Update After a Year’s Absence; Vitamin C Issue

Last year I had started this blog and then got busy with other things. It’s almost a year gone by since the previous post, and I am going to try to return to writing regularly. So here I am again.

As a follow-up to my post on vitamin C, I did gradually reduce my daily vitamin C from a max of 6000 mg per day (not all at once, but in smaller amounts throughout the day) to 1250 mg per day. I am taking a 250 mg tablet 5 times per day. As I wrote in my previous post of over a year ago, this study notes that the higher amount of vitamin C at one time, the lower the absorption rate. That seems to make sense to me. However, it recommends 400 mg per day and that 200 mg at one time is preferable. I think that individual factors vary, such as someone’s weight, digestive functioning, etc. I believe that I am taking what is probably appropriate for me.

As I mentioned in that other post, I believe that the osteoarthritis that I seemed to be developing was probably because of the extremely high amounts of vitamin C per day. This was a good source of information for me. This article explains that a possible cause of osteoarthritis includes excessive vitamin C supplementation. On the osteoarthritis issue, that seems to have gone away.

I do take other supplements and have other issues in the health area, and I intend to write about them, among other issues, here.


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