Freedom of Speech, Thought, and Conscience

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve written anything here, and I did want to make a point of writing here regularly. I did put a PayPal donate tab in the About page because I don’t have that much of an income. Currently, I am working on an article on my experiences with doctors, their bad advice that made my condition worse or caused new problems, or their prescription drugs which also caused problems. It’s taking some time to get that done, however.

One thing that I think is important is freedom of speech. That also includes freedom of thought and conscience. For instance, People should have the freedom to write a blog giving their experiences regarding bad doctors and prescription drugs, and suggest alternatives to establishment medicine, particularly nutritional remedies.

But we now live in a heavily regulated society including the regulations of speech, especially on college campuses. The ultra-sensitivity is out of control now, in which people really have to conform to the consensus way of thinking. Conformity is now the way of life, and it is beyond college campuses and is reaching people’s employment environments, the gym, and at churches as well.

Here is a Reason article on all that involving college campuses. It’s really out of control now, in which some students with a minority point of view are afraid to express their minority views out of fear of being reported to the authorities by hostile, intolerant students. What is this, the Soviet Union?

The U.S. is different from other countries in which we have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that includes the First Amendment to protect “unpopular” speech and views. It was not written to protect views that everyone agrees with, or the “consensus” view, because those views or expressions don’t need protection. Right?


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