Obesity is Still Big in the U.S.

There is still an obesity “epidemic” in the U.S., more among black and Hispanic Americans than among white Americans, as well as the poor, according to the NY Times.

One reason is processed foods, which these days are less expensive than “real” foods. Real foods, to me, are actual foods without all the chemicals, such as preservatives, additives and dyes, that the big food companies add to their processed foods. For example, an egg is a real food to me, as well as a piece of chicken or an apple. Those are healthier.

What the chemicals in the processed foods do, as I have learned over the years, is interfere with the digestion process, so that even if you also eat real foods in addition to the processed foods, those processed food chemicals will interfere with those real, actual foods’ nutrients getting digested into your system. And so a lot of the things people eat are just either passing right through without actually digesting properly or some of the “junk” is being stored in areas of the body which then causes health problems, including obesity.

The bottom line as I see it is that it may be a good idea to cut out the processed foods entirely in order to be in better health. Now, that is just my opinion based on various items of information I have read, and if you disagree then please leave a message in the comments.

Some people are concerned that they just don’t have time to prepare the good, real foods they need to have, such as washing the veggies and meats, cooking various things, because so many people are “on the go,” etc. I guess you have to establish your priorities in life. And for those busy people with children, in which the mom does everything including preparing meals etc., it may be a good idea to teach the kids how to prepare foods and cook for themselves. I know, in this day and age of dependence and laziness that might be difficult. But perhaps it’s time for the kids to turn off the TV, put down the iPhone, turn off the video games, stop being a veg and a zombie, and do some things for themselves.

And that is what I have to say about that.


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