Vitamin D Supplementation Needs Vitamin K2 As Well

I have been through my share of health issues especially over the past 15 years, although most things are generally better, thanks to better nutritional support. I am in my 50s, by the way. Nutrition is the most important aspect of good health, in my opinion. And I have learned a great deal about nutrition, health, foods and dietary supplements over the years.

But I am not an “expert,” and this isn’t intended to be “medical advice.” But because I don’t want to get arrested for “giving medical advice without being licensed,” etc., like that innocent blogger in North Carolina, which I am not doing, I am just relaying what I have learned thus far. You can Google some of the terms to get articles for your own further research if these issues are important to you. But on with what I have to say about vitamin D and vitamin K2:

Vitamin D is being promoted to help calcium to absorb and work more efficiently, especially for bone health and bone strength. Vitamin D has also been shown to boost the immune system such as in preventing colds and flu.

But recently I have learned that vitamin K2 is necessary to regulate the calcium that the vitamin D is helping to absorb. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin K2 then your calcium might build up in areas where it could cause problems, such as in the arteries or the heart. The K2 regulates the calcium to make sure that it goes to the bones where it’s supposed to go and prevents so-called calicifcations in other areas. So, if you take extra vitamin D it is a good idea to also take vitamin K2.

As far as K2 is concerned, from all the articles and reviews of products I’ve seen it seems that two of the forms of K2, MK4 and MK7, are important. The problem with some of these supplement makers is that there isn’t enough of an availability of MK4, and there are too many MK7 products. One product, however, which I will not name here, contains 100 mcg of MK7 but 1,000 mcg of MK4 and 1,000 mcg of vitamin K1. That’s way, way too much of all that, and some reviewers have written about bad side effects, not surprisingly. As I have already stated, I don’t want to name the product, because I don’t want Life Extension to sue me. (But I’m sure you can find the information just from searching.)

Some other facts I’ve learned include that Vitamin K1 naturally converts to the MK4 version of vitamin K2. AND, there are animal-based foods which naturally contain MK4, such as butter and eggs (esp. grass-fed, etc.). And butter and eggs are good for you. But if you are worried about cholesterol, getting goodly amounts of omega 3 helps to regulate the cholesterol, such as from extra virgin olive oil and fish (or fish oil). But the MK7 version of vitamin K2 is harder to find in foods. It can be found in natto or fermented soybeans.

Some of the reviews I have seen for some MK7 products, such as on Amazon, have indicated that too much MK7 might cause problems, at least that seems to be what some people have experienced with some of these supplements. One issue with MK7 is that it stays in your system much longer, so therefore you don’t need too much of it. But the MK4, which is probably more important from what I’ve learned, absorbs more quickly, so a little more of that is probably better. And also, on some of the reviews of supplement products I have seen, some people complain of side effects with the MK7 products. I wish there were more of a selection of products containing the MK4 version of vitamin K2.

By the way, an article I recently found states that vitamin A is also helpful in preventing vitamin D toxicity which is a related problem. (

Here are some informative articles I have found: (The comments section is also very informative.)


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