Obama Needlessly Sending Military to Africa to Fight Ebola

Researcher Jon Rappoport has been writing quite a bit about the Ebola panic. He mentions that the mainstream media do not seem to be questioning the assertion that “otherwise healthy” people are getting sick from Ebola. In his latest post today, Rappoport once again notes that the conditions there in Africa tend to contribute to compromising the immune system. He writes:

The true immunosuppressive factors include: severe malnutrition; starvation; war; contaminated water; basic lack of sanitation; overcrowding; fertile growing-land stolen from the people; industrial pollutants and pesticides; toxic medical drugs and vaccines which push already compromised immune systems over the edge into complete failure.

If those factors can be addressed — and after all the money that Western governments have been throwing into “aid to Africa,” why aren’t they? — then the immune systems of the people there would be stronger and better able to fend off diseases such as Ebola.

The reason why there won’t be an epidemic or pandemic here in the U.S. is because, as bad as the immune systems of many Americans are nowadays, most are nevertheless strong enough to resist the Ebola virus. Those who are already very sick and perhaps the elderly may be more vulnerable, though.


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