More Issues with Magnesium Supplements

I’ve written about my supplements here plenty of times now, especially magnesium. Just to summarize, because of my UC I can’t have most vegetables, so to get adequate amounts of magnesium, zinc, K2, etc, I take supplements.

Before 2015 I had been drinking Ensure, mainly for the extra calories. But Ensure contains vitamins and minerals as well. When I reduced the Ensure to just 1 (8 oz.) bottle per day in January 2015, I then started to have a muscle weakening issue, especially in the arms. So I learned that it was probably due to magnesium deficiency, and I concluded that it was because I was used to the magnesium that the Ensure provides (for a while I was taking 4 per day). At that time I got my first magnesium supplement. By late March it was getting a lot better.

However, at various times between 2016-18 I was having issues, and it may very well have been because perhaps the magnesium supplement wasn’t as good as it was initially, or the hot and humid weather was affecting the supplement.

Early last year I found the Bluebonnet magnesium citrate, which by April of last year it was working very well, and maybe even was too much. Supposedly magnesium citrate has a high bioavailability and absorption, as does magnesium glycinate. But I have also learned that the citrate isn’t as bioavailable as the glycinate and that the citrate can be used as a laxative. So it’s been my experience that if the magnesium citrate is not as effective for my muscles, coincidingly it has been having a somewhat more laxative effect, which I don’t want.

So most recently, I have been having issues again, and the magnesium citrate just doesn’t seem to be working as well as it was in April-May of last year. I DON’T want anything that’s going to act as a laxative!

So, I’m in the process of switching back to magnesium glycinate. A few times I had had the KAL magnesium glycinate, but there was something about it that seemed not right. Online the product testing agency Labdoor gave the KAL a low mark for purity and ingredient safety. At least the 365 brand of the magnesium glycinate has “GMP” on the label that other products don’t have. That stands for “Good Manufacturing Practice.”

Another issue is that I won’t order any of those kinds of supplements online or have something like that delivered here. I just don’t trust the safety of getting those kinds of things that way, so I’m limiting myself to what I’m able to find at various stores here.

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