Government Criminalization of Encryption

The FBI and DOJ want to ban using encryption to protect your messages from being spied on by intruders, including government snoops, according to Daisy Luther. Daisy mentions the programs, iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, Wickr, Telegram.

So far, the Commerce and State Departments want to protect our messages and conversations from those agencies and from ICE and DHS, and I assume, DEA because drug trafficking investigations are a concern.

But drug traffickers wouldn’t exist if it were not for the failed war on drugs. The answer to that problem is to repeal the drug laws, all the bureaucracy that goes with them and end the enforcement agencies, and end America’s nanny state once and for all. I think that many of the people on the inside of the bureaucracy know this, but for some reason they want the madness to continue.

And another concern of FBI and DOJ is terrorism investigations. Hmmm. Perhaps stop invading and bombing those other countries where the terrorists are from? As Chalmers Johnson has stated, incidents of terrorism have been “blowback” against invasive and violent U.S. foreign policy.

I think that bureaucrats have a totally different way of thinking than normal people like you and me. They need to justify their offices and expanded powers, and their huge budgets. (I am sure that many of them have never worked in the private sector, or so it seems. Congress just gives them everything they want — in contrast, voluntary consumers in the private sector, not so much.)

And perhaps the bureaucrats just like to spy on the people for the sake of spying on the people and prying into their private lives? They need access. They must have access. So they demand an end to encryption. I think it’s a power trip. But can you imagine private investigators going into other people’s mail and phone messages? (They can’t do that because they are not part of the forced government monopoly.)

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