the violent thugs. According to Malkin, the police chief in Denver marched with Black Lives Matter. So it looks like mayors and police chiefs support a Marxist group that seems to see violence, rioting and setting fires as legitimate.

Now, I’m not a gun person, but it looks as though peaceful citizens having gatherings and being attacked by others are going to have to start exercising their right to self defense. That includes business owners whose businesses (and thus their livelihoods) are being burned down or looted by thugs who “hate capitalism” (even though it was capitalism that provided them with their iPhones and expensive sneakers — socialism never produces anything).

Incidentally, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, Jo Jorgensen, is supportive of gun rights and self defense. So at least she’s good on that issue, as well as immigration, trade and foreign policy. But I digress.

It should be a universal axiom that human beings have a right to defend their lives, persons and property from the intentional aggression and violence of others. Right?

There are people who disagree with that, and they do not say it overtly, but others believe that not only do people not have a right to defend themselves, but that they have a right to use violence as a means to an end, whether that be a political end or “redistributive” justice.

Sadly, this whole society will devolve into total chaos and blood in the streets if the criminals take over (taking control away from the other criminals, the government criminals, that is).

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