Some Personal Matters; And Some Comments on Government Policies

(Slightly edited since first published.)

I had really wanted to write more on this blog, but I guess there have been some personal things lately, distractions and stress. One of my biggest issues is this apartment where I have been living for many years. I’ve been wanting to move out of here for a long time, but I don’t have much of an income. This is actually a condo that my parents (now just my mother) have owned for years. They live in a different state. So, I’ve been wanting to talk to my mother about the situation for a long time, selling this unit and me moving to a better place. But it hasn’t been the right time to bring all that up. It involves a lot of issues. We previously had been dealing with my father in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and he died in March. So there’s that. It’s been a touchy situation because I did try to get my parents to sell this and for me to move out about 10 years ago, but my timing was bad because of the financial crisis and my parents were dealing with some other things at that time. One of my issues for many years has been anxiety and for the past almost 20 years the added issue of my digestive condition, so these situations such as my living circumstances have at times been difficult.

But I do hope to continue with this blog and writing about important issues, including my own personal health issues and dealing with nutritional supplements, as well as the news of the day. For example, Donald Trump and the people in Congress who don’t seem to want to leave people alone. I’m big on being left alone, “live and let live,” and all that. But The Donald wants to basically impose a financial charge on people to punish them for buying stuff and from wherever that The Donald doesn’t approve of. And he wants to control people’s drug habits (which is impossible for the government to do except for possibly imposing a police state like they’re doing now) with his pushing the war on drugs. And of course the anti-immigration police state. They just don’t believe in leaving innocent, peaceful people alone. I think that most of the American so-called Founding Fathers believed in live and let live, as long as people are peaceful. So, that’s what I have to say about that.

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