Joan Rivers Has Died, at Age … 32?

I’m sure her plastic surgeon knows what her age was.

Joan made a career out of insulting specifically named people. Sure, famous celebrities know that they can be ridiculed by the media or comedians more than “private” people would be, obviously. But at least Don Rickles insulted whole groups of people without targeting any specifically named individuals. That’s the difference. Perhaps the practical joke that Johnny Carson played on her was justified.

The one album I had of her during the 1980s was “What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most,” and some of her lines then were good. For example, she said that you should always make your child feel guilt for being born. To do that she would wake Melissa up in the middle of the night and shout, “Melissa wake up — you ripped me to shreds! Now go back to sleep!”

And she said that college athletes were dumb. She saw one at a store where “there was a sign that read, ‘Wet Floor.’ He did.”

And Mick Jagger: “He has child bearing lips.” And so on and on.

At times she was funny. But perhaps the insults of celebrities and the “Royal Family,” etc. was a bit much.


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